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The Best Way To Design An Android App In 2021



2020 saw an increase in the usage of mobile apps, this trend followed into 2021. People started using apps to order food, buy clothes and get their groceries. With a booming IT industry, the usage of apps is likely to increase with time. It would be worth reading what it takes to build an android app.

An app goes through two stages: design and development. Design is concerned with the UI (User-interface) and visuals of an app- whereas the development stage is concerned with the coding to run the app.

The app is designed by a UI designer, also known as a visual designer. The right pattern, font, color, background image, animation, graphics, and texture play an important role. The right design for the right audience is what helps the popularity of the app. People want to use apps that are simple to use and appealing to the eyes. 

The following software is best-known to design and build an android app in 2021.

Adobe XD

It is a multi-purpose software used to build all sorts of applications. Adobe XD requires the user to drag and drop user interface elements as part of the designing process.

The software allows you to switch from the design mode to prototype mode with a single click. If you have proficiency in app development so Adobe XD is what you need to get to design your android app.

Adobe is royalty in design software and this status cannot be disputed easily. —. Adobe XD offers vector-based tools for prototypes and related mockups with an interface relevant to anyone who has used similar tools. Their products provide freedom for creativity and innovation. Making Adobe XD a go-to for several user interface designers.

Adobe XD has several subtle tools for UI designers built with multiple functions and dynamic components which can be integrated into prototypes or mockups. Which makes it an all-in-one app development platform that integrates different disciplines.


InVision is a modern app design software. This modern app builder caters to all the needs of a developer. The software is user-friendly.

Once the design has been created in the app, it can be shared with the team inside the application. With a full suite of applications, InVision offers developers all of the user interface design tools they require to form successful prototypes with dynamic components and animations.

Along with these easy-to-use UI style tools, they also make communication convenient — with collaboration tools that allow developers to share their work as they develop it, receive feedback, and create documented changes at every step.

Another important feature of InVision is that the digital whiteboard lets team members share their ideas, interact, and discuss each step before moving forward to the next.


“Sketch” is a famous app development tool. Designers from across the globe use it and know about its design efficiency. 

If you carry out your task in a team, this app builder is ideal for you. It lets designers collaborate simply with the Cloud.

Members of the team are synchronized and can share symbols and designs across completely different documents effortlessly. Therefore, “Sketch” provides you with libraries. If you have any UI app development expertise, “Sketch” is a good option. 

Being able to provide universal changes — through their library of symbols, layer designs, or text designs, or its sleek resizing and alignment options — saves designers time to deliver consistent prototypes.

It gets rid of what is tedious and lets the innovative designers jump in and create. And with a large number of third-party plugins that integrated. But there is no shortage of tools out there that are running in a compatible way with “Sketch.”


“Mockup” is an app design software that is considered very powerful and well built. Despite having multiple options, it’s straightforward to use. As a result of its intuitive style, UI designers like it for making a clickable app design quickly. Apart from Windows and macOS, it’s conjointly compatible with android.

Its functions save plenty of time and permit designers to focus on designing the app. It’s not just for mobile apps, but website designs as well.


“AXURE” keeps track of workflow and helps with prototyping. It has an intuitive interface to document as you go. Axure offers several options of common prototyping and UI design tools.

It allows for functionality testing and puts everything together. This, combined with special emphasis on communication, ensures that everybody on a project is up-to-date with progress and changes as they happen in real-time. This is why “Axure” is a great choice for UI design.


The more intuitive and interactive the design, the more people would want to use it. The probability of the app being successful lies in a user-friendly design.  The above-mentioned software is the best software to design an app in 2021.

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