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Opening a bookstore in 2024 is anything but boring. In an attempt to stand out and attract a crowd of regulars, bookstore startups go to lengths to be original or to offer books that are hard to come across.

A bookstore business today is anything from niche bookstores to a fusion of modern workspace libraries, bookstores with cafes, and combinations of art galleries with bookstores.

Let your imagination run wild. And if you were wondering if anyone still buys paperbacks, they do. Electronic versions still remain an alternative to paper books, as a large part of the population prefers the old-school printed version. 

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Cynthia Turner, a business plan maker at OGS Capital, specializes in strategic business plans for regional entrepreneurs.

Niche bookstore vs. a classic bookstore, and 1001 other decisions


All businesses start with an idea. Market research elaborates on the details and guides towards a direction that has the most potential. In other words, a bookstore business plan is a lengthy, in-depth presentation of your idea to your potential investors.

Research involved in planning a business can be overwhelming. A due diligence and feasibility study can put you off the idea altogether, or at the very least, make it seem like a mission impossible.

If you are feeling lost as to where to start with writing your business plan, use samples available online as references. Alternatively, you can develop a plan with a business consultant.

For further reading on sample business plans, see here:

Be online as if your business depends on it!

To be competitive in 2024, grabbing a central location and hoping to get walk-ins is not the best strategy. Physical offline advertisement may work if it is located near the store; however, social media creates a wider reach for potential customers. Consider the use of different social media marketing strategies

These are just a few examples of an efficient online presence that any bookstore must have:

  • Social media content highlights new arrivals, promotes local collaborations, and generates content that’s interesting or useful for its customers. 
  • Social media use through interaction with customers, giveaways, trivia, and content that evokes feedback and reactions from followers.
  • Online store with an up-to-date catalog, as well as options to buy, reserve, and/or pre-order. 

Regardless of all the amazing opportunities online life has to offer, don’t overlook participation in offline events, such as book presentations, literary exhibitions and conferences. When developing your social media strategy, keep in mind who your audience is and what kind of bookstore you are running. 

Describe your book lover

A section of your business plan is dedicated to your target audience. In other words, you always start with a description of who your customer is. Occupation, age, income, and relationship status are the descriptive characteristics often used for demographic descriptors. However, it could also be anything relevant to your business idea.

For example, if you are opening a niche bookstore dedicated to comics and manga, the profile of your potential customer will be different from that of a cafe with books on art and architecture.

If you plan on opening a niche bookstore, you have to understand not only who your customer is, but also if there will be enough demand for your business to stay open, and if the proposed business plan has the potential for growth and expansion.

A feasibility study will help you determine if your business proposal has potential. Most importantly, for niche products, you have to find out if there is demand for that product or service in the area.

Social media content for niche markets is something that can make your business stand out, increase sales and attract new customers. For niche businesses, it is easier to get customer involvement and interaction with posts, stories and other types of social media presence. 

What’s your bookstore type?

We have come a long way from the classical little or big bookstores, where you literally came to only buy a book or two. Now the majority of bookstores have a seating area, coffee, cakes and much more. In 2024, entrepreneurs have the opportunity to explore the new potential of old-school businesses.

Ease of accessibility is not overrated. If a bookstore has enough room, it can host presentations, lectures, classes, and any kind of meetings. Events attract existing and new customers, as well as bring extra publicity. Social media can be used as the main platform to promote events.

An offline store doesn’t exclude online sales

In addition to an offline location, set up an online store. This will expand the business from an offline vendor to an online marketplace. For niche books, an up-to-date catalog would attract customers searching for a particular book.

Likewise, an online store could facilitate the pre-order of new releases, or make it possible for a person to place a request for a rare or hard-to-find copy. Online sales could be a good addition to overall turnover and increase revenue. In addition, an e-store has the potential to attract customers from a wider geographical area, if shipments are possible. 

Bookstore social media management

Bookstore social media management

Social media has evolved from keeping in touch with friends to becoming the biggest promotion platform for products, services, individuals, events, etc.

In essence, social media now is about creating content that is engaging for the reader and creates a reaction – either by leaving a comment, liking,  tagging, sharing or engaging in any way that is possible on the social media platform. 

Social media management for a bookstore can include content about book recommendations, exclusive author interviews, new-releases, book trivia, and any content relevant for your target audience and bookstore type. The option to tag other businesses, authors, editors, or publishers, for example, automatically increases the grasp of the target audience. 


The irony of creating and maintaining a strong online presence, while selling paper books, doesn’t elude anyone. But it is what it is. In 2024, it is close to impossible to start a business without having it represented online. Exploit online opportunities to their fullest potential. 

Social media is often underestimated by traditional businesses. Whereas, a bookstore has the potential to create an engaging online presence, which will increase not only sales, but also businesses popularity. 

Opening a modern bookstore is a challenging and passionate endeavor. However, it is a business that will bring back revenue if planned accordingly. With modern tendencies towards opening hybrid bookstores, analyze existing and potential demand in the area where you are planning to open your business.

A bookstore feasibility study will analyze the potential and compute market share for your business project. 

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