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7 Reasons Why You Should Study Social Media — Marketing Students Take Notes



If you think Social Media Marketing is unavoidable in this digital age, then you, my friend, are absolutely right!

Social Media Marketing — what makes it so special?

Every business today spends a lot of time, energy, and resources to establish its social media presence, for all the right reasons.

More than half of the entire world’s population is using the internet right at this very moment.

You no longer have to spend thousands of bucks on to run an advertisement on television; Facebook is providing you with a customizable number of lead generation. The more you sweeten the pot, the more customers you churn!

Marketing managers of this age plan and strategize around the latest social media trends because what worked back in 2014 won’t probably turn out to be as effective for the market of today.

Social media is a highly competitive place, you either have to take all kinds of risks or be a very good analyst to develop relevant content for the many different types of audiences.

So without much further ado, let’s jump right to the 7 reasons:

Why do you need to Study Social Media?

Reason #1: Say Goodbye to Classroom Boredom:

According to AMA, a recent survey conducted shows that a majority of marketing students find some of their classes so boring that they usually check up on their phones multiple times during a lecture. Nowadays we have lots of sources that can help them to study easier and not boring. Also, students can find lots of information and posts that would be very useful, just writing can canvas detect cheating.

Most marketing majors with subjects like statistics, marketing research, and analytics said they do not get distracted very easily unless the lecture or the subject itself isn’t absolutely yawn-worthy.

And this does not only leave students staring blankly into space but by the end of the semester, they either have no clue what’s going on or they are frustrated with their finals assignments slammed into their faces. They are left with no choice but to get some help; which explains the rise of students seeking dissertation help UK-based via student assistance platforms.

On the other hand, students who take social media or digital marketing courses have been found to be much more awake and involved in their classes (online and in physical classrooms).

And why wouldn’t they?

Imagine the thing you instantly look for when you are about to fall asleep during the lecture, at least 10 times, is the one you are studying about. What’s there left to distract you?

Reason #2: You are all Geared Up for the Online Market:

There is no denying the fact that most businesses are doing a fantastic job just with an online presence which made the big daddies in the corporate world move over to the online world too!

As Jeff Bezos says, “Today, online commerce saves customers money and precious time. Tomorrow, through personalization, online commerce will accelerate the very process of discovery.”

Marketing graduates do not have complete command over the online practices unless they study social media tools and analytics, how things really go down in the business world and how they have to come up with something new every time they want to take a leap.

Reason #3: Learn how to Optimize your Social Media Marketing:

If you are an aspiring social media professional then there are some absolutely necessary tools that you will need to learn to use to increase your productivity and efficiency while working on that Facebook lead generation campaign of yours!

There is a tool for everything from figuring out what your audience does, where it comes from, where your targeted market search resides for the same product you are about to launch, how much traffic your campaign might potentially get you and where to look for advertisement on your blog.

Social media tools like Hootsuite, Feedly, MeetEdgar and many more, either free or paid platforms, help you optimize your social media and stay ahead of your monthly content calendar!

Reason #4: If you are a Marketing Professional:

If you are working as a marketing professional already, you must have noticed the increased demand for social media experts, digital marketing managers, community managers, and content marketers.

And if you are also considering taking more tasks responsibilities in the social media department or working on getting promoted to a different position in social media, an accredited qualification can be your best bet for this matter!

Reason #5: Love Social Media? Why not make it your Career:

If you are one of those individuals who love to spend a good amount of their day on social media then you might as well make a career out of it.

Not only you will enjoy studying social media marketing, but you will also learn all the new ways you could make a living out of something you are obsessed with!

For me, it would be like tasting all different kinds of chocolate every day and getting paid for it (which by the way, is actually somebody’s job somewhere in the world. Lucky them!)

Reason #6: You will be able to apply these Strategies:

Unlike algebra, you will be able to practically apply what you studied, in real life!

Social media marketing seems very basic and all figured out, but there is always a good amount of planning and strategizing behind all the successfully running campaigns that you see online every day.

When you study SMM, you get familiar with the social marketplace, learn to strategize, plan and execute successful campaigns. Also, you can become able enough to analyse the success and failure of your strategies and know where and how you need to improve for your next one!

Reason #7: You are prepared for an entry-level position:

And finally, you are all set for an opening job at your favourite social media marketing agency, whose campaigns you have always admired.

You have a number of career opportunities waiting for you (not just an internship, FYI.) which requires a lot of learning for a basic marketing graduate since social media is vast and keeps on upgrading itself every few months or so.

Once you grasp the idea of staying relevant and creative, you are ready to play your role out there.

The Endnote…

The internet has made the idea of a Global Village possible, about 4.2 Billion people are online; can you imagine that?

With the increased demand for social media presence among businesses, there has been an equal increase in the need for resources too in the form of people who are smart, well taught and creative enough to capture as much of audience attention, as possible.

Social media marketing has been widely popular among organizations these days and marketing professionals are required to manage and effectively put their social media to good use; lead generation, brand awareness, and PR.

Studying social media can benefit you to establish and run your own business online or get an amazing opportunity at the company that matches your qualifications.

According to dissertation help in UK, marketing students no longer feel there is much room for them to do something that hasn’t already been done by some start-up, somewhere in the world.

Social media is so broad and has so much yet to be discovered that it might take something decades to replace it. And in the meantime, you can learn, understand, grasp and implement in the professional life to make the most out of it!

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