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Buying Tiktok Followers to Grow Your Account



Buying TikTok Followers to grow your account is a comprehensive step-by-step guide you need to know before you buy followers.

So, let’s dive in with the most important question. Should you buy TikTok followers to grow your account? If you follow this guide step by step, the answer is yes ! to speed up your Tiktok presence.

But be careful because your account could be shadow-banned. It’s a type of secret ban that mutes the user on social media without any notification or alert from TikTok.  

Moreover, recovering from that stage is more work than you can imagine and will cost dearly to you. So before starting, keep in mind buying followers needs to be managed carefully with these points :

Let’s begin with the basics of the platform :

TikTok has grown exponentially in recent years due to users’ superfast and improved interaction with the platform, advanced algorithms to find you the exact content you want to watch after a few scrolls, and, most importantly, giving every user a chance to go viral on TikTok with their content.

How Did Tiktok Decide To Show More People Your Content?

Tiktok Decide To Show More People Your Content

When it comes to going viral on TikTok, of course, the algorithm gives you a chance to get around 200  views and shows people randomly after uploading your content.

If the content takes interest from other users, such as interactions, likes, or direct messages to other users, TikTok considers your content as valuable and keeps showing people until it gets no interest from users. 

This makes the TikTok algorithm special amongst other platforms because it`s fairer for anyone without any followers but with good content that can grow their account and gain popularity in no time.

What Prevents You From Getting More Views On TikTok?

What can you do if your content can’t surpass `200 views jail`? What are people calling these limits?

Try changing your first content to make it more streamlined, or edit the video and background music. Most importantly, try starting out with hashtags and using the correct hashtags to cover the entire audience to show your posts.

Compared to other platforms, the TikTok hashtag system is state of the art and still extremely important for categorizing your posts.

Basically, your video doesn’t have enough attention to rank it. But it’s okay to keep pushing on the ones who get more views and continue with that style of content.

Importance Of The Story Sharing

Only post sharing is not enough because, for a single reason, due to the large amount of content entering TikTok, you only show your content to users within a very limited amount of time.

And the solution for that is super easy! Make more “Tiktok Story” from your original post. This way, you can keep publishing the same content and getting more ranked over the days. Hence, it increases the chance of getting more views and shows the algorithm your content is worthwhile.

Stories basically give you more chance and screentime for users to view your content.

What About The Format Size Of Your Posts And Stories?

As you well know, the majority of mobile phones are designed in the same way. Tiktoks 1080 by 1920 pixels is also a standard for many platforms like Instagram and Facebook. 

On the other hand, YouTube shorts basically have a 9:16 screen ratio that needs to be used as a default to show your video content to more people.

Based on our research, the wrong format size due to bad image and font quality makes it hard for users to interact with your content.

So, if we cover the basics, let’s dive into the details:

Technical Fundamentals on Tiktok Content

Technical Fundamentals on Tiktok Content

It might appear easy to make a video that would become trending on TikTok. But without a handful of key fundamentals, you cannot do much with the platform. For example, video quality must be too appealing to the viewer. There are other fundamentals, too, like:

Video Quality

High-quality videos with interesting content and the readability of your text are crucial. If possible, get the video quality up to 4K Tiktok, which has a rendering system that translates into the same definition for users.

Relevant Content

Driving content must be an attention magnet, so spend time and effort because the most important subject to cover is this one. One trick is to visit the content with the same hashtags. Studying the content and first replicating it is a good idea until you have your core followers.

This is when you start your original content. Social media is all about being original and attention-seeking, unlike the Web.


Like the famous quote, `consistency is the key` is a fact when it comes to social media interactions. The name of the game is more screen time. This could be achieved by increasing the amount of content on the platform. The ideal publishing timeframe is daily, but depending on the quality, it could be more than that. 

There are accounts that publish once a month, maybe more, but get a million views, either their follower base or the content quality. 

Also, I Wouldn’t mind the schedule or what time you post based on our research. Content delivery will be possible through specific channels on any day and at any time of the day.

Thus, the actual effect is less than 8%, according to research.

Organic Growth Strategies

After you purchase your first followers, you need to keep merging with active users to start a pendulum effect, meaning that your content engagement can grow as cumulative as possible.

What to check at this stage?

Hashtag usage

Make sure hashtags are perfectly written in the post so the targeted audience can see your posts.

Also, make sure to use tags with appropriate destinations. Be aware using tags can also limit your target audience, so before posting, decide first to test your content with a general population or a more targeted audience.


Depending on the audience size of your content, the best way to the course is not to enter tags on your post.

The desired audience size should be more than 1.2 million posts per tag.


Make sure to tag the right account to create more interaction high interaction-rated accounts. If they reference your account Tiktok algorithm automatically ranks you higher.

