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What Is YouTube Marketing? How To Do YouTube Marketing?

Let’s talk a little about YouTube and some more about YouTube marketing. After all, we have all spent a few nights watching what not – from silly dog videos to old music videos. The platform has gained popularity as an entertaining platform, and most marketers claim to use it as part of their strategy and planning.

You might be thinking that all this is great, but your target audience is not on the platform, and as a result, YouTube marketing services are of no use to you. Well, think again! Our research tells us that one-fourth of Internet users are on YouTube for 10 hours, watching videos.

There are more than 2 billion active users on the platform, and users can access the platform in as many as 76 languages! If you are still not convinced, keep reading to learn more about YouTube marketing.

What Is YouTube Marketing?

What Is YouTube Marketing

Let’s look at three typical statistics before drawing any conclusion:

  • 59% of professionals like watching visual content more than text-based content. 
  • A solid 81% of Americans were using the platform in 2021.
  • Every minute 500 hours of visual content is uploaded on YouTube.

Did you know that YouTube was the second largest search engine on the web today? The legacy marketing network YouTube helps boost SEO and brand awareness. Since your audience is clearly on the platform watching something, marketers create relevant content for users to consume.

The concept of YouTube marketing can seem a little complex on the surface. But all of that’s not true, especially if you consider the platform’s foundation principle – YouTube does combine search engine optimization strategies with video content, the most engaging form of content today.

How To Do YouTube Marketing?

How To Do YouTube Marketing

Are you planning on making the most of your digital strategies with the help of YouTube marketing? Well, you have arrived at the right place! Scroll down to find out how!

1. Fix A Publishing Schedule And Be Consistent With It

This is well known that people are loyal to their subscribed channels on YouTube. These loyal consumers also expect that new and exciting content will be uploaded on those channels consistently. If you are not regularly posting content, it is probably the biggest mistake you are making on this platform.

Instead, as a new YouTuber posting one video every week and then suddenly disappearing for two whole weeks will do you no good – you might just lose a few subscribers in the process. So instead, you can post one or two videos a month and stay consistent with your publishing schedule.

2. Be Ready To Make Upfront Investments For Publishing Your Videos

You are starting your channel and trying out YouTube marketing. That sounds great, but have you figured out other details? For instance, are you outsourcing production, or do you have a video editor? Are you going to be in front of the camera, or are you hiring someone to present your content?

Yes, too many questions and too little time. However, you must be ready to make upfront investments behind your videos. Our research tells us that it costs somewhere between 1300 to 10000 dollars to make a do-it-yourself video for YouTube.

The famous (or infamous?) YouTube mafia marketing production videos cost triple what we mentioned. And that’s fine because of the revenue the channel is making anyway.

3. Keep Your Revenue Expectations Sensible For The First Year

If you aim to earn money from YouTube, it’s best to keep your expectations to the bare minimum in the first year. Focus on understanding how AdSense revenue works – this will help you monitor your goals and track your YouTube marketing expectations.

Since YouTube channels obtain 68% of AdSense proceeds from Google after gathering enough traffic for obtaining views more consistently. That is why even if you don’t make enough money from the first few videos, it can prove to be profitable in the long run.

4. YouTube And Affiliate Marketing

The YouTube affiliate marketing is one business model where you can induce profits by attaching affiliate links for both products and services recommended by you in your videos. Simply put, affiliate links can be placed either in the description section under the video or placed inside annotations.

Thus, if you were typing ‘how to do affiliate marketing YouTube’ on Google after reading the last paragraph, understand it’s similar to conventional affiliate marketing – the only difference is the change of the medium. You can easily upload reviews or recommendations and attach the affiliate link on YouTube.

YouTube Marketing And Tools

YouTube Marketing And Tools

The following tools are the most essential for implementing a successful YouTube marketing strategy. Check them out now!

1. VidIQ

We love using VidIQ because it’s a terrific keyword research instrument that allows YouTubers to recognize what’s trending in their industries. Thus, this tool helps users determine what topics they should cover and which ones can be left out.

2. Agorapulse

A powerful tool for social media management, Agorapulse helps users track, upload, and collaborate on various kinds of content. We love the inbox monitoring feature of Agorapulse – this is because once your channel explodes, you need to control that inbox full of direct messages.

3. BuzzSumo

The only way to grow on any platform is through collaborations with other creators or brands on YouTube. This is where BuzzSumo comes in to help you find brands and creators who will be a good fit for collaborating with you. Simply put, BuzzSumo takes YouTube marketing a notch higher and identifies brands that can help you expand more.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

1. What Are The Benefits Of YouTube Marketing?

The benefits of YouTube marketing are as follows,

  • Heavy traffic.
  • High visibility on Google.
  • High rate of conversion.
  • Vast media library.
  • More data for Email lists.

2. Is YouTube Content Marketing?

Not completely. Instead, content marketing is like a middle ground for YouTube – since the platform’s primary focus is towards reaching your target audience and marketing your content optimally.

3. What Is The Primary Goal Of YouTube Marketing?

The primary goal of YouTube marketing is to be visible enough so that your target audience can find you on the platform. Making a mark on your audience, especially if you are new, can go a long way in making people remember you.


YouTube is no longer just a platform for watching videos when you are bored, especially with 2.1 billion active users on their platform currently. No wonder YouTube marketing has gained so much popularity. The platform allows marketers to present their content visually in the most effective way.

Initially, it might seem to be an overwhelming or intimidating platform, but that should not stop you from using it. Instead, make the most of your marketing strategy on YouTube and experience the benefits in the long run. So what are you waiting for? Head over to YouTube now and start exploring.

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