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7 Best Practices For Social Media To Grow Sevenfold In 2024!



The social media game is constantly changing and evolving. What started as a place to post pictures and videos of your daily lives became one of the most lucrative digital marketing platforms in 2024. Therefore, if you want success on social media this year, you must follow the best practices for social media.

This is why we have decided to provide you with a guide to all the best updated social media practices. We guarantee these practices will help you grow your social media channel to new heights in 2024.

So, are you ready to learn all these practices? Keep on reading below!

7 Best Practices For Social Media To Grow Successfully

We have found the seven best practices for social media that will grow your channel sevenfold in 2024! Here they are:

1. 2024 Is The Year Of The AI And Automation

2024 Is The Year Of The AI And Automation

Ever since the ChatGPT API became usable by millions of businesses worldwide, AI and automation have skyrocketed. Every digital marketer is jumping in on this bandwagon to make our daily efforts easier in various ways.

Marketers are shifting towards using AI social media post generators, especially AI Instagram post generators. This includes AI tools like Google Bard and Microsoft Copilot that can generate content quickly without compromising on its quality. 

2. Be More Consistent With Your Branding

Be More Consistent With Your Branding

One of the best rules to succeed in social media is to have a branding strategy in mind. All your content, and even how you interact with your followers, must have its unique style and persona. Therefore, your influencer marketing campaigns should follow your brand style.

It’s super important for your channel to have this brand persona since it will separate you from your competitors. Therefore, create your marketing playbook to understand the requirements of your brand marketing strategy. In addition, you can also use Twitter Spaces to brand yourself uniquely on Twitter.

3. Video Marketing Will Dominate 2024

Video Marketing Will Dominate 2024

Unless you live under a rock, you must know the rise of TikTok as an influencer marketing platform. Its rise only means one thing – that people are more interested in short videos rather than long posts or videos. This is why Instagram, Facebook, and YouTube have Stories and Reels now!

Therefore, hire a good video editor and make exciting and appealing one-minute videos. Moreover, you can start using AI tools like Synthesia here to make it easier. Whatever you do – ensure that your brand values come across well through it.

4. A Good Follower Relationship Is Still Important

A Good Follower Relationship Is Still Important

Finding success in social media is all about gaining more followers and building a healthy and active community. Therefore, apart from posting content frequently, you must also actively respond to comments! 

Moreover, you must comment on other’s posts if they share yours. This opens up various opportunities for successful Instagram collaborations, which is a direct way to make you viral. In addition, learn how to go viral on TikTok to jumpstart your social media channel for success!

5. Optimize Your Content According To Its Platform

Optimize Your Content According To Its Platform

Many people say the consumer is king. However, many people also say content is king. So which one is true? Moreover, does it matter if you have the best practice for social media to cater to both?

Your follower base will vary significantly depending on which platform you create content in. For example, the likes and preferences of your followers on Instagram will vastly differ from your TikTok follower base. Therefore, you must have different content optimization strategies for other platforms.

To start with this, you must use social media management tools like SocialBee, FeedHive, and Vista Social. In addition, use the TikTok Creative Center and the TikTok Creator Marketplace to get the best TikTok Content Ideas

Moreover, if you are on Snapchat, use Snapchat Memories to engage your audience in 2024. Additionally, use Snapchat Spectacles for the best results!

6. Always Audit Your SEO And Content Efforts

Always Audit Your SEO And Content Efforts

Do you have a clear understanding of whether your social media content strategy is working or not? Are your posts bringing in new followers and engaging them? Are you getting more likes, shares, and comments? 

Having detailed answers to these questions is one of the best practices for social media in 2024. You must use analytical representations of the results of your strategy. This is why you must use Facebook analytics tools and invest in Twitter Analytics.

Therefore, learn how to conduct a social media audit with the help of various SEO audit tools. Depending on its results, you might need to change or modify your social media marketing strategies this year.

Moreover, always conduct a competitor analysis as well. It helps you find clues to differentiating yourself from them.

7. Audience Feedback Is A Necessity

Audience Feedback Is A Necessity

Audience feedback is one of the most crucial aspects of social media marketing. If you don’t understand whether you are connecting with your audience or not, you will never be able to perfect your social media strategy. 

Therefore, you must analyze audience feedback through social hearing and ask for reviews and feedback. By hearing your audience out and considering their preferences, you will be better able to cater your content for success.

Bonus Practice: Don’t Underestimate User-Generated Content

Social media platforms like TikTok, Instagram, and YouTube have a new trend – using User-Generated Content (UGC).  This type of content refers to creating content out of feedback your followers share. 

But why is this one of the best practices for social media in 2024? It’s because you can directly refer to your followers or feature them here. Therefore, when your followers see themselves being featured in your content, they will appreciate you more and engage more.


There you go, influencers! These are our seven best practices for social media that you must incorporate into your social media strategy in 2024. While we did say seven, we also realized the potential of UGC and included it as a bonus point as well!

If you follow these practices for social media and use them effectively, you will see your follower count snowballing! Therefore, post daily consistently, understand your target audience, and cater your content to them. 

If you have any points to add, please comment below! Thank you for reading!

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