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Facebook Marketing – A Beginner’s Guide



Of the many social media platforms, Facebook is the one that offers the most potential in terms of branding and marketing; the platform has many powerful features for businesses to use.

If you run a small business and you decided to focus on Facebook, as opposed to any of the other SM platforms, you made the right decision. 


If nothing else, getting into Facebook marketing is time-consuming and why invest so much time when you can have 13x ROI on Facebook advertising with King Kong on the case? It isn’t just the time, a team of Facebook marketers knows everything there is to know about the platform, and if ROI is important, contact King Kong.

Boost a post

FB post

For a few dollars, you can have an FB post sent to users’ feeds; there are many variables, such as language, location, age, ethnicity, religion, gender, and the list goes on. This allows you to target specific users and by identifying your target groups, you can reach the right people. Rates vary and by trial and error, you can preselect all variables for every post. An FB post that you plan to boost should be top quality and engage the user.

Placing ads

Facebook has a very popular feature that allows you to place ads, text, images, and videos that can be combined or used separately. We recommend using an agency for Facebook marketing unless you have a few months in which to learn what is needed to get top results.

If it was that easy to hit the top with social media marketing, there wouldn’t be an industry; the agency handles every aspect of your SM accounts, including content and ad creation.

Creating a Facebook marketing strategy

Facebook marketing strategy

Prior to content planning, you need to decide on a strategy; this would be done by the agency if you are using one; social media marketing is a results-based industry and King Kong is the king at the moment. 

Tracking your progress

It is important to know about views and engagement, as this enables you to make adjustments to a campaign. An agency would use state-of-the-art web traffic analysis software, which lets them make real-time decisions based on the latest data.

If you want the best results from your Facebook marketing campaigns, talk to a leading digital marketing agency.

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