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From a gossip page To Instagram’s most notoriously known celebrity controversy site.

Here is the shady story of the Instagram shade room!

This media empire simply started as a small-time gossip account, and now it is one of the well-known Instagram story viewers which dwells mostly with celebrity gossip. However, now they are more than rumours for the purpose of entertainment as they have gracefully aged in serving authentic news to their audience.

It has also branched in other social media platforms like Facebook, Youtube, and Twitter. Not to mention, it has one of the strongest presences on Instagram, with a whopping 15 million followers all over the world. So it was making it one of the largest social media celebrity news sources.

However, there are still certain speculations that revolve around Instagram shade rooms. And, not to mention a few pressing questions loitering their mind. Therefore, we have collected all the authentic reviews from the internet and will be elaborating them simultaneously with the story.

Shade Room In Instagram?

Shade Room In Instagram

What happened to shade room?

Before we start elaborating upon anything, let us first understand the meaning of Instagram shade room in detail. Shade room is an Instagram celebrity news channel that strives to bring you authentic news.

Shade room is majorly a black-owned community, and its audiences are called ‘Roommates’ by the owner.

Shade Room Owner 

Shade Room Owner 

The shade room owner is Angie Nwandu, who started this platform with literally no capital in her hand. She just had her Angie Nwandu Instagram, from which she simply added another Instagram account.

At an interview, she voiced her situation as a blessing in disguise. Because it was only through the lack of resources and capital that she was restricted from opening a website like everyone else.

She was almost forced to use social media for this new venture, and it took off like wildfire by the blessing of social media. With nothing to having a multi-million dollar online venture [Angelica Nwandu net worth at present is $3.4 million.] This makes her story a true epitome of inspiration, hardship, and the power of hustling.

How The Instagram Shade Room Started?

How The Instagram Shade Room Started

When Shaderoom was launched, it got 10,000 followers in the first two weeks. Although this is a success for the Instagram algorithm, Nwandu still kept working hard towards the venture.

This was simply a risk taken impulsively, as Nwando always had an interest in pop culture. But, then, with the proper strategies put in, she was able to grow an empire with this.

The owner of Instagram shade room further went ahead, commenting that she doesn’t believe in making it all about the revenue, unlike other big entertainment websites. Because then one gets heavily dependent on platforms like Facebook, and once they expand into somewhere else, they start losing the readership. 

@theshaderoom really does justice to the world of journalism, which means that it is for the benefit of the people and not just for revenue generation.

Some Of The Most Controversial News Of Instagram Shade Room

Controversial News Of Instagram Shade Room

These are a few of the most controversial news of Instagram’s shade room of all time. 

Instagram Shade Room Bobby Brown Son

This was one of the news in the shade room that shocked the public to the entire core. It was about Bobby Brown’s son passing away.

Instagram Shade Room Tristan

Suppose you haven’t been living under a rock. In that case, you must know about the 2019 major Kardashian-Jenner scandal where Khloe’s partner and baby daddy was caught in the act of infidelity with none other than Kylie Jenner’s best friend, Jordan Woods.

No wonder this is one of the most controversial news in pop culture history since it shook it with a guaranteed Richter scale of 7.5.

Instagram Shade Room Jeffree Star

Shady room won the prize of being the first publisher of one of the most unapologetically controversial people in the Pop and makeup world. They jumped to identify this new man as Star’s new boyfriend. This created quite a wave in the entertainment industry. 

Current Status Of Instagram Shade Room

Other than the news, people had another bewilderment coming their way when they were suddenly unable to find the page on Instagram one day. It turned out Angie revamped the design, renamed it ‘Instagram’s TMZ,’ and it is running full-fledged again.

So, debunking everyone’s fear, the Instagram shade room is still there. It has just renamed itself. The employee count is seven from every sector, and the current revenue generated is $519,337.

How Much Instagram Shade Room Charge For Advertising? 

The average CPC for interest is $0.7, and the average CPM is $14.21.

Final Note

Instagram shade room has received a few negative comments because of its heavy gossiping. However, it is quite understandable for a pop culture news page since other channels mostly filter stories of our favorite celebrities.

It is authenticity that mostly threatens people. However, there are even more good reviews over the internet that swear on the platform’s credibility.

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