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5 Sites Like OnlyFans: OnlyFans Alternatives That You Should Check Out



Creative and unique content is expensive. People today understand this and are willing to pay for exciting original content.

The popularity of OnlyFans and other similar fan club websites points to this fact. OnlyFans is a super popular fan club website or content creator subscription platform (to explain technically), where followers pay to view the images and videos of their favorite creators.

While OnlyFans hosts content creators from all types of niches, the platform is popular for its adult content creator population consisting of sex workers, models, adult performers, or anyone who is willing to “show off” what their fans like.

OnlyFans is one of the first platforms most content creators go to monetize their content.

Which Is The Best Site Like Onlyfans- An Alternative Choice

Why look for an alternative when there are OnlyFans with great monetization opportunities for creators? Indeed, OnlyFans is not the only fan club website in the market!

The choices are endless for creative people. The reasons why creators look for an alternative are many.

For example, in 2021, OnlyFans announced that it is banning adult content; it shook many creators, including the celebrities who have grown behind the shade provided by the platform.

Top 5 OnlyFans Alternatives

To make the decision-making process easier for you, we have listed the 5 best sites like OnlyFans if you are looking for alternatives.


  1. Fansly
  2. Patreon
  3. FanCentro
  4. iFans
  5. Unlockd

1. Fansly

A popular OnlyFans alternatives to OnlyFans are Fansly which has the same functionalities, features, and price plans as OnlyFans. Owned by Select Media LLC & CY Media LTD in Cyprus, Fansly is a subscription-based social media platform hosting adult content.

The platform allows content creators or adult performers to sell their content to followers either for free or for a price. Fansly offers creators more freedom to promote their accounts as all creators might not have a strong social media presence to gain more subscribers.

Fansly also offers innovative paid subscription tiers to performers to maximize their earnings and meet the diverse needs of followers.

One great feature of Fansly is referral programs by which creators can grow their following and generate more revenue. When a creator refers a fan to their page with the affiliate code, the creator gets 1% of all the purchases made on the platform for a period of 3 months.

If OnlyFans is banning adult content in the future, Fansly can be a great OnlyFans alternative to continue doing what you are passionate about.

2. Patreon

Patron is one of the membership platforms that excited even before OnlyFans. It has to be assumed that OnlyFans was inspired by OnlyFans, and both subscription websites have similar features.

Patreon is a popular crowdfunding site intended for online personalities, businesses, artists, adult performers, etc. The platform deducts 5%-12% of earnings made by content creators and this differs based on the plans used by creators.

3. FanCentro

FanCentro is another famous subscription community platform leveraged by artists, models, and sex workers, to build their fan base and grow their careers.

It helps creators migrate their existing content. Creators can create membership tiers which is the primary way to generate revenue. You can charge a premium fee for unique content and charge an affordable price to attract more fans.

Creators can also leverage the Free Trials option where followers cannot resist trying out the trial, which can later be expanded to a full paid membership. Like OnlyFans, FanCentro also supports selling videos, setting up subscriptions, referrals, tipping, sexting, and live streaming.

4. iFans

iFans is the next on our list; it is a similar business model to that of OnlyFans. The platform offers basic features for free, whereas there are extra features that come at a premium price.

The major difference between iFans when compared with OnlyFans is regarding the discoverability and the referral program it offers. Content creators have more flexibility and freedom when referring fans to each other; they can also make money from eh referrals.

iFans works just like other subscription sites- Content creators post images, videos, or even audios that are set behind a paywall. Users who want to access content can pay a recurring fee that creators set. One difference is that iFans allows creators to tag other artists in their posts or private DMs.

Regarding payout, iFans allows creators to keep 80% of creators’ earnings after deducting 20% commission, just like OnlyFans.

5. Unlockd

A new competitor to OnlyFans, Unlockd is a similar styled subscription platform that connects creators and fans. Creators can make money by exchanging images, videos, and much more.

Unlockd also accepts adult content and allows creators to offer live streams and receive tips. They also provide customer support that addresses issues within a day, guaranteeing 100% problem-solving. The platform also guarantees a weekly payout, so creators don’t have to wait to withdraw money.

Which Is The Best Site Like Onlyfans- An Alternative Choice

OnlyFans has irreplaceable fame, which makes it the first name on the list of subscription platforms.

The 5 OnlyFans alternative options listed here are great in terms of features, tools, and revenue generation for content creators; the choice is yours. The final goal is to connect and stay engaged with your subscribers while creating a lucrative career.

The best OnlyFans alternatives if you don’t want to adhere to the rules of a third-party platform is to create an OnlyFans clone platform. The best way is to use an OnlyFans clone script like Fansoto to build your own subscription platform to connect fans and artists.

Fanso is the readymade script that comes equipped with all the features like subscriptions, revenue streams, a dedicated creator dashboard with analytics, secure payment processing, reviews and ratings, an admin panel, and a lot more.


When it comes to subscription platforms like OnlyFans, the options are endless. The market has expanded, and there are a lot of sites that offer different services to support and help creators monetize their skills.

Most sites deduct a 10%-30% commission which isn’t bad considering that you are getting all the support to create and monetize content allowing you to focus on building your brand.

However, there are alternative options if growing your business is your priority. Whatever your track, we wish you good luck on your journey.


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