New Stickers On Instagram To Boost Engagement In The Holiday Season

New Stickers On Instagram To Boost Engagement In The Holiday Season

You will shortly get to see a bunch of new stickers on Instagram. The app is planning to use these to boost user engagement for this holiday season. This is a great addition to the changes the app has been making in its threads.

Instagram is about to come up with a new “App sticker.” You can use this app sticker to engage your followers and connect with them on other apps. So, it’s a great way for businesses to promote special deals, products, and special tools.  

Anticipations are high about the launch of these stickers before the holiday season kicks in. Many retailers on IG will use this app to connect to more influencers. Thus, there will be bolstered promotion for apps and products. Indeed, it will be a gala sales event.

Along with the “App Sticker,” IG is also about to bring a “secret sticker.” One will get to see this secret sticker only after replying to a story with a message. 

The creators will further have a chance to decide whether to enable or not to enable this “secret sticker” for their followers. Once the creators enable the stickers, they will be able to bring more direct engagement.

That’s not all! Instagram will launch a “music pick sticker.” It will be a cool music-sharing option for the users. You can use it to share the best tracks of the moments with your community, friends, and followers. 

In July, Adam Mosseri, the Instagram Chief, said that IG users today now focus more on stories and direct messages. They are likely to post fewer feeds. These new stickers are going to support and boost this trend, for sure.

With time, there has been a shift in the Instagram platform as it has now become a place for discovering what’s trending.

Nevertheless, these stickers on Instagram are really cool additions along with the new interactive features, which IG has already revealed at the Instagram University Event. 

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