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Top 15 Facebook Analytics Tools To Measure Page Performance



Facebook is one of the biggest marketplaces right now that you just cannot ignore. So whenever you are thinking of starting an online marketing strategy, then you definitely keep Facebook marketing on your mind; here are a few reasons as to why as well. 

  • “Facebook continues to be the most used social media platform by far.”
  • “About 75% of high-income earners use Facebook.”
  • “Facebook allows for granular targeting that other platforms can’t offer.”
  • “Facebook is an excellent tool for lead generation.”

And now, since the old Facebook analytics tools are replaced with modern third-party analytics, you can be the best in the market, and no one can stop you. So if you wanna know these third-party Facebook analytics tools, then keep on scrolling. 

Facebook Analytics Tools

Here are a few Facebook analytics tools that you need to check out so that you can use them to increase engagement even more.

1. Keyhole 


“Social media managers can use a Facebook analytics tool to monitor any public Facebook page, track Facebook hashtags, and perform an in-depth competitor analysis.”

“For those interested in getting sentiment analysis data, Keyhole is a must-try Facebook analytics tool, as it enables such information.”

“Use Keyhole to access public Facebook page analytics, whether it belongs to you or a competitor, for the perfect optimization hacks. Inputting the page’s name will reveal metrics surrounding fan growth, engagement by post type, and the best times to post based on engagement.”

“At the moment, Keyhole is one of the best tools for tracking your mentions and hashtags! The influencer tracking is also a great feature.”

Price: $79/month

2. Brandwatch


“This tool offers Facebook audiences such as gender, location, professor, and interests. It helps you understand Facebook analytics and create a better social media strategy for your brand.”

“Also, this Facebook analytics tool gives you insights into what your audience members are sharing to uncover popular topics. With this Facebook analytics tool, you can benchmark your performance against all of your Facebook competitors.”

“I love the ability it has to generate many reports and analytics in just a few seconds. It is easy to navigate ans gives you a variety of information which is awesome because I’ve used other social media listening tools before and they only perform one or two functions.”

Price: $108/month

3. Hootsuite


“Hootsuite, as well as a social media tool, can turn out to be very helpful to social media managers in a lot of ways. Having multiple features enabled, from scheduling to analytics, Hootsuite offers access to a bunch of KPIs and social media data.”

“Hootsuite’s Facebook analytics features allow users to optimize for better results and discover what’s their social media ROI. With this Facebook analytics tool, you can set performance benchmarks and monitor improvements over time, get customizable reports, and many more. Its customizable dashboards, easy to read, are one of the platform’s greatest benefits.”

“Being able to see and coordinate our efforts across our myriad of platforms and better understand how to tailor our engagement for each social media has been a huge help as we continue to learn about social media and develop our marketing plans.”

Price: $49 & $739/month

4. AgoraPulse


“AgoraPulse offers publishing, monitoring, social media reporting, and team collaboration for Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and YouTube.”

“Its Facebook analytics tool is similar to what you’ll find in Facebook Insights, but it’s easier to work with and provides additional social media reports you won’t find in native apps, such as post recommendations or average fan profiling.”

“With AgoraPulse, you can see what type of content performs better on Facebook. You can also detect major Facebook trends and post insights. Facebook metrics such as organic reach, paid reach, total reach, clicks, and number of engaged users for the business pages you manage are all available in this app.”

“The interface is very clean, most of the tools are easily accessible for all available functions, and furthermore, the very elegant and friendly design really improves the user experience, makes it more enjoyable.”

Price: $99/month

5. Buffer


“Buffer is a social media analytics tool that helps you measure your Facebook performance, create reports for your clients, and grow your reach, engagement, and sales. You can see all the data in one intuitive analytics dashboard. It is simple to use and a great tool to improve your social media strategy.”

“If you’re looking for a Facebook analytics tool to do the trick offering you Facebook analytics data, Buffer will provide you in-depth insights to grow your brand on Facebook.”

“I have been using Buffer for the last year or so to schedule posts on our social media accounts. It's simple to use and helps us understand how our content is doing through their great analytics tool.”

Price: $35 & $50/month

6. Social Pilot

Social Pilot

“SocialPilot is a social media scheduling and analytics tool aimed at increasing brand awareness and traffic. With its Facebook ad analytics features, you can achieve your Facebook marketing goals, generate more leads, boost engagement, and increase conversations.”

“You can also measure your Facebook performance with insightful analytics and get an accurate picture of where you stand on social media. Along with analytics, SocialPilot helps you customize, schedule, and discover new content for your Facebook page.”

“We joined Social Pilot about a year ago. Over time there have been a few problems, usually Facebook's doing, but every one has been resolved. The best thing about it is the speed of response plus the fact they keep going until things are sorted out even when we don't fully grasp it all.”

Price: $30 & $150/month

7. Socialbakers


“This is a social media tool that offers the whole package. From publishing and scheduling to analytics and benchmarks, with added social listening and a bunch of other features, Socialbakers is great in helping you grow by understanding your audience and improving cross-channel care.”

“It is one of the best Facebook analytics tools available on the market, allowing you to optimize your content strategy. It is also a great tool of you’re into influencer marketing, by the way.”

It has a very clean user interface with a lot of easy-to-use and understandable data. It has a lot of additional features, like an influencer database and search engine, as well as content search, which is good for UGCs and advertisement analysis.

8. Icon square

Icon square

“This is an analytics and social media performance suite that helps its clients monitor their channel growth and optimize their social media strategy. With Iconosquare, you can automate your Facebook accounts.”

“If you’re looking for advanced Facebook analytics, Iconosquare offers easy-to-read graphs for metrics like follower evolution, average engagement rate per post, reach and more.”

