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Individuals that do social media marketing often have a tough time catching the attention of their followers on twitter because it is a very active platform. In twitter marketing, a single tweet gets washed away by a wave of tweets. However, there are some businesses that are deriving value from this twitter community because they employ specific practices. Below is a treasure trove of tips that will give you an edge when it comes to marketing.

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Interact and engage with your current followers

When creating new content, you need to keep the interests of your followers in the mind. As a smart twitter marketing strategy, you need to come up with content that will make your followers share, favorite, and love. One of the best ways of attaining new followers is by having your current followers sharing your content.

Producing shareable content

You need to produce content that influential folks on Twitter will share with their communities. Shareable content has a unique perspective and data on the object. People love sharing content that is not recycled. If you can make use of your unique data from a survey or database, then you become the first expert on the subject matter. You can curate your data from third party sources if you do not have unique sources.

Use hashtags sparingly

You can reach about two hashtags to magnify your reach on Twitter. You can monitor the relevant hashtags by use of the hashtagify tool. Twitter marketing tips advise that you should not go overboard by hashtagging everything because engagement will drop off after two hashtags.

Host contests and giveaways

Running giveaways on social media will encourage your followers to engage with your brand and inform their followers about it. Hosting giveaway is a fun method to catch the interest of people and motivate them to share with their followers. You can decide to boost your mailing list with the emails you get from the giveaway depending on your goals. You can also use them to do brand awareness because you can make an entry with a specified tweet. Many people will follow you on twitter so that they can hear about the future giveaways and contests.

Create personas that will lead your content

You need to create a list of your ideal followers and look at the content type they retweet or their favorites to have an idea of the content type you are creating. This does not imply that you copy; you need to stay true to your brand and voice, but you need to understand what your audience will respond to from history. You will get the right way to optimize your content.

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Ask questions

question-mark-You will feel more engaged when you ask questions. According to psychology, human beings are wired towards being more responsive when the topic gears towards certain interests. Asking questions increases followers and engagement by averagely twenty-one percent.

Link your twitter profile to the content

If you want to know how to use twitter for marketing, the primary need for linking your profile is your author bio. Do not be afraid to link it in several locations in your content. You can also put it in any other place when mentioning a crucial point. If you are creating massive content, there will be curiosity about the author alongside the links that are in the text. Linking your profile in the content shows that there exists thought leadership where the content originated. You need to create an article that contains about five quotes that will give an option of retweeting. Your content will not only retweet but also increase your likelihood of getting your followers.

Scheduling your tweets and participating in Twitter Chats

You need to remember that the average life of a tweet is about twenty minutes when it comes to posting. You need to know that if you are posting after twenty minutes, then you are not making any mistake. For this reason, it is advisable to schedule your posts. In the place of logging on to post something for a number of times per day, you can use about ten minutes to schedule posts that will last for months. When you follow influential people in your niche, you will realize that certain discussions take place and it is your responsibility to join them.

Tweet video and graphical content

Many posts you find on Twitter are mostly text or point to Instagram directing people to click. Incorporating images will drive a higher engagement. Videos grow by bounds and leaps in effectiveness. The key is repurposing the images as many times as possible to get a sufficient return on investment.

Retweeting from followers

One of the best methods of gaining followers is by retweeting from your audience. The newest feature on Twitter is using the original tweet as a quote on which you can add your opinion. Do not be afraid to use this aspect because it shows that you respect the person that wrote the post. It also shows that you have an opinion even if you do not agree with the individual that wrote the post. This is a good way of starting a discussion since twitter is a public platform where you will get people following your conversation and help you grow your network. Respect to other people is what you should keep in your mind. You need to express your opinions in a respectful and civil manner even when you disagree with others.

Marketing on Twitter is not just about selling a service or product

If you want to learn how to market on twitter, you have to come up with content that focuses on engaging potential customers and not selling a particular product. Twitter marketing tool shows that consumers want an emotional connection with the brand they are communicating with. Add some humor and wit to the content so that people can laugh when reading your content. Your company will remain on their minds.


Social media marketing tactics state that if you do not want your twitter brand to get into the hands of hackers, you have to change your password on a frequent basis. You can do this by using random numbers, letters, and symbols so that no one can relate a particular password with your brand.

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