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The better ranking of the website leads to the generation of excellent revenue. The website with improved ranking gets a higher reach. Keywords are a mandatory element of websites that must be used cautiously and selectively. The keyword rank checker functions to find out the ranking of keywords. Hence, it acts as guidance for the website owner to bring necessary changes in the content, if required.

Most Popular Keyword Tools

Here we have discussed the most popular keywords tools that will help you to search your keywords and to track ranking against your targeted keywords.

1. Keyword Position checker by Small SEO Tools

If you want to check your website on the search rankings of Google or other search engines against multiple keywords then you can use this brilliant tool. This keyword rank checker is absolutely free to use and you can use it without any restrictions.

This Google keyword ranking checker is not only free and easy to use but is also considered to be very reliable in getting accurate results. You just have to open the tool on your browser and enter the required input. You need to input the domain address, the keywords against which you want to check the rankings, and the country where you want to see your ranks.

In a matter of seconds, the tool can tell you about the ranking position of your site. It can give you twenty keyword insights in one go!

You can also find the high position keywords on multiple search engines so that you can target your site with them!

2. Google Keyword Planner

If you are exploring an excellent balance of simplicity and sophistication, then Google Keyword Planner is the excellent one. With this Google SEO tool, you can get access to the most reliable keyword database.

It offers instant outcomes for valuable keywords. However, it does not offer much research customization to the masses. One can get to know about the keyword quality metrics. The high keyword quality metrics offer the guidance to use these in the website content. The users can get a massive list of suggestions for similar keywords.

The outcome is displayed with complete metrics such as bid ranges, competition, and monthly search volume. Narrow the search with the use of filtering and sorting options.

3. Keyword Surfer

The Keyword Surfer Chrome extension offers a quality experience for your blogging. The website owners can get to know about the keyword statistics as per Google searches.

The statistic gets displayed at the search bar and helps the website owners to determine the success of various keywords. An exciting feature of it is that it adds on the side panel too. At this side panel, the users can view the top 10 similar keywords in accordance with their query. These keywords are displayed along with the similarity percentage and search volume.

Hence, the selection of the most targeting keywords for the articles becomes much easier. This handy online tool makes the search of appropriate keywords more convenient and smooth.

4. Rank Tracker

Rank Tracker is the most useful keyword rank checker that works on the basis of nine research methods. It offers an extensive range of keywords with the mentioning of whether it is in the top 10 or not. Rank Tracker helps in mining keywords quite smoothly.

Find out the highest rank keywords at the keyword rank checker and fill the gaps on the website. With this keyword rank checker, you can find out the ranking of all the used keywords of your website. Keyword rank checker is a highly valuable online tool. It intends to find out the position of the website in the search engine. Google ranking check works for detection of website position on the basis of Google search engine.

5. Google Trends

Google trends focus on the most popular keywords. The popularity of keywords varies from one geographical area to another. Similarly, it varies over time. It can plot enormous keywords and compare these on the same graph. This keyword rank checker utilizes different colors to explain the strength, density, popularity, and positioning of the keywords.

6. Google Search Console

Discover the valuable opportunities for the keywords through the use of Google Search Console. With the Google Search Console, the user gets a comprehensive list of keywords. These keywords are highly effective in ranking the site for click-through rates and SERP positions.

SERP positions consist of CTR benchmarks that are widely accepted. The keyword with a CTR of high percentage gets the higher ranking. For instance, the keywords with a CTR of 30% gain first position while it keeps on declining for other keywords. The keywords with low CTR gain the least positions.

These are some of the best tools that can help you in keyword research and tracking. You should definitely try them if you want help in your SEO journey!

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