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The popularity of Instagram continues to increase. As a result, it has a critical role to play on your social strategy. To get maximum benefits, it is rewarding to bring in the big guns. Dash Hudson will help you meet or even exceed your Instagram goals.

Here are some of the things that you need to know about Dash Hudson.

What is Dash Hudson Tool?

Dash Hudson Tool

The Dash Hudson tool is an Instagram centered solution that allows users to schedule posts. It also analyzes the overall success and impact of your Instagram account.

This tool allows businesses to increase traffic on their website and also monetize their Instagram account.  In simple terms, this simple intelligence platform provides a one-stop solution for predicting performance. It also measures, distributes, and enhances engagement across all the visual marketing channels that you are using.

The Basics of Dash Hudson

Dash Hudson

Like any other Instagram tool, Dash Hudson is an all-in-one solution for managing and automating your Instagram account. Unlike other solutions, this tool offers metrics that you will not get on the other platforms.

It offers all the basics together with an easy scheduling tool that allows users to curate and plan their content. You can post them at the right time as per your schedule.

If you wish to monetize, you will make your posts shoppable with a mouse click. The next section of this article looks at more features of Dash Hudson.

Instagram Insights

Instagram Insights

The best Instagram tool comes with a broad range of analytics that you need to keep your eye on. You need these analytics to monitor and then make key decisions about your account. It includes insights about post-performance and account growth and interactions with platforms and influencers.

Dash Hudson delivers monthly and weekly reports through email. The tool goes above and beyond when dealing with the available analytics to users.

Follower Insights:

One thing that makes Dash Hudson unique is its analytics tools. It allows users to see their content that is mentioned in or tagged in a comment.

Content Segmentation:

This tool helps users to segment their content into categories. You determine how you will segment the content into influencer campaigns, product types, and content categories among others. Dash Hudson will give you the metrics on the segments that perform best and resonate well with the audience.

Dash Hudson Analytics: Influencer ROI

Dash Hudson Analytics

Influencer marketing has a critical role to play in your Instagram strategy. It has a visual focus that makes it appropriate for influencers to display content. 60 percent of Instagram users state that they learn about products or services on the platform.

However, you will get influencer marketing at a cost. Businesses approximately $50 to micro-influencers for every Instagram posting.

Therefore, an all-inclusive Instagram solution offers brands a good way of measuring the ROI for their campaigns. Dash Hudson achieves this objective by helping users to measure the impact of their influencer, ambassador, or gifting.

It breaks down those that drive the highest level of audience growth and engagement. Dash Hudson also help you in identifying the key influencers in your niche. The tool also tracks the rate of engagement of every post to show the effectiveness of your campaign.

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User-Generated Content

Generated Content

Dash Hudson finds search and also finds all the content that your posts are tagged in. If it comes across a high-quality or particularly content thing, it will notify the account owner. The information will help you comment, engage, and share the post.

Therefore, it will no longer be your duty to sort through the mentions and hashtags. Instead, you may spend your time identifying the users who are actively tagging or sharing your business. You can also find some valuable prospects and opportunities in the process.

It also makes the process of locating and asking for the utilization of user-generated content simple. Have you come across a video or photo that you wish to use in your post? Just click on it to request permission to use it.

Dash Hudson will automate the whole process. It will work towards securing the content on your behalf. It is a tool that you should not miss if you want the best from your Instagram account.

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Instagram Stories Insights

It is no doubt that Instagram stories are exceptionally effective. As a result, more than 50 percent of brands produce a story on the platform. Besides, one out of five organic stories from brands generates direct messages customers, potential clients, and followers.

Instagram Stories

It is meaningful to look for a way that brands can use to measure the effectiveness of those stories. Dash Hudson does this naturally.

You can categorize your stories in the same way you do to the content into the segments that you create. You will view the key metrics in the performance of your stories. It will help you filter your stories on the basis of the ones that have the best performance.

