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You almost certainly use Facebook daily, yet you might be unaware of the latest developments. Perhaps you didn’t understand what kind of giant Facebook had become or how readily your data might be distributed in ways you didn’t intend.

Here are a few things you must understand about Facebook, regardless of if you use Facebook or not.

10 Important Factors To About Facebook

1.  People can be followed and unfollowed

Although not everybody knows FB’s following/unfollowing option, it is likely the simplest method to clear up your news feed. To look at it another way, this is a lot like Twitter. However, there’s a bit more to be said.

Once you “friend” somebody on FB, you instantly “follow” too. However, there is no need to keep up with them.

You may “unfollow” a faraway acquaintance who is filling up your entire feed with content you don’t like about, without being impolite. They’ll not know, but you’ll remain “Friends” on FB for other reasons (such as chatting on Messenger).

2.  You’re Almost Certainly Disseminating Your Location

2.  You're Almost Certainly Disseminating Your Location

A FB intern recently demonstrated how FB’s messaging leaked all of his users’ whereabouts and how this can be utilized to follow individuals instantaneously.

Of course, this intern was given a wrist slap & instructed to uninstall the program, but there’s little question that other nefarious individuals would consider building something identical.

In reality, Facebook has practically completed the development of a comparable program. When you utilize Facebook’s Friends In the area function, you effectively give up control over your geolocation in exchange for the ability to know where your friends are.

3.  Facebook keeps track of the friends’ shadow accounts

Not everyone is aware of Facebook’s evil side; however, you will not be at peace with it once you are. Of course, it makes complete sense from Facebook’s standpoint, but that’s still a touch scary.

However, to keep your data private and secure from various apps, you must download VeePN. It will secure your data and provide you with various Facebook features not available in your region.

When users interact with their contacts on FB, all the data about each connection is saved, as well as a link to the individual who synchronized their phone directory.

When that individual ultimately joins Facebook, FB will be able to recommend friends for them.

However, despite whether you have zero wish to interact with this individual, Facebook is aware that you have a link with them.

4.  Messenger Can Be Used for a Wide Range of Purposes

4.  Messenger Can Be Used for a Wide Range of Purposes

Messenger has been popping up with new features recently, and it’s evident that Facebook intends to expand much more in this area.

For example, you can now book an Uber ride, play board games or basketball, move funds to your pals, and perform various helpful (or not beneficial) activities with your phone.

It’s also no longer necessary to have a FB account to utilize Messenger. The aim appears to be that you’ll never have to quit chatting for whatever reason and that you’ll still be capable of speaking with anyone using the Messaging app.

5.  Facebook is putting a lot of money into VR apps

Facebook just purchased an Oculus Rift but has spent considerably in a group to develop virtual reality apps for Social features.

The logic behind this appears to be that you’ll be more friendly if you’re having fun while enjoying a hyperrealistic video game. So, for example, when you’re enjoying table tennis, it’s simple to talk while competing.

Mark Zuckerberg appears to recognize that by having it pleasurable to engage while chatting, Facebook can quickly assist the development of social connections. And he’s most likely correct.

6.  Now you may video call with approximately 50 users simultaneously

Now you may video call with approximately 50 users simultaneously

It’s not a distant past that Skype reigned supreme in the video-calling industry. And then we have a plethora of options, including Facebook’s version, which is crushing it.

Some folks are getting accustomed to the new notion that FB’s video chat exists. Still, the service has just been extended to allow up to 50 individuals to participate in a teleconference at once.

It implies that FB has become the preferred platform for familial video calls, small company meetings, and other activities. Given that typical Hangout, discussions are restricted to ten people, it is a fantasy for conferences and informal talks that were formerly limited.

7.  Video Can Be Live-Streamed

Also, keep in mind that Live Video is now free for individual profiles, so whenever you need to communicate with far more than 50 participants in one go, you can go all-in and broadcast yourself publicly.

Your friends may then remark in the discussions, make expressive replies throughout the live-streaming, or even see a video afterward if they aren’t there at the time.

8.  You can control it after you leave this world

You can control it after you leave this world

The majority of people are aware that Facebook generates a tribute page for them when someone dies. However, not everyone is aware that you may regulate who has access to that webpage.

Let’s pretend you and your siblings aren’t very friendly. If you wouldn’t specify who has ownership of your profile, your sibling may send your certified copy to FB and be approved to create a few items on your profile.

There’s a reasonable probability that anything your brother writes will be extraordinary; however, pick your donor if you do not want to take that chance.

9.  Americans have control over which marketers receive information

Marketers accumulate various marketing data on FB, and not everybody realizes that this may be regulated. For example, if you live in the United States, you can register a database to restrict the advertising websites and data activities published about you.

10. Facebook also owns several other applications

Facebook also owns several other applications

When you’ve been shunning Facebook since you’re terrified of its immense power and hidden agendas, you’ll be interested in learning about the other apps Facebook already owns. Unfortunately, there seem to be a LOT of them.

Many of Facebook’s acquisitions were made solely to acquire talent, and they have been shuttered. However, you should be aware of the following major Facebook brands: WhatsApp, Oculus, Instagram, Ascenta, Moves, Onavo, Parse, and LiveRail.

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