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6 Reasons Your Start-Up Should Embrace OOH Advertising



Outdoor advertisements such as posters and billboards are a great way to grow your new business.

Here are six ways Out of Home (OOH) advertising can benefit your start-up.

6 Causes To Utilize OOH Advertising For Start-up

OOH Advertising

1: OOH Adverts Are Eye-Catching

A well-designed OOH advert attracts attention from passers-by. Seeing an advert while out in public breaks up the landscape and helps it to stick in people’s minds. The more interesting an advert is to look at, the more likely people are to remember it.

One of the most innovative PPH advertising methods is three-dimensional (3D) billboards. 3D anamorphic billboards are eye catching because they trick the viewer’s perception from a determined angle and viewpoint, creating a powerful mix of marketing, technology, and entertainment.

Unlike television adverts, which are often replaced by another ad as soon as they finish, and OOH advertisement may well be the only one in the area – this is a good way to make sure your business stands out! 

2: Variety

Think OOH advertising is limited to billboards? Think again! There is a wide range of possibilities when it comes to creating your advert. While billboards and posters can certainly be impactful, other options include colorful murals or decorated benches.

You could attract attention with a small advert in an unexpected place, like the side of a takeaway coffee cup, or widen your reach with an advert on the side of a bus. You don’t have to stick with one type of advert, but explore different ideas to see what will give your business the biggest boost.

3: Reach New People

OOH, advertising is an effective means of expanding your audience. When you place adverts in a variety of locations, you’re introducing your business to people outside your usual demographic. This is especially important for start-ups, as you want to generate lots of interest in your company early on.

You can research areas to get a sense of who might see your advert, and whether it’s something they’d be interested in. Solutions such as the Clear Start Programme can help start-ups effectively target the right audiences, with little hassle.

4: Gain Customers Faster

Picture this: You’re out shopping for new shoes. You see a poster promoting a company that sells shoes in a range of designs and read that their products are available nearby as well as online.

Now that you’re aware of them, you can head straight into their shop, or use your phone to find them online. OOH, adverts have the potential to prompt instant engagement from the public.

Make your OOH stand out. Use visually appealing graphics and images that resonate with your target audience. Consider hiring a professional graphic designer to create a visually striking design that stands out. Consider high-traffic areas, busy intersections, and locations near your business or where your potential customers live, work, or commute.  

Incorporate QR codes on your posters or billboards that link to your website or a specific promotion. This allows potential customers to access more information easily. Include a clear and compelling call to action that prompts people to take the next step, whether visiting your store, calling a number, or visiting your website.

5: Positive Experience

Online adverts can be intrusive and annoying, with many people installing software to avoid seeing them. But OOH adverts are part of the outdoor environment, which means people may find them more acceptable and are therefore more likely to take an interest.

Instead of seeing them as a nuisance, as with online ads, or as something to fast-forward through (as with television), people may remember an OOH advert as something interesting they noticed while they were out. This helps them to develop a positive image of your brand.

Consider incorporating interactive elements, such as contests or social media engagement, to encourage people to interact with your brand beyond just seeing the advertisement. Explore partnerships with local businesses or events to cross-promote your brand. This can help you reach a wider audience and build community support. Tailor your outdoor advertisements to be relevant to the current season or local events. This can make your campaign more timely and engaging.

6: OOH Can Be Tailored to Your Budget

At this point, you probably think that OOH advertising sounds great – but a billboard might be out of your price range. Don’t panic. OOH advertising doesn’t have to be expensive. Because there is so much variety in the types of adverts available, you can find something that shows off your start-up while remaining affordable.


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