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What Is Lead Distribution Software?



Connecting leads to the product or service they are looking for – or matching them with an agent or representative who can help them best – is crucial for any business, whether it be insurance, real estate, or consulting.

Your leads must get to the right destination quickly and without hurdles, or you’ll risk losing the lion’s share of these prospective customers.

Performance marketing solutions such as Phonexa’s lead distribution system automate the lead distribution process, delivering consumers to the product they are searching for or a knowledgeable agent ready to help.

Complementing other components within the LMS Sync product, Phonexa’s lead distribution software creates a market where all three parties – advertisers, publishers, and leads – all benefit and are better off after the deal.

Read on to learn more about distribution software, how it works, and how it integrates with other components of a lead management system.

Lead Distribution Explained

Lead distribution software directs leads to relevant buyers (advertisers, merchants) based on multiple parameters set up by lead buyers and sellers (publishers). This allows for a sophisticated market equally beneficial for every participant: advertisers, publishers, and leads.

Lead Distribution Explained
  • Advertisers get high-intent leads at a target price and of a target quantity.
  • Publishers sell their leads at a target price to relevant, reliable advertisers.
  • Leads are connected to the best-fitting product or sales agent.

It’s important to note that as effective as lead distribution software can be, it is never standalone but rather a part of a more complex lead management system comprising more components, such as lead tracking and lead analytics.

The synergy of the three – tracking, distribution, and analytics – makes it possible to acquire and convert more leads, enhance the customer journey, improve brand awareness, and ultimately grow ROI.

How Does Lead Distribution Software Work?

Lead Distribution Software
  1. First, leads are generated and qualified. Regardless of where leads come from – landing page, email newsletter, social media, inbound call, etc. – they are filtered and organized to begin the process of working these leads. The qualification process eliminates duplicated and fraudulent leads in order to retain only high-intent consumers ready to buy from advertisers who are willing to pay for the leads they get.
  2. Next, leads are offered to multiple buyers. A lead is sent on a path that is most likely to convert – that is, to the most eager buyer satisfying the seller’s parameters. Then, if the buyer declines the offer, the lead is offered to the next best buyer.

Up-to-date lead distribution software – like the one from Phonexa, for example – gives advertisers and publishers equal rights. Merchants and publishers can choose whom they want to trade with, guaranteeing the best customer journey for leads.

Here’s Why You Need Lead Distribution

You can distribute leads manually, but that’s a limiting approach. Not only will you be unable to process an increasing volume of consumers, but such an approach will result in an unbalanced distribution which will likely result in losing a significant portion of these leads.

Lead Distribution Software need

The bigger your business, the more important the quality of lead distribution is. By integrating a lead distribution system into your business, you can:

  1. Sell leads instantly at the highest price. Now that you know how to lead distribution software works, it becomes evident that automation does what you cannot do manually. Getting access to a large market is paramount for getting the best price for your leads.
  2. Buy leads at the lowest price. As asks and bids create the market, you can set the maximum price per lead to sieve out expensive leads. This will save you tons of time you would otherwise spend analyzing offers.
  3. Enhance brand image. Whether you sell or buy leads, your customers are interested in getting the best product or service in the shortest amount of time. Proper lead distribution will increase customer satisfaction, foster brand loyalty, enhance your image, and even turn some of your leads into brand advocates.
  4. Increase ROI. At the end of the day, it’s all about extracting revenue from the leads you buy or sell, isn’t it? Automated lead distribution will inevitably grow your ROI to the point where you can double your current output.

Lead Distribution as a Part of Lead Management

Lead distribution is not a standalone process but a part of the lead management cycle comprising tracking, distribution, and analysis of how prospects, leads, and customers interact with your brand.

Lead management

To understand how the lead distribution process fits in the grand scheme of things, let’s break down the customer journey from A to Z:

  • Lead tracking. As potential customers click on your ads, speak to your Interactive Voice Response (IVR) system, and consult with your live agents, they leave traces of vital information that lead tracking software collects to give you insights into your customers’ location, demographics, on-page activity, preferences, budget, and more.
  • Lead distribution. The collected information is used to distribute leads to a relevant product or agent, so all three parties of the deal – merchants, publishers, and leads – get exactly what they desire.
  • Lead analytics. Besides leads distribution and conversion, the collected data can be used to measure the effectiveness of your marketing campaigns, including the performance of your affiliates and future modeling (the success of your future campaigns).

Automated lead distribution is crucial to lead management and advantageous to all parties involved. Above all, it makes customers happy, which is the primary indicator of success in any business.

Final Thoughts

Lead distribution software is a must for businesses dealing with a large volume of leads. Not only does it automate the process, but it also allows for the perfect customer journey and, as a result, an inevitable increase in ROI.

For maximum efficiency, lead distribution should synergize with lead tracking and lead analytics. All three combined can bring your lead generation to full automation, leaving you fresh for key strategic decisions.


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