5 Simple Easy Ways You Can Be More Eco-Friendly!



Being conscious of the environment is at the forefront of most people’s minds, but it can be hard to know how exactly you can protect the Earth without major disruption to your daily operations.

However, there are some very easy changes that you can make which will have a wonderful impact on your carbon footprint and benefit your business.

Here are 5 simple ways you can be more eco-friendly:

1. Switch Up Your Packaging

Switch Up Your Packaging

The first thing to consider is the packaging that you use day-to-day. For example, try switching your hot food takeaway containers to paper or cardboard so that they can be fully recycled.

Although certain plastics can be recycled, they have to be taken to a certain plant to be processed so really, they’re more likely to end up in the landfill. Not only are they easily recycled, but they take less energy to be created and are made from sustainable resources.

2. Try Natural Cleaning Products

When running a business, especially when there’s food involved, it’s inevitable that you’ll have to use some harsh cleaning products. However, you could try switching to more natural alternatives.

A lot of companies that provide natural cleaning solutions also allow you to refill your bottles, so they don’t have to be chucked once they’re finished.

The chemicals in some of the harsher cleaning products can damage the ecosystem when they’re introduced into the water supplies and ground too.

Mixing your natural cleaning solution with distilled water rather than tap water can be beneficial as it will help prevent streaks and spots when cleaning. A quick search of “where can i buy distilled water” will help you to find a supplier in your area.

So, by making this change, you’re not only cutting down on plastic waste, but you’re also helping keep the environment healthy.

3. Embrace Organic Gardening

Embracing organic gardening practices, such as beekeeping and supporting natural pollinators, presents an excellent opportunity to steer clear of harmful chemicals while promoting a greener lifestyle. Beekeeping not only aids in preserving essential pollinators but also generates local honey. You can store this sustainable alternative to mass-produced sweeteners in honey jars for daily use.

Creating a garden environment that welcomes bees, butterflies, and other natural pollinators enhances the beauty of your surroundings. It can also ensure the health and vitality of your plants through natural pollination processes. This approach reduces the need for chemical interventions and fosters a harmonious ecosystem where both humans and nature can thrive together.

4. Be Smart With Heating And Cooling

Be Smart With Heating And Cooling

Energy consumption is a big contributor to the damage to the environment. Although heating and air-con may be necessary, there are ways you can use less of it and use it more wisely.

For instance, if you have the cool air-con blasting in the summer heat, make sure you keep the doors and windows closed so that you keep the cold air in.

The same goes for central heating so don’t keep turning up the thermostat if you’ve got the windows open.

You’re not only wasting money, but you’re also inadvertently damaging the environment by generating more energy than you need. Similarly, make sure that your building is secure and doesn’t have lots of draughts.

You want to retain as much of the heat and coolness that you generate as possible, and any gaps will let it easily escape.

5. Go Paperless Where Possible

Using paper packaging is a brilliant way to become more eco-friendly. However, it’s not great to be continuously using paper unnecessarily.

For example, try to turn all receipts digital, and instead of printing new labels for each product, write on the displays with a wipeable pen or chalk.

This small change can help save a lot of paper being created which in turn allows the environment to recover better from the resources being depleted.

6. Switch Things Off

Switch Things Off

One big way you can save energy is to make sure you properly switch things off at the end of the day. Leaving lights on all night isn’t really necessary, and all it does is increase your energy bill and damage the environment.

The same goes for any equipment. Make sure you turn the plug off instead of leaving everything in standby mode until the next day.

Not only is it wasting energy, but you’re also putting your business at risk by leaving things plugged in all night that could potentially start a fire.

Being more eco-friendly isn’t impossible, and in reality, it’s the little changes to your business that will have the best results for the environment.

You might even garner new customers as you become more environmentally conscious too. Try implementing some of these changes and you’ll be well on your way to being an eco-friendly business.

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