10 Best Online Social Media MBA Degree Program

The 10 Best Online Social Media MBA Degree Program



Many of the best business schools offer online MBAs in social media marketing programs that combine the latest digital marketing methods and the best business education. 

An online master’s degree in business administration program with a concentration in social media marketing needs significant dedication. 

Nevertheless, the knowledge and skills gained from the programs can prepare the graduates for managerial and leadership roles with higher salaries and greater opportunities. 

In this article, you will discover the top 10 best online social media MBA degrees and which college you need to enroll in. 

Why Enroll In The Social Media MBA Program?

With the increasing digital technology, social media marketing has become one of the potential profitable career options. 

Similarly, companies rely on the social media profession to harness the opportunities presented by big data. Thus, an MBA in social media can be a beneficial asset to a business’s marketing department. 

Unlike the traditional MBA degree, an online MBA program facilitates greater flexibility for people who balance education with their careers. 

Moreover, you can complete a online MPA within 12 to 18 months. The program provides individuals greater opportunities to learn digital strategy, data analysis, and effective digital communication. 

Top 10 Best Online Social Media MBA Degree Program 

Here is a list of the top 10 best online social media MBA degrees, which you can choose according to your preferences. 

1. Online MBA In Digital Marketing  

Online MBA In Digital Marketing 
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The students in the AACSB-accredited online MBA program learn about digital marketing skills. This makes them the best in the field. 

Therefore, the ability to disrupt social media marketing drives innovation in the digital marketing industry. You will also have the opportunity to learn about brand organization values, operations supply change management, and applied marketing management. 

If you plan to enroll in the course, Montclair State University is the best place. The programs help students prepare for creating, evaluating, and implementing strategic marketing plans as part of the overall Internet marketing program.

2. Mini MBA In Digital Marketing 

Rutgers Business School offers a Mini MBA program that empowers students to become tactical and strategic thinkers. It enables the students to be trained in creating efficient and effective marketing strategies. 

Thus, the program will further allow you to gain skills and knowledge to become leaders of different multinational organizations. 

Moreover, this is considered one of the best online MBA programs, offering a unique opportunity for personalized learning in an interactive virtual classroom. 

Furthermore, the social media program includes ten modules: digital marketing strategy, social media marketing, search engine marketing, web analytics ROI for better decision-making, and digital customer acquisition. 

3. Digital Marketing And Strategy 

Claton State University prepares students for success in the upcoming challenging digital marketing profession. 

Thus, the university provides the students with an opportunity to develop their skills in developing online approaches aligned with organizational goals. 

Therefore, the course includes marketing strategies, digital marketing and strategy, social media marketing, the foundation of quantitative methods, and the foundation of accounting. 

As mentioned earlier, the modules will help you gain skills that include performance analysis, consumer acquisition, and content creation. 

4. Integrated Marketing Communications 

Fort Hays State University offers an affordable online MBA program with a concentration in digital marketing. Thus, the affordability is balanced with its top-notch academic quality. 

From integrated marketing communications to social media marketing, Fort Hays has everything covered under the eight-week sessions. 

Furthermore, you get an opportunity to thrive under the guidance of expert professors, career placements, and dedicated academic advisors. 

5. MBA In Social Media Marketing 

McKendree University is yet another affordable online MBA program that has made it even more affordable by offering financial aid. 

Thus, the MBA in digital marketing course offers students the opportunity to build digital and traditional marketing skills based on a strong theoretical foundation. 

Therefore, the program offers core modules like digital marketing, marketing analytics, organization behavior, social media marketing, and corporate strategy and learning within the duration of 17 months of full-time study. 

6. Digital Innovation In Product Management And Branding 

Temple University Fox School of Business offers an Online MBA degree of Science in Digital Marketing. 

The university has delivered courses in five-week and ten-week sessions. Here, you can fully immerse yourself in one course before moving on to the next. 

Furthermore, you can learn via state-of-the-art online learning, which encourages engagement and provides an interactive experience. Moreover, you will be able to learn through a combination of didactic coursework, real-world examples, and hands-on practice. 

7. MBA In Digital Marketing Analytics 

Concordia University Chicago offers an online Digital Marketing and social media MBA. 

Therefore, the coursework includes digital strategy and planning, mobile marketing, social media marketing communication, and digital analytics. 

However, these courses will help you develop tactics, strategy, and analytical thinking capabilities that encourage the transition between digital and traditional marketing tactics. 

8. MBA In Advanced Search And Social Media Marketing 

Benedictine University has crafted a well-planned course, allowing students to select from traditional or accelerated tracks. The program offers 12 months of completion time. 

One major benefit of enrolling in this university is its wide variety of course options. It emphasizes branding and social media marketing and trains in operating Google Analytics, managing accounting, and advanced automation tactics. 

The capstone experience offers depth and breadth of learning and, thus, highlights the readiness for managerial challenges ahead. 

9. MBA In Social Media Strategy And Analytics 

The Messiah University offers a culminating capstone project where you can work with the faculty and receive basic training. 

Moreover, the course offers a strong biblical integration, reflecting Messiah University’s motto of maintaining a preeminent Christian university. 

Thus, the social media course includes digital marketing, marketing analytics, business execution, and managerial finance. 

10. MBA In Strategic Media And Digital Content 

Liberty University is the next best University that offers a magnificent learning experience. 

Here, you learn the art of informed decision-making and get armed with a robust foundation within business administration and digital marketing. 

Therefore, the course will cover media technologies, communication approaches, and emerging trends in strategic communication and media analysis. 

Thus, the course will help you become a better-informed decision-maker with a robust foundation in social media marketing. 

Summing Up 

Thus, online MBA courses cover digital marketing and business administration courses in undergraduate degree programs in different ways. 

However, since these are master’s degree courses, the breadth and depth of discussion are even more advanced than the bachelor’s degree programs. 

Therefore, we suggest you take an online MBA digital marketing and social media course before selecting elective programs. It will establish a robust foundation in business administration complemented by above-par digital marketing knowledge.

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