What Does The Red Heart Mean On Snapchat

What Does The Red Heart Mean On Snapchat?



The red heart on Snapchat means that you and a friend of yours have been each other’s best friend for straight two weeks. 

Snapchat is a creative app that keeps its users entertained all the time. 

Among many of its creations, it uses 9 friend emojis to remind you how you are interacting with your friends on Snapchat. 

Snapchat is the only social networking site among so many that keep track of the pictures and videos you send out and call them ‘snapchat score’. 

It also gives you trophies based on your relationship with a particular person who is a friend of yours on Snapchat. 

By these features, Snapchat is different from other social media apps. 

The main reason behind Snapchat being an odd one out is the way it is an app based on videos, pictures, and messages that stays for a very short period of time. 

It also keeps track of you by noting down who you are snapping the most as well who snaps you the most. 

The topic of what does the red heart mean on Snapchat is about, to begin with, minor details. 

What Does The Red Heart Mean On Snapchat

The red heart on Snapchat lets you see the relationship you have built with your close friends and best friends. 

The red heart emoji appears on the side of the name of a friend that you have on your list. It happens when you both are sending a lot of snaps to each other for two weeks straight.

The person you chose to send the most snaps is gouging to be the #1 best friend. This is a lingo Snapchat uses

Likewise, if you are someone’s #1 best friend on Snapchat then you have been sent a lot of snaps by that someone. 

The first emoji that will appear beside your name will be a yellow heart and that happens when you and your friends become each other’s #1 best friend for two weeks. That yellow heart will change into a red one as the days are more than 2 weeks.

There you go with the answer of what does the red heart mean on Snapchat.

Other Snapchat Friend Emojis 

Other Snapchat Friend Emojis Snapchat keeps its emojis limited and meaningful. They are all discussed below.

1. Birthday Emoji

With the name of the emoji, you can guess how it appears and when. Yes, it appears beside a friend’s name when she or he has their birthday. It only appears once on the day of the birthday. 

2. Fire Emoji

This emoji will appear beside a friend’s name when there will be a lot of pictures and videos sent to each other. Don’t count the text messages with this. So, you have to be very interactive within a 24-hour frame for 3 days or more than that. There will be a number shown as well, it means the days you guys have been snapping each other.

3. Hourglass Emoji

This emoji appears when the fire emoji also known as streak is about to end. It ends when you and your buddy are no longer exchanging pictures or videos. The hourglass emoji remind you to start sending pics and videos again to each other within 24 hours to maintain the thread. If you don’t then the process will start again, which means Snapchat will track your interaction with your friend for 3 days and then will give you guys the emoji.

4. Sunglass Emoji

This emoji appears when Snapchat detects that there is a friend you and your best friend have as mutual friends. It means the mutual friend is also your best friend as well as your best friend’s best friend. I know I sound a bit confused. Okay! Do you remember how Facebook has their mutual friends listed? Yeah, they are the same thing. Remember that.

5. Mutual Besties Emoji

This emoji is the same as the Sunglass emoji. Let’s make it more clear. Think of three friends B, T, S (I know!). B is sending a lot of snaps to T, so they are #1 best friend right? Now, S as well sends a lot of snaps to T, what are they? exactly, #1 best friend. So now B  T S  are mutual besties and therefore the emoji will appear beside the names. Phew! That was complicated. 

6. Smile Emoji

This emoji appears beside the name of a friend who is your good friend but not your best friend. It means that you do send each other snaps but frequently as you do to your best friend. So just to remind you that you guys are cool with each other but not the coolest.

7. Yellow Heart Emoji

Like mentioned in What Does The Red Heart Mean On Snapchat. Yellow heart emoji will appear beside the names of your friends when you will become #1 best friend.

8. Red Heart Emoji 

Same. it will appear beside the names of your friends who have become #1 best friend. It will turn from red to yellow, only after you interact with each other for 2 weeks or more. 

9. Pink Heart Emoji

Now, let’s see why the heart changes its color from red to pink?. They do because you have become so close to each other because you guys have been snapping for more than 2 months. BFF forever.

Frequently Asked Questions 

People always have questions, therefore we are here to answer them whenever they want a reply. There are questions from new users of Snapchat mainly. Let’s see what they are asking.

How Can I Get The Red Heart On Snapchat?

You have just started using Snapchat right? Patience my child. 

Before getting that red heart that you crave so much, you have to do a few things first. Now that you already have a profile, you need to have friends. 

Once you bond with that one friend of yours on Snapchat, start sending him or her pictures, videos, messages every day for 2 weeks or more. 

First, you will get a yellow heart then when the interactions between two of you add more days, it will eventually turn red.

How Did My Red Heart Disappear?

Well, this happens when you have decided to get a new #1 best friend. 

Priorities are so fickle. 

So, when you don’t interact much with each other, that’s when you lose the red heart. 

Don’t worry, you have a new best friend now. 

How Did My Red Heart Turn Yellow?

Well isn’t that obvious? You guys are back to square one. 

You do not send each other stuff the way you guys used to when you had the red emoji. 

That status has been compromised. But you guys are still #1 best friend, it’s just you guys are not that much into each other. 

There you go with What Does The Red Heart Mean On