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What Is YouTube Theater, And How Much Do It’s Tickets Cost?



YouTube is one of the most well-liked streaming services. Imagine it pictured as a sizable space where its creators might perform, interact with followers, advertise their creations, and hang around. Welcome to the YouTube Theater!

This theater was built after YouTube recognized the need to assist its 2-billion viewership in attending live performances. Therefore, this auditorium was created to bring your favorite artists in front of you on stage.

If you wish to know more about this theater, read this post until the end!

What Is YouTube Theater?

What Is YouTube Theater?
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One of the most popular streaming platforms worldwide, YouTube, is bringing the streaming experience closer to its customers and followers. Therefore, the platform decided to launch its initial Theater, a three-story establishment that appears to have just sprung from a fairy tale.

Given that it is one of the largest online platforms in the world, why did YouTube choose to go physical? After Facebook and TikTok strengthened their online and offline presence and grew more competitive, YouTube saw the need to provide influencers with a platform. 

Therefore, the YouTube Theater will serve as a venue for gathering the audience and bringing the action from the screen to the real world. Additionally, it offers artists a platform to perform, advertise their work, and interact with followers. 

For many YouTube producers, playing there will be an unforgettable opportunity due to the venue’s size and top-notch sound and visual technology.

In addition to highlighting a segment of its 2-billion-strong audience, YouTube has already scheduled several well-known music artists to take the stage. The theater serves as a host for a variety of events, including conferences, concerts, award presentations, and community activities.

Where Is YouTube Theater Located?

Where Is YouTube Theater Located?
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In Hollywood Park, the brand-new, elite arena is situated close to the SoFi Stadium. In August of last year, YouTube executives cut the ribbon, and the theater now has a website where you can keep up with the newest events, get tickets, schedule events, view maps, view the YouTube theater seating chart, and much more. 

The theater will act as an addition to the first two venues and be a separate location when needed. 

Inside The YouTube Theater

The theater, situated in Inglewood, is a section of the American Airlines Plaza and the SoFi Stadium complex. The YouTube Stadium has fixed seats and floor seating that has a YouTube Theater capacity of up to 100,000 spectators. 

Due to this, the two establishments are the ideal combination for entertaining guests of all ages. You’ll find the American Airlines Plaza between the arena and the theater.

The 6,000-seat performance space contains six luxury boxes, each with room for 12 and 140 premium seats. These chairs are a part of the opulent 3,500-square-foot private club that is furnished with dark wood accents and high-end furnishings. 

Since the furthest seat is just 164 feet (about 50 meters) from the displays and stage, everyone will be comfortable with their choice of seat. To ensure that everyone in attendance has the best possible YouTube Theater seat view of what is happening, two extra screens are on the stage, one on both sides. 

The arena can accommodate larger meetings of 6,000 people, but it can also accommodate smaller ones of 3,400 to 4,400 people. There is also a VIP guest room with food with a capacity of up to 2,000 people.

Angela Courtin, the vice president of YouTube Marketing at YouTube, claims this platform ties “reel” and “real” life together. They want to demonstrate to people how well the two can complement one another and give them a fresh perspective on the digital world.

Also, you must abide by the YouTube Theater bag policy, which bars you from carrying bags exceeding 11” x 14”.

Interesting Things You Need to Know About YouTube Theater

Interesting Things You Need to Know About YouTube Theater
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Some of the most interesting things to know about YouTube Theater apart from it being the best way to watch YouTube without Ads, are:

1. A Galore Of Shops

Having bars and eateries is a must in any large entertainment venue. Fortunately, this one includes a startling 47 outlets to buy beverages, snacks, meals, and more. There are also seven full-service locations where you can obtain everything you need.

2. The Loading Dock

The facility may fully serve as a standalone entertainment center because it features a loading dock. Each musician will enter a stunning stage thanks to the state-of-the-art sound and video equipment, as we already indicated. 

3. The Digital Advertisement Wall

A digital wall outside the stage is where YouTube advertises its creators and performers. So, as you go about the space, you may come over this wall and find some fantastic performers you want to see on the platform. 

4. 13-Feet Tall Interactive Screen

There is a sizable interactive screen that is 13 feet tall outside the cinema and displays the YouTube logo. Visitors may watch interesting YouTube videos and excerpts while seeing themselves on the screen. 

5. The Balcony

This is one of the prettiest spots. Following or before an event, you may get a drink, head outdoors to take advantage of the gorgeous weather and chill out with your friends. 

High tables on the balcony make it the ideal place for a quick pre-concert celebration. Additionally, the stadium’s outside features stunning art pieces that any fan of the arts would appreciate. 

6. Live Broadcasting

The ability to live broadcast theatrical events on YouTube is a fantastic option they provide. In a nutshell, YouTube will promote YouTube channel producers who perform live, giving them a chance to reach a larger audience and expand their channels. 

Given that there are 2 billion people on YouTube, this might be a turning point in the careers of many producers. Additionally, the network will plan the event’s advertising collateral.

YouTube Theater Prices

YouTube Theater Prices
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YouTube Theater prices differ based on your booking of seats. The closer you are to the stage, expect the prices to be higher as well. Plus, there are many premium places in the theater with many facilities, like the YouTube Theater Box, which costs the most. 

Typically, a regular ticket would cost anywhere between $70 and $210, depending on your chosen seat. In addition, the event that you are attending also dictates the price of the tickets. High-profile artists and bands will generally feature tickets costing higher.

However, you can book and reserve the premium YouTube Theater Box. This premium Theater box costs between $2,500 and $5,500 for groups of 12 to 15 people. In addition, you will also get three parking spaces, a built-in bar caterer serving food and drinks, and lots more!

If you wish to check the list of events and reserve tickets, you must do it through its YouTube Theater events page. Plus, all bookings will be made through Ticketmaster.


YouTube realized its aim last year after building the first physical YouTube Theater. Despite this being a digital medium, it makes an effort to demonstrate to producers how well physical and digital media may coexist. 

Up to six thousand individuals may fit into this enormous theater, which has 47 areas for food and drink. In addition to hosting content producers, YouTube also welcomes well-known artists and promotes a variety of social gatherings, concerts, and other events. 

As you realize, this location is every performer’s fantasy. Therefore, head to their website and check out their events before purchasing a ticket! If you have already experienced it, share your experiences in the comments below!

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