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Xvideostudio.video Editor APK is considered to be the best video app for Android. It can be downloaded with the latest version of 2021 for Android and iOS iPhone for free. 

If you are looking for the best video editing app to make professional video montages, or add photos and effects to the video or want to merge videos with music then read the article till the end.

Xvideostudio.video Editor APK supports all of the above and is an amazing video marketing app. This app is somewhat similar to other video editing apps like PowerDirector Pro, but the version of Xvideostudio.video Editor APK  is absolutely free.

In this article, we will talk about Xvideostudio.video Editor APK  features, with a guide of how to download it on both Android and iOS. Besides how to use this video app in simple steps. Let’s begin!

Xvideostudio.video Editor APK Download Free for iOS & Android And PC- (Guide)

Xvideostudio.video Editor APK Download

\Downloading and installing Xvideostudio.video Editor APK is very easy, as it does not need any third party to get it downloaded. Like Adobe premiere club the app size is small.

Name – Xvideostudio.video Editor APK

Size – 15MB

Version- latest

Rating – 4+

Updated on- 9th September 2021

Cost- free

Category – video editor

To get from- Google play store

The app does not take up much space in your device as the operation requirements are very straightforward. The app is compatible with any device of Android, whether it is old or new. To download it, connect to your internet and follow these steps below. 

How To Download Xvideostudio.video Editor APK For Android?

Download Xvideostudio.video Editor APK For Android 

  1. 1.Download Xvideostudio.video Editor APK, click the link on the download page.
  2. 2. Wait for a while before the download finishes.
  3. 3.Now install it. 

How To Install Xvideostudio.video Editor APK For Android?

  1. Go to ‘settings’ , then click ‘security settings’.
  2. Enable option that says ‘unknown sources’.
  3. Close the settings section and move to ‘downloads’.
  4. After opening downloads, tap on XvideoStudio ‘apk’ files.
  5. Click the ‘install’ button to install the app.
  6. Wait till the installation is complete. 
  7. Now you have the Xvideostudio.video Editor APK installed. 

How To Download XvideoStudio.Video Editor APK For iOS?

Download XvideoStudio.Video Editor APK For iOS

I hate to pop the bubble but the Xvideostudio.video Editor APK has not yet been released for iOS. But there are many video apps for iPhone and iPad that work really well. 

The best alternative to XvideoStudio is VideoShow Pro as it can edit, add photos, put effects as well as music efficiently. The download and installation are free and have the same features as Xvideostudio.video Editor APK. the Apple store supports VideoShow, therefore you can easily get that from there. 

Here are some best alternatives for iOS:

  • SPLICE– video editor and maker.
  • KINEMASTER– video editor.
  • FILMMAKER PRO– video editor.
  • POWERDIRECTOR– video editor app
  • FILMORAGO– video editor and maker. 
  • FINAL CUT PRO– at the mac store. 
  • MAGISTO– video editor and maker. 

How To Download Xvideostudio.video Editor APK For PC?

Download Xvideostudio.video Editor APK For PC 

Like the app Xvideostudio.video Editor APK can be downloaded on Android, and iOS, it can therefore get downloaded on PC as well. 

Here are the steps to download it on PC. 

  1. Download an Android emulator called ‘blueStacks’. You need this emulator to run Xvideostudio.video Editor APK. 
  2. Install the emulator after downloading it. Click on the ‘download now’ and wait. 
  3. Follow the above steps properly to get the app downloaded and installed. BlueStacks on the other hand is very compatible with all versions of Windows.  

How To Use Xvideostudio.video Editor APK?

Use Xvideostudio.video Editor APK

Till now, we talked about how to download this app on Android, iOS and PC. Now we are giving you a guide on how to use it for good results. 

  1. After the app has been installed, click on the ‘open’ button. 
  2. You have to click on ‘continue’, twice. 
  3. The next thing to do is select the ‘ yes’ option and then click ‘continue’. 
  4. Select the right option ‘ which video editors did you work with?’ and then press ‘continue’ or skip if you want. 
  5. Choose the video format and ‘continue’ 
  6. Click on ‘upload video’. Choose that one video you want to edit. 
  7. There are options for adding images and effects at the bottom, which you can use in your video. 

Xvideostudio.video Editor APK- Features

Xvideostudio.video Editor APK- Features

This app is compatible with any Android device and is easy to use, taking up little space in your device. It has amazing features that will show why it is the best video editing app. 

  • It can add texts, images, stickers, effects, and music. 
  • It can add GIF and FX.
  • It can add sound effects and dubbing with high-quality video upto 1080p
  • It can make cuts in the video clips easily. 
  • The app has 10 filters to offer, along with schematic diagrams.
  • It creates video images without reproducing them. 
  • It knows the time, the appearance and selects the right color. 
  • It is compatible with all versions of Android. 
  • The app is very secure.
  • There is no root needed. 
  • You have jailbreak if you are using the app for iPhone. 
  • It is a 100% free app.

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What Can Xvideostudio.video Editor APK HD Do?

Xvideostudio.video Editor APK HD Do

Xvideostudio.video Editor APK HD is the advanced version of the app. It can do a lot as well, such as : 

  • Through this app, you can make videos for your Youtube channel.
  • Also, this app lets you create videos, effects, and images. 
  • It can make videos for you that can dazzle your Instagram friends. 
  • It can edit videos of birthday parties and weddings. 
  • This app can make videos for all social media platforms

Wrapping It All Up 

Here you go with Xvideostudio.video Editor APK, and everything about it you need to know before using it. 

Xvideostudio.video Editor APK  is one of the best video editing applications on Android. It supports all versions of Android, old and new both. Besides downloading and installing the application, we have mentioned the features as well as introduced Xvideostudio.video Editor APK HD. 

Leave a comment down below and let us know how useful this article is.

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