New Technologies That Promise To Make Automobiles Anti Theft

New Technologies That Promise To Make Automobiles Anti Theft



Automobiles are precious. That is precisely why they must be safeguarded. Unfortunately, car theft is a frequent occurrence, but the numbers may be greater or fewer depending on where you live. Nevertheless, car theft is always a risk, no matter how safe the parking lot is, so finding competitive HGV insurance (or insurance for any vehicle) is crucial. In addition, anti-theft gadgets may be handy in this situation. In fact, they are often a prerequisite in your insurance policy. The sections that follow will explain the various types of anti-theft equipment.

Anti-Theft Gadgets For Cars

There are a variety of anti-theft devices available for four-wheelers. Be cautious while buying one, but only ARAI-approved anti-theft gadgets.

1.   GPS Tracking

This gadget can assist in the recovery of a stolen car. If the system is operational, it uses the Global Positioning System (GPS) to provide a real-time position of the vehicle.

Tracking with the Global Positioning System is a way of determining the exact location of something. For instance, A GPS can be installed in an injection molding. A mobile phone or any specialized GPS tracking system of stationary type or portable can track the vehicle’s location. GPS works by delivering precise position information. It may also track a car or a person’s movement.

2.   Electronic Immobiliser

Several modern automobile keys have technologies that transmit impulses to the vehicle’s engine to start it. The car will not start without these indications. A transponder with an encrypted code in the ignition switch is used to accomplish this. The SMARTRA (SMARt TRAnsponder, an intelligent communications interface) uses an antenna to read the code when the ignition is turned on. If the received code is genuine, then the electronic immobilizer will unlock the electronic engine system and allow the motor to start via other coded signals. You can keep your automobile safe by using anti-theft electronic immobilizers.

3.  Car Alarm

This technology depends on sound-based ATD. If someone tries to interfere with the automobile, the device will sound an alarm, notifying everyone around. Anti-theft devices based on automobile alarms are typically not too expensive.

4.  Kill Switch

Such a device consists of a switch that may turn off a portion of the car’s engine, making it immobile until the switch is turned back on. To prevent criminals from gaining authority over the automobile, kill switches might be put in a hidden area of injection plastic molds.

5.  Mechanical Immobilisers

This anti-theft device comes with many different choices. These gadgets are not high-tech; thus, they are not very expensive. They employ automatic mechanisms to halt the car’s movement. Mechanical immobilizers include Steering Lock, Tyre Lock, and Gear Lock, to mention a few

6.  Microdot spraying

Microdots is a revolutionary technology that promises to make automobile theft nearly tricky. Thousands of microdots are sprayed on the exterior of a vehicle in this method. The dots are nano-sized and contain information about the automobile, allowing it to be identified in a couple of moments. The system, which is now in use in nations such as the United States, functions even if the stolen automobile is disassembled. However, because the entire car is coated in these invisible dots, it is challenging to remove them.

Benefits Of Installing Anti-Theft

1. Deter Theft

ATDs can deter thieves from trying to steal the car. For instance, suppose the criminals chose to take between two automobiles, one with a tire locking and an alarm and without any protection system. Which do you believe the crooks will target?

2. Vehicle Insurance Discount

Installing approved ATDs and informing your car insurance provider about them might get you a discount on a comprehensive car insurance policy from one of the best car insurance providers when you buy or renew this essential product. However, if you have fitted the ATD and wish to take advantage of the related discount, you must be proactive and notify the firm through phone or email about your security measure.

3. Avoiding Inconvenience

When an automobile is stolen, going to the police station to file a First Information Report (FIR) and arranging with the insurance company might be unpleasant. Instead, install an ATD if there is a good chance to prevent all of this. ATDs can help you prevent unpleasant situations like these.

4. Preventing Theft

ATDs provide the critical buffer time needed to avoid theft. The criminals, for example, are ignorant of the car’s alarm system and attempt to break-in. The alarm goes off, causing the burglars to be tense. The security officers or other persons in the vicinity of the automobile are warned, increasing the odds that the criminals would abandon their plot and call off the heist. They can also be caught in the act. As a result, thievery can be prevented.

5. Financial Security

A loss is a loss — there is no way to sugarcoat it. Unless you have an Invoice Protection Add-on, you will get the Insured Declared Value (IDV) and not the amount you paid for the stolen automobile if you claim insurance for it. By avoiding theft, ATDs can avert such a loss.

6. Quick Claim Resolution

Installing an ATD demonstrates your commitment to protecting your vehicle. For example, in the event of a theft claim, such behavior might indicate that you took proactive steps to protect your car, but it was still stolen. In addition, it can assist the insurance company in recognizing that you tried all possible to avoid the theft, resulting in smooth claim payment.

Those with the financial means should consider upgrading their vehicle’s safety features. The passive immobilizer system, for example, consists of an ignition key with a specific chip embedded in it. The automobile will not start unless this chip is installed. Another technique uses a pager to notify vehicle owners if their auto alarm has been triggered. The technology operates in total silence.


Because auto theft remains a severe issue in large cities, modern technologies developed can help to prevent it. These technologies are inexpensive, simple to use, and highly effective. Those who have the financial means should consider installing as many safety elements as they can. Finally, good practices such as locking doors and parking cars in well-lit places away from highways and frequently used regions can assist in minimizing the likelihood of theft.

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