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We cannot begin this article without providing a definition for Instagram influencers. These are Instagram users who have an established audience and credibility. These people have a very huge following because of their trustworthiness and authenticity. Most entrepreneurs use them to market their brands because of the high level of trust that they get from the target audience. No wonder we have so many people who are striving to become Instagram influencers.

It is a dream for many individuals, but in case you want to be an Instagram influencer, you will have to invest so much into it. Good news is that anybody that has an authentic and engaging story to tell has the ability to come up with a cult-like following socially.

Anybody can be on social pages. You need to do things right so as to generate and grow an authentic following. This is the case because Instagram unrolls a newfangled algorithm that will highlight some posts above others without basing on the chronology of the time of publishing the content.

7 tips On How To Become An Instagram Influencer:

There are so many tips to become an Instagram influencer. But in this article we are going to discuss about 7 major tips. Let’s get started.

1.  Choose A Niche And Represent A Big Thing 

As an influencer on Instagram, your brand represents your personality. The more authentic and real you can be, the more successful you will be. This is particularly true while selecting a niche for your social media activities. What is your passion? What story do you like sharing? What cause resonates with you? Authenticity will keep your brand alive. You need to view your fans as friends and hate the idea of tricking, lying, or even using them. You need to formulate meaningful content that you can proudly share. For example, if your niche is luxury travel, you may wish to share information about things like jet card programs with your followers so that they can also get this experience for themselves and enjoy a similar lifestyle.

2.  Formulate Consistent Aesthetics For Your Brand

Constructing brand aesthetics will help you narrow focus in a particular niche. Colors, photography, and what you feature and your brand will be your signifiers; therefore, select images which align with your brand. By investing time in planning and curating content, you will grow your followers and increase your exposure.

You can use the visual Instagram planner to do this efficiently as it helps you make a perfect design and plan for your feed. After signing up for a free account, it becomes easy to drag and drop photos on the visual planner, rearrange them and see the way they are looking on the feed, and then save them before scheduling.

3.  Evolve And Open Up To Novel Platforms

The landscape of social media is constantly changing. If you desire becoming an Instagram influencer, you need to embrace changes and be willing to test novel features or the new-fangled platforms. According to Gramlich, you need to stay educated about your social channels and follow fellow Instagrammers to know what they are saying.

It is vital to look at the community as the source of inspiration. Get inspiration from other influencers but do not just copy what they are saying and doing. Just be you and allow your flavor to shine.

4.  Rich Content Is King

Your reach as an individual will change with the Instagram update. Engagement will determine if you will survive or not on the platform. It will also make people comment or double-tap on your photo. Ultimately, comments and likes will help you rank high and will make sure that your content is visible.

Rich content is a must and this also involves investing in a good camera. Learn also how to use the iPhone, take photos in natural light and avoid using the flash. For instance, in sports, capture emotions that have great importance. You need to publish content that will draw emotions.

5.  Quality over quantity

A lot of people post about four times daily to stay in front of others. You need to pay attention to the things you post and its relevance to people. Twitter is a platform that you can keep posting and updating over and over but with Instagram, you have to be wise. In case something is not catching your attention, you will not stop. A team can post from each game, or choose a significant focus of the week and then just focus on highlights and not fill the feed with all things that occur.

As an Instagram influencer, select and settle for the things with a high impact because just posting frequently does not mean that every individual will see you. If you are on the final plans of the business, you can highlight your best times of the week on the content calendar, to make it easy for you to make a schedule of your posts when the audience is very active.

The feature that shows the best posting time is on the business plan feature and you just need to upgrade to know when to post, and schedule unlimited posts.

6.  Tell A Story 

Telling a story is big whether you are an Instagram influencer or a brand. Everybody has a story. Storytelling is similar to selling a story. This is more than about yourself or the products. You connect differently to people. Be open of your struggles and what has transpired to be where you are.

There is a story to tell in sports whether you are losing or winning. People enjoy comeback stories and also enjoy riding on the winner’s bandwagon. Under the new Instagram algorithm, comments matter while the counts of followers will be having diminished significance. You need to have a connected feeling to comment. It is hard connecting to one picture. People will comment if you can draw emotions from the story.

7.   Do It Understanding If You Would Like It

All people are consumers. What will make you stop and read something, look at something, or purchase something? You need to create a personality profile and give the manufactured person an age and name, schooling history, whether married or not, and a music preference where necessary.

Put yourself in the shoes of that individual and ask if this person would engage with what you are posting. In case the answer is no, it is time to revisit the drawing board. There exist a difference between an individual that has two million followers and the one posting content that is engaging and receiving a lot of comments. Put your focus on content engagement if you want to become the best Instagram influencer.

Conclusion :

This may seem like a pipe dream for you as an Instagram influencer but there are so many examples of people who want to become influencers daily. Locate your passion, curve your niche out, and remain open to learning and formulating your approach. Every day on social media presents an opportunity to try a new thing and come up with deeper connections with your audience. Go ahead and live the dream.

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