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Follow These 5 Steps To Become A UGC Creator In 2023



UGC Creator is a person or a group of persons that created user-generated content. These content pieces can be referred to as wide-ranging content, consisting of creative stuff that everyday individuals create. These pieces of content are not created by professionals, but social media users, who mostly consume content on social media.

UGC content creators create content for social media to make money from a particular social media platform. This article will be about how to become a UGC creator and how to get into UGC content creation. To help you with the process of how to be a UGC creator, I will share a few steps with you on how to become a UGC creator easily. Hence, to learn more, read on through to the end of the article.

What Is A UGC Creator? – UGC Creator Meaning

What Is A UGC Creator? - UGC Creator Meaning
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A UGC creator can do a lot of things to monetize their content on various social media platforms. This can be due to selling a product/service, offering brand partnerships, making subscription-based models, offering affiliate programs, dealing with influencer marketing, and many more.

Let’s say you are a customer of a brand. You can now create content for the same brand and can get paid. This content is called User-generated content. Brands, nowadays, are also looking for user-generated content more than content created by professionals. This is because of mainly two reasons.

The first one is that the customer who has used the product/ service is promoting the brand. This helps in creating a certain level of trust in the market for the brand. It has been found that dealing with UGC creators increases conversion by 10% for a brand. Hence, brands are always looking for better UGC creators. On the other hand, brands do not have to incur the high cost of brand promotion through professionals.

According to, “The main difference between UGC creators and influencers is that UGC creators create and deliver to businesses without the obligation to post it on their channels (although some UGC deals may add this for an extra fee). With influencers, the company usually pays for both content and exposure to the influencer’s audiences.”

Basically, a UGC creator is making sponsored content designed to showcase and promote a particular product or service, which is obviously authentic at the same time since a user is recommending it. UGC creators create content for various platforms like Instagram, TikTok, Facebook, LinkedIn, and different other social platforms.

Value And Benefits Of Creating UGC Content

Value And Benefits Of Creating UGC Content
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I already mentioned in the pervious section that the content created by UGC creators helps brands to generate more conversions, as compared to content created by professionals. However, it cannot be denied that professional content is better to watch and looks more attractive. Here are some of the facts that you need to know to understand the value of UGC content:

1. Consumers spend more time with UGC content as compared to content created by professionals.

2. More than ninety percent of marketers have claimed that UGC content performs better for the brand than branded content.

3. More than three-fourths of marketers believe that UGC content helps in making the brand more authentic.

5. Close to ninety percent of brands make use of UGC content in the social media marketing world and also strategize these ways in digital marketing.

6. Almost one-third of consumers claimed that UGC content creates a better impact on them and is more memorable than others.

According to, “User-generated content is so impactful simply because it provides people with social proof. Social proof, on the other hand, works because people trust people and not brands directly.” This content and promotion act as if you are getting a recommendation from another user or another friend about a particular product. This will get you hooked instantly to the product, as you will get more influenced to buy it.

How To Start UGC? – Steps To Become A Successful UGC Creator

It is quite simple to become a UGC creator and start making UGC content. You do not need a huge follower count to start making content. This is because you are not creating content for yourself. You are here to promote a brand for which you are creating content for actually. Apart from that, you do not even need special pieces of equipment to start creating content.

Step 1. Create Your Social Media Account Specifically For Creating UGC

Create Your Social Media Account Specifically For Creating UGC

Make sure you use different colors and fonts on your page as compared to the brand you want to promote. After creating your account, you can also start to follow other creators who help other creators grow by sharing tips.

Step 2: Choose An Industry That You Want To Create Content For

Choose An Industry That You Want To Create Content For

This is an important step, as you need to create content that is industry-specific. Think about the brands you want to collaborate with, check those brands’ accounts individually, and find what is common among them.

Step 3: Start To Create Good Quality Content

Start To Create Good Quality Content

Once you are sure about your brand, you can start creating content accordingly. You can also schedule Instagram posts, or posts for other social media, at particular times when you feel you will get more views. You can check various analytics to get an idea of when to release content.

Step 4: Create Your Own Content Portfolio

Create Your Own Content Portfolio

According to, “Creating a portfolio will help you showcase who you are, what you do – your previous work, and how you could help brands with content.” However, this should be done after you have completed all the boring work.

Step 5: Do Outreach

Outreach can be one of the best steps to get the attention of the brands. Start placing UGC in your content description, and start reaching out to collaborators as well.

Summing Up

However, you need to know that since UGC content is not created by professionals, expect those content to be less polished and less creative. However, in some cases, UGC creators are really creative, but however, when it comes to video or editing quality of videos, it might be a bit disappointing. Which UGC creator’s work inspired you? Share your thoughts in the comments section below.

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