The key metrics are the most engaging moments, number of viewers, and when views seem to drop off. With Dash Hudson, you will be able to store your stories and download them for use across different platforms.

Instagram Ads for Dash Hudson

Instagram Ads

The other key element when it comes to the success of Instagram is an advertisement. Dash Hudson takes the whole guesswork out through the prediction of performance. The ad is based on the previous content matrix.

It shows you the content type that drives the most reach and engagement for your business. You will be able to discern the type of ads that can deliver the highest ROI better.

Also, you can boost the performance of all your posts in real-time. You may realize a post that is getting a significant amount of attention or likes. You can use a simple click to boost it so that you can amplify the reach.

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Dash Hudson – LikeShop


This right may be the main claim to fame of Dash Hudson. LikeShop is the answer to Dash Hudson when shopping on Instagram. It essentially allows users to connect photos to specific page URLs.

One of the most frustrating elements of Instagram has been the ability to include live links. You’ll rather be limited to one link post in the bio of your account.

For businesses that try to drive to particular posts or product pages, it is understandably a big issue. The solution to this issue is LikeShop as it allows businesses to attach a link to the individual post.

Once you get a Dash Hudson account, log in and choose the LikeShop button on the left-hand menu. It will pull all the photographs that you have posted on Instagram. Click on the + button on every photo that you wish to make shoppable and then enter the associated link.

That is all! Your Instagram post is now shoppable. When a user clicks on it, it will lead home to your preferred URL straight away. You will also receive a unique LikeShop URL that leads to a board that has all your LikeShop shoppable posts.

Shopify LikeShop Page: Dash Hudson Tool

LikeShop Page

All posts on the page are clickable and lead to different URLs. When you include your LikeShop URL as part of your bio, you will essentially be giving your audience accessibility to as many URLs as you can choose.

It will help you to sidestep the ‘one URL only’ Instagram rule that is restrictive. The good news is that it is not restrictive to the businesses that sell products alone. You can use LikeShop as a way of driving traffic to your blog posts or articles.

Enews LikeShop Page: Dash Hudson Tool

LikeShop has an impressive set of analytics and reporting tools. It includes automated tracking tags that allow brands to see posts that drive revenue and improve conversion rates. With these insights, you will spend time on what is important.

The analytics are available on a per-post level or aggregate. Brands can use them to identify the top-performing content pieces. This is what you will incorporate into your strategy heavily.

Vanity Fair and GQ: Dash Hudson Case Study

When you speak about driving traffic to your site, leading publishers like Vanity Fair and GQ lead by example. These brands found out how to use LikeShop to increase traffic to your website.

It does not have to drive traffic to product pages for more sales. Instead, the publications connect your viewers to videos, photo galleries, and articles.

Results from Vanity

  • 74% LikeShop CTR
  • +1.5 million actions average monthly engagements
  • +78 million impressions average monthly organic reach
  • +70% Year over year growth of audience


  • 73% LikeShop CTR
  • +2 million actions average monthly engagements
  • +64 million impressions average monthly organic reach
  • +40% year to year growth of audience

Vanity Fair & GQ: Dash Hudson Tool

The Takeaway: The terminology ‘shoppable’ is quite relative. Even for the brands that are selling beauty products or fashion, LikeShop remains a valuable tool for driving conversions and drive traffic.

Carbon 38: Dash Hudson Case Study

If you happen to run e-commerce biz, LikeShop has obvious benefits. The Athletic Apparel Company Carbon 38 is a brilliant example. It transformed its Instagram game from the limited ‘link-in-bio’ monetizing to a LikeShop page that is fully-formed.

These Results Speak for themselves

  • 83% Instagram revenue growth
  • +19.7% Instagram conversion rate
  • +14% average monthly site sessions through LikeShop
  • +54% average number of monthly purchases

Carbon 38: Dash Hudson Tool

The Takeaway: The LikeShop tool is invaluable for any business in the e-commerce, lifestyle space. The ability to link multiple posts to several URLs combined with the insights that you gain from the analytics of Dash Hudson is crucial.