“Iconosquare also provides a free feature called Instant Facebook Audit. All you have to do is sign in with your Facebook account, enter your email address, and they will send you a free performance review report.”

“Iconosquare is a great management tool - from scheduling social media posts to providing data and metrics. The analytics are particularly helpful when it comes to interpreting the performance of social media posts and adjusting strategy.”

Price: $59 & $179/month

9. Rival IQ 

Rival IQ

“Rival IQ is one of those Facebook analytics tools that can help you track and analyze the Facebook KPIs that matter to your business. You can also customize and design metrics on flexible dashboards that exactly fit your social media objectives.”

“If you want to discover how many new fans you gain and when, how often, and when you post and measure what resonates on your followers’ timelines, this Facebook analytics tool is what you are looking for.” 

“Not only will this Facebook analysis tool allow you to you measure your Facebook performance at a glance, but you will have access to competitive Facebook benchmarking as well. By closely monitoring your performance, you can run better Facebook ads and campaigns.”

“We use Rival IQ to organize and monitor our competitive landscape. For each indirect or direct competitor we know about or discover, they are added into Rival IQ, tagged and then we receive email alerts and can build reports based on activity. I really like how the analysis is relative to your own company.”

Price: $199 & $499/month

10. Sprout Social 

Sprout Social

“Sprout Social is a Facebook analysis tool that you can use to analyze and track trends on social media to make sure your content is resonating with your audience.

The platform includes analysis, competitors’ comparison, and social media reporting for Facebook.”

“This is one of those Facebook analytics tools through which you can discover what types of campaigns are working in real-time, and then making sure you adjust them appropriately.”

With this Facebook analytics tool, you can manage multiple Facebook pages at once. You can plan your content, engage your audience, and measure your efforts from a single platform.”

“The platform is easy to learn and easy to use. It fulfills what we were looking for the most in easy content scheduling and management, visual and accurate analytics and a team equipped to advise and operate on an agency level.”

Price: $99 & $249/month

11. Quintly


“Quintly is a Facebook analytics tool that offers a full package. With this Facebook analytics app, you can see how many new fans you gained and monitor how often and when you post.”

From fans to content and interactions, this Facebook analytics tool has a wide pool of metrics to choose from if you need a Facebook page analysis.”

For example, you can determine how many people are reached by your content and how often they see it. You can also improve your ad results with data on paid performance through Facebook analytics.”

“When I arrived in my agency in 2018, I needed to create fast reports without extra employees or spending more time. I found Quintly and I liked the tool. It is simple and gave us a lot of data about the brands - not only from my profiles, but from competitors too.”

Price: $300/month

12. SocialInsider


“This tool has a lot of other features, apart from analytics, like benchmarking, competitive analysis, and campaign strategy to help you design a better Facebook content strategy.”

“When you add your Facebook business page in Socialinsider, in the Overview section, you will see a lot of key metrics like:”

  • Engagement metrics
  • Clicks 
  • Impressions
  • Video views
  • Follower count 
  • Best performing posts 
  • Demographics data

“All the metrics mentioned in this list can be downloaded as a report in multiple formats such as: PDF, PPT, CSV or you can integrate with Looker (Google Data Studio). The features that set Socialinsider apart from the rest of the crowd are the Campaign Strategy one and the Competitive Analysis, among others.”

“This social media analytics saves a lot of time. If you would have to go to each social profile and track the performance you'd looking for, it would take hours! Socialinsider is very user-friendly. Adding competitor profiles only involves entering a link to the page you'd like to track performance and there are so many options for reporting.”

Price: $124/month

13. Sotrender


“Sotrender is a reporting and benchmarking tool that covers Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube.Cut down the time you need for preparing monthly reports, scout your competitors’ strategy, and answer to Facebook comments and messages with Sotrender’s Social Inbox.”

“With this Facebook analytics tool, you’ll get a full picture of your social performance, discover insights, and analyze what content works best. Stay on top of your competition by learning more about your competitors’ audience and what content they engage with. Create charts displaying a variety of analyses and comparisons to stay up-to-date with your competition.”

“Sotrender is a tool both for agencies & brands and for freelancers. It contains helpful data-driven tips and interactive data visualizations. The tool covers main social media platforms: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube and the customer service is really friendly & easy to reach out to.”

Price: $59 & $331/month

14. Unmetric


“Unmetric is a Facebook analytics tool that helps you compare and benchmark your brand’s social media performance.”

“Through this Facebook analytics tool you can improve your content engagement by understanding what’s working for your business, both for your organic and paid posts.”

Unmetric is a Facebook analytics tool that contains Facebook Insights data, and it will also provide you with PowerPoint and Excel data reports according to the metrics that you may require.

You can create campaigns in order to research how your Facebook posts are performing and on what topics they are performing as well. 

“Unmetric is a great product to use when you want to see the performance of your social channels in comparison with competitors. Using different date ranges, Unmetric is able to dig into some intense data and provides an overall engagement score to help benchmark performance.”

Price: 1.000/ month

15. Whatagraph


“Whatagraph is an analytics tool bound to help you with reporting for Facebook. This tool is destined to in-house marketers and marketing agencies. By using this FB analytics app, you can easily build your monthly, quarterly and yearly reports.”

“You can also use the tool to measure your KPIs, monitor your brand’s performance on Facebook and measure your success strategy.”

Price: $199/month

Wrapping Up!

Well, there you go; these are the top 15 best Facebook analytics tools that are quite easy to use for more and more engagement. 

But, since all these Analytics tools are paid, make sure that they fit your budget and your requirements as well. So if you think that this article was helpful, then give this article a like and comment down below. 

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