Comments and Likes

Always reply and ask the following questions to your audience to interact more. Comments are a huge ranking factor for TikTok because it show actual interest in content, unlike likes, because it can be generated mostly with bots.

Should You Buy TikTok Followers?

The short answer is YES, but it comes with few steps otherwise, it can end up as a Ban or Shadow Ban.

Here are the steps :

How To Buy Tiktok Followers?

1. Some of the purchased accounts will be either bots or inactive accounts that can`t engage with your content so you have to make sure you are buying from a good Tiktok Social Media Services (SMM) Provider like Page Social.

2. Tiktok`s algorithm favors genuine interactions, and having a high number of bot followers will decrease the chance of getting viral.

Solution: Buy followers not in bulk numbers but in different timeframes, for example :

The first 1200 followers must be organic. After that 3.000 thousand, you can purchase

Till 3000 to 5000 needs to be organic, then you can buy again till 10.000

So the ratio of Organic followers and Purchased ones needs to be 7/4

Important to wait a while between purchases because if TikTok has no interaction from a large number of accounts, it considers either your followers to be bots or your content is not desirable.

Alternatives To Quick Growth Methods

Besides being an alternative, it could be a mix of everything to increase natural growth.

The first option is TikTok Ads.

TikTok offers native advertising for a larger target audience, and you will be surprised by the impressions you get compared to other social media platforms out there.

CPM (Cost per million) around 0.04 and CPC (Cost per click) around 0.03 is a bargain at the moment. Comparing Meta Twitter and Google Ads, which became super controversial with their costs.


Due to recent bans on TikTok in a few different countries, the platform is having a hard time managing its ads business. Basically, the EU and US are no longer in Display Network, meaning you can`t run your ads there.

However, there is an advantage because the remaining countries have the lowest CPC and CPM numbers possible; it’s your advantage in the low fee structure on ads, and you can bring paid ads attraction. 

On the other hand, the EU and US will affect and benefit you anyhow because of the view rates for your paid promotions.

The Second Option Is Influencer Marketing

What Is Influencer Marketing?

It is a type of marketing using famous or high followers having account owners to promote your account or posts to show your content to the ideal crowd.

How To Make Influencer Marketing Promotion?

Collaborating with influencers will give your account legitimacy and the boost needed. However, it could be extremely expensive beginning after passing 10k followers, it will be suitable for account growth.

Also, keep in mind that not every influence marketing ends up with high interaction or conversion. Success depends on the promotion quality from the influencer, and you need to offer either service product or entertainment they need. So these basics need to be matched.

Additionally, there is some relevant information for your Tiktok Social Growth Efforts that will help you in the future. 

TikTok Monetization

How do people make money on TikTok?

Once you have established higher views, we are talking about at least 10.000 followers and at least 100.000 video views over the last 30 days. Once surpassed, you can apply for the Tiktok Creator Fund.

TikTok separates itself from different social platforms with monetization because you are not only limited to ads you show from your account. But also donations coming from the users with live sessions you can stream also if that is your thing.

If you follow these steps and are careful about the metrics and most importantly not pushing so hard estimated timeframe for considerably good growth is about 2-3 months.

By adopting these practices, you not only grow your followers on TikTok but also build a loyal community that interacts with your content and supports your growth organically. Remember, the key to success on TikTok, or any platform, rests on authenticity and the quality of engagement.

Some FAQ`s about Tiktok

People keep asking a lot of questions about video streaming platforms, and some of them are essentially common. Check them out here:

How many followers do I need to place my link in my bio?

You need at least 1000 followers to place your link.

What are the following limits on Tiktok?

Follow up to 10.000 accounts in total. Two hundred users per day you can finally follow in an hour, 15 accounts you shouldn’t be surpassed. Otherwise, your account will be shadow-banned from Tiktok.

How much does Tiktok pay for Creators?

TikTok pays 2-4 cents per 1000 views on a video.

Do I need to post in a certain timeframe?

Well, it has advantages but not a huge viewing factor. However, it’s an additional boost when you publish your followers online during the most active hours.

Is buying followers against the TikTok policy?

It’s actually not because it’s not disclosed specifically on their terms, but obviously, an extreme amount of followers in a certain timeframe will affect your account in the long term; TikTok considers your account and the ones who followed you as a spam user.

Does buying followers guarantee interaction or engagement?

Definitely not; it depends on the interaction of your content with other Users. If the organic followers of your account interact, it certainly helps. Keep in mind that you should buy TikTok followers only to boost your account like an initial kick.

Can I Get Banned Buying Followers?

No, you will not, but you will get a shadow ban, which means your account will be active. However, the TikTok algorithm will prevent you from showing your content to others.

How Long Does It Take To Recover From Shadow’s Ban From Tiktok?

 Average between 2-4 weeks, but we saw accounts more time to recover from this.

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