Tweetdeck – Best Review By User In 2022 [Genuine Information]

published on: 03.03.2022 last updated on: 11.07.2022

Twitter has made life a little easier with its innovative creation, Tweetdeck! Designed as a social media management tool for Twitter, the Tweetdeck app was initially developed independently in 2008. However, by 2011 Twitter acquired the app and integrated it within its user interface.

Thus, if you are using Twitter in 2022, you are also using the features of the Tweetdeck app, only this time it’s more significant and extensive.

What Is Tweetdeck?

What Is Tweetdeck

Perfect for people managing more than one Twitter account, if you are wondering, what is Tweetdeck, you have come to the right place! Now you can not only keep up with trends from multiple accounts, but you can also customize columns and simplify the signing-in process.

Simply put, Tweetdeck presents columns that can be customized as users deem fit. For instance, you can use one column for your principal timeline, notifications, DMs, scheduled posts, and the like. Also, users can move from one account to another without asking you to log in and log out every time.

Features Of Tweetdeck

Features Of TweetdeckThe Tweetdeck app is blessed with several beneficial features. Now you can enjoy the best of Tweetdeck’s features, perfect for consumption and analysis of a lot of data within a short period. Scroll down and find out the best features of Tweetdeck!

1. Monitor And Manage Multiple Twitter Accounts

One of the biggest advantages of using Tweetdeck is that users can manage and monitor more than one Twitter account simultaneously. A life-saver for social media managers, Tweetdeck Twitter, lets users keep track of small details like recent posts and the number of followers in every account.

Also, the app allows users to follow the same Twitter account from multiple accounts!

2. Timeline Streaming In Real-Time

Another feature greatly appreciated by users is the feature that live-streams updates in your Tweetdeck columns. This is so time-saving that you don’t even need to hit refresh or scroll to the bottom.

Instead, users can witness shared posts or tweets in real-time. Users can also decrease the speed for viewing trending content and disable the feature when deemed fit.

3. Schedule Tweets

The tweet scheduling feature of Tweetdeck is perhaps its most useful feature, whereby users can schedule tweets to be uploaded at a later time! If you are still new to the platform, simply tap on the ‘new tweet’ button.

Now add the tweet and images or videos if there are any, and simply click on the ‘schedule tweet’ button before scrolling down to find the scheduling calendar.

4. Mute Users And Phrases 

If you are on Twitter for work, it’s easy to lose your focus with so many people tweeting about so many things. The solution? You can simply mute a few hashtags, profiles, and even specific words for filtering out relevant tweets.

Of course, you can always unmute muted elements later. As a result, you no longer need to unfollow people based on their specific behaviors at times.

5. Get Notified When You Want

An essential feature of Tweetdeck com is it allows users to set pop-up notifications within any column of their choice. This way if you will not run the risk of missing out on any notable updates.

At times, we follow specific hashtags and personalities for work. With the help of this feature, you can keep up with everything conveniently!

6. Manage Multiple Accounts Through Columns

Tweetdeck’s massive following heavily relies on adding multiple columns for efficient Twitter management. And what’s even better? These columns can be customized as deemed fit by users. There are several types of columns that can be added.

They are Home, Search, Notifications, Followers, Mentions, Messages, Activity, User, Favorites, Trending, Lists, Collections, and Scheduled.

7. The Teams’ Feature

The teams feature works best for teams using Tweetdeck. You don’t need to share login details with everyone. Instead, you can share access with your team and invite them to collaborate with you on this. Moreover, roles can be segregated on the platform into three groups, owners, admins, and contributors.

Perfect for social media marketing agencies, if you are working in one, learn how to use Tweetdeck and make the most of your Twitter marketing campaigns.

Tweetdeck – Best Review By User In 2022

Tweetdeck - Best Review By User In 2022

A few of the reviews by users on Tweetdeck will explain the application to you in a much better way.


Positive Reviews:

1. Review By Ramon F:

“Using TweetDeck as my Twitter client brings me a lot over good functions. For example, the activity tab helps me to see what my people have done on Twitter and helps me to know more about them.”

2. Review By John B:

I think this is amazing. It saved me money – saved me from missing crucial info, not to mention help you find company swag.”

3. Review By Natasha V:

“I love how you can collaborate and monitor Twitter. The fact that it is free is amazing!!! Super helpful in organizing your tweets.”

Negative Reviews:

1. Review By Brian G:

“The downsides of this program would be the lack of customization to the interface and lack of custom coding.”

2. Review By Adam H:

“The primary complaint is that Tweetdeck doesn’t support Twitter Cards – a crucial part of the platform. It hasn’t been properly updated for some really sad time.”

3. Review By Kyle W:

“Tweetdeck is an overwhelming product at first. It’s also very cut and dry, which comes off as rather intimidating.”

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

1. What Are The Benefits Of Tweetdeck?

The benefits of Tweetdeck are as follows,

  • It saves time.
  • Free of cost.
  • It can be customized.

2. What Are The Features Of Twitter?

The features of Tweetdeck are as follows,

  • Management of multiple accounts.
  • Scheduling of tweets.
  • Teams can use it.
  • Mute users and words.
  • Create customizable columns.

3. How Many Tweets Can I Schedule On Tweetdeck?

The sky is the limit which means you can schedule as many tweets as possible.

Summing Up Tweetdeck: Comfort And Convenience

There’s no point denying that Tweetdeck is an incredibly popular tool for handling social media management on Twitter. As an in-depth analysis and management tool, the Tweetdeck app saves a lot of time and optimizes your Twitter marketing strategies. The benefits are plenty, and the timing is accurate.

This is the perfect time to find new tools and invest in the ones that work the best for your business. As an agency working with digital platforms and social networking sites, your performance is dependent on tools like Tweetdeck. So what are you waiting for? Check the tool out today and make the most of marketing on Twitter!

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