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When you work as a social media manager, you may be wondering how you can improve upon your current methods of posting, as well as responding to followers and comments. This can help you to advertise products, promote brand awareness, and help any existing clients with their queries.

Depending on the type of social media you use, some of your roles may also involve adding products to buy within a designated social media-based store. To be able to accomplish this to the best of your ability, there are certain tools that can benefit you…

Why it is Important to use Social Media Management Tools?

As any social media manager will attest to, manually doing ten different things to optimize social media performance. This includes manual postings, generating reports and datasheets, and understanding the analytics of the different platforms.

All this can really take away a lot of time from the one thing, which you should concentrate your entire effort on- creating assets! If you want to impress clients, you would be required to use social media management tools.

According to leading social media experts at some of the best digital creative agencies, using tools has the following advantages-

  • It helps boost efficiency and increase productivity at all levels of your social media marketing efforts.
  • Using tools allows you to exactly know where you are going right, and what are some improvement areas you need to focus on.
  • Generating better performance from social media in terms of sales, revenues, engagement, etc. can be possible with the tools.

The Top Three Social Media Management Tools you need to start using now

In this section, we list down the top three social media management tools, which can help you gain a competitive advantage-

1. Digital Asset Management

Utilizing Digital Asset Management software can help you to save a lot of time when creating your social media posts. DAM allows members of the digital creative team to create product content, logos, and other images – you can search and edit them using a single, designated platform.

With on-system previewing available, you can then only download the items that match your post requirements, rather than needing to look through countless pages of search results or have to wait to be sent emails containing these images. DAM allows access to the right users at the right time and is, therefore, a highly secure and efficient tool to use, which is ideal if you and your team are taking care of a number of different social media accounts.

2. Post Scheduling

Scheduling your posts ahead of time can help you to gain back extra time to focus on your other tasks. By using a social media scheduling system, you can add posts as and when you have the time, even if they aren’t to go live for a few weeks.

If gaining one of these tools is not in your company’s budget, you can always learn to adjust the way in which you currently post. Some types of social media may allow you to schedule posts ahead of time too, however, this may take more time to set up and post.

As long as you can find a way to stay on top of your posting requirements, ensuring they go out with the correct information, and on the right day and time, you will be able to plan ahead with ease.

3. Automatic Responses

For times where you aren’t in the office, or simply do not have the time to stay on one platform for too long, you may wish to implement an automatic response tool. This can give basic information to those who send messages via your social media pages, and act as an interim buffer until you can give a more personal response.

These chatbots will have a pre-defined list of responses and options that users can follow to gain the information they need or, otherwise, wait for a response from yourself.

You may be able to set up basic responses within the social media platform itself, such as to thank a person for their time and let them know they will receive a response within the next 48 hours, but sometimes this isn’t enough.

How to Avoid Making Mistakes when using Social Media Marketing Tools

Using the above-mentioned tools are great to improve and optimize the performance of your social media marketing efforts. However, care should be taken to ensure that you do not create unnecessary mistakes when using the tools.

Firstly, all social media marketing professionals need to realize is that the platform is your number one source of all information. This means that analytics, reports, trends, and other data coming from the platforms should occupy your top priority.

Secondly, care should be taken to ensure that the tool is fully integrated and works on the platform. There are many tools, which stop working midway. This might be because the social platform has withdrawn permission for the said tool in question.

Thirdly, it is important not to spend too heavily on a piece of technology you will not be able to familiarise yourself with at the earliest. Go for tools, which have a free trial period, and start getting used to them slowly. Ensure you are up to speed when investing in monthly packages.

Lastly, tools by themselves as standalone entities will not be able to deliver on all fronts. You need to invest and pay a lot of attention to the content creation process. Using tools is not an alternative for shabby content creation on any social media platform.

The Final Word

Working in social media management is more than just adding a few posts or images per day. It also encompasses advertising and liaising with the public digitally, which is vital in this day and age. To make the most of your time, you can streamline your processes to find new ways that work for you.

From improving sales to boosting your branding and credibility, these social media management tools can be an invaluable asset to your marketing efforts. Do let us know if you wish to know more about these tools in individual articles. We would be more than happy to create some for you.

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