It helps in choosing the best products that are appealing to your audience on Instagram. That will, in return, translate into more conversions and click-throughs.

Is Dash Hudson the Right Choice for Your Brand?

Dash Hudson brand

The answer virtually depends on the type of business you are running. Some of the industries Dash Hudson runs with include publishing, food, travel, beauty, fashion, and luxury.

Because of the focus of Dash Hudson, it works best for businesses that focus on lifestyle and major publications. However, the strategy will not be efficient for the traditional service industries.

The Instagram tool of choice for most brands is Dash Hudson. It ranges from Enews and Vanity Fair to Glossier and Shopify. It prides itself on the ability to reach out to an affluent target audience. Make sure you evaluate your needs and audience before you sign up.

The Dash Hudson tool is a top tier one. The tool comes with a broad range of insights that is extremely impressive. However, some small businesses get a more traditional platform to suit their needs better.

You need to remember that this tool runs on the basis of the pay-per brand. The implication of this is that every pricing information isn’t readily available. This often comes out as a more expensive option.

The business should take all its audience into consideration before it makes a decision. By now, you should be having a clear understanding of your target audience. Besides, you should be knowing the target audience that they frequent.

If you have been able to read this far, it means that Instagram forms a big component in your social strategy. If you fall into any of these categories, your audience should be active on Instagram. However, you could still be looking for the best ways of reaching out to them. One of the best solutions that you have is Dash Hudson.

The FAQ for the Dash Hudson Tool

Dash Hudson faq

1. Are there Other Dash Hudson tools I need to use:

The answer is an outright yes! Dash Hudson constantly works on the ways of improving on its platform. It is a great way to give its users access to more tools.

Recently, Dash Hudson added a new metric that goes by the name ‘Effectiveness Rate.’ These tools allow the users to drill down a little further in the performance of their content.

The other tool that was added recently is the ‘Earned Media Value.’ It is an amazing new tool that allows you to measure your ROI more precisely. Therefore, you will know how your influencer relationships and user-generated content are performing.

These features are definitely valuable for any Instagram marketer. Get to know the tools that work hand in hand with Dash Hudson to get maximum benefits.

2. What is the meaning of Spirit On-Site Gallery Dash Hudson Tool:

The Dash Hudson tool is an embedded and customizable tool that allows users to do several things. These include;

  • Creating and expanding revenue opportunities
  • Improving the conversion rate
  • Increasing website engagement
  • Putting your best content forward

Dash Hudson makes embedding and adding the spirit gallery easy and quick. All you need to do is visit the section for the ‘Boards’ in the dashboard.

3. Should I have the Instagram Business Account to Make Use of Dash Hudson:

To take advantage of everything that Dash Hudson offers, you should be having an Instagram business account. If you don’t have an Instagram business account yet, it is important to do so now.

You will be able to access all the features that the Dash Hudson tool has to offer to the users. The other thing with a business account is that it legitimizes your account on the platform. It also gives users access to extra insights.

The last thing is that it allows them to utilize the native shopping function of Instagram. These are some of the benefits that everyone will want to get from his or her Instagram account.

The Dash Hudson Tool: Final Thoughts

Dash Hudson

The bottom line for all the above discussion is that Dash Hudson is one of the best Instagram tools. LikeShop on its own is worthwhile among the other insights and functionalities that the tool gives users.

Therefore, it is a tool that you need if you use Instagram to market your brand. However, it is advisable to upgrade to the Instagram business to get maximum benefits from Dash Hudson.

However, Dash Hudson is not an ideal solution for all businesses. Putting the industry aside, smaller enterprises may wish to try other tools. It helps them gauge their value before they can commit to a more robust solution like Dash Hudson.

If you choose to go for this solution, you can rarely be satisfied. The most important thing is to understand the needs of your target audience as you choose to use this tool.

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