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How To Sign Up For Premium Snapchat And Join Snapchat Plus?

If you love to maintain your streak on Snapchat as much as we do, then you must have heard about premium Snapchat. Snapchat is a much-loved social media platform where people love sharing their photos, videos, and texts for a brief period? The platform also enables users to be creative with their content.

Thanks to Snapchat’s Bitmoji feature and cool filters, the platform is more popular than ever – and the best part? You can monetize the platform for your benefit. This is where Snapchat Premium is proving to be a game-changer for digital creators who want to take their entire content game to the next level.

However, first, what is Snapchat Premium, and how can you get hold of this exclusive feature? Stay tuned to find out more.

Exploring Snapchat Premium: All That You Need To Know

Exploring Snapchat Premium

If you spend several hours on Snapchat, then it’s only natural that you would want to know more about premium Snapchat, also known as Snapchat Plus. Now, if you are already aware of this feature, then simply keep scrolling and find out how you can make a premium Snapchat account.

However, if you are reading about this for the first time, it is vital to understand this premium feature in some detail. So without wasting any time, let’s find out about Snapchat Premium.

What Is Snapchat Premium?

What Is Snapchat Premium

So, what is Snapchat Premium? Creators using premium Snapchat have made it clear that it’s perhaps one of the best ways to make some money, especially if you have a good following and a taste of content that sells. The premium feature is similar to a regular account on the Snapchat platform, except, for premium, you will have to pay a small fee to access any content.

It’s like your Hulu or Netflix subscription – premium Snapchat basically requires all users to either pay a monthly or bi-weekly fee for accessing content.

Having said that, understand that the premium version is most commonly used by celebrities, models, and public figures for expanding and maximizing their sources of income. Additionally, we have also noticed how ordinary people who use the app regularly are also benefiting from the premium feature.

In this context, Jacob Andreou (Snapchat’s SVP of product) commented,“They believe that Snapchat+ will allow them to deliver new Snapchat features to some of the most passionate members of their community and will enable them to provide prioritized support. Snapchat’s new premium account targets users who “spend most of their time communicating with their closest friends on Snap.” (according to Influencer Marketing Hub)

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Features Of Snapchat Premium:

The additional features that you will find on premium Snapchat are more on the evolutionary side of things instead of being revolutionary. These features have been created to make the platform more user-friendly. These exclusive Snapchat Premium features are as follows:

  • Ghost Trails on the Map,
  • Best Friends Forever,
  • Story Rewatch Indicator,
  • Custom App Themes/Icons,
  • Snapchat + Badge,
  • Friend Solar System/Snapchat premium planets, and

Of course, over a period of time, these features will change when Snapchat starts experimenting with new features. However, for the time being, Snapchat’s exclusive ‘superfans’ will actually get the opportunity to check out these latest features before any average user by only paying a small monthly subscription fee.

Andreou further explained how all the ‘single-playerish’ features, that is, the features which only involve users without affecting any other party, will probably continue to be exclusive to all premium Snapchat users. However, the interactive features will all go public eventually.

How Do You Sign Up For Premium Snapchat?

How Do You Sign Up For Premium Snapchat

Obviously, to enjoy the benefits of the Snapchat premium app, you have to be a resident of at least one area where the premium features are supported. Until then, you have to wait for the exclusive features to reach your country.

Follow the steps mentioned below to sign up for premium Snapchat,

  1. Open the Snapchat application and then click on the profile icon located in the top-left corner and open your account to access your profile page.
  1. If you are located in an area that supports premium Snapchat, then you will find a gold-tinted banner promoting the same below your username. Click on this banner. If there’s a banner visible under your name, it means that premium Snapchat is not yet available for you.
  1. Now select the subscription term. You will get three options – 1 year, 6 months, or 1 month. Before you begin your subscription, the platform will offer a free 7-day trial period. Tap on this button.
  1. Your payment alternatives will vary entirely depending on what device you are using. You can sign up with the help of your Google Account, Apple ID, or even a linked credit/debit card.
  1. Once you have completed the entire subscription procedure, Snapchat will explain all the additional features of the premium section. In a majority of cases, the platform will enable you to switch each one-off or on.
  2. One of the biggest benefits associated with Snapchat + is its flexibility. You can select which features you need, and presumably, you will also be able to do the same for new features that are added later.

Canceling Your Snapchat Plus Subscription:

Ultimately, in case you don’t want to continue your premium Snapchat subscription, you can cancel the same – just tap first on the ‘gear’ icon located in the top-right corner, and then tap on ‘Snapchat +.’ Then click on ‘manage your subscription’ and open the required page for cancellation. However, ensure that you are using the same devices you used while signing up.

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And That’s A Wrap!

If you are already looking for the Snapchat premium APK version, then stop right now! If you are not located in an area that supports premium Snapchat, then the best thing you can do in that case is to wait for the brand to launch the same in your location. That way, you will be able to use the premium features with ease without dealing with glitches.

In the meantime, tell us what your thoughts on using premium Snapchat are? And while sharing your thoughts, feel free to tell us about your experience if you have already started using Snapchat Plus in the comments below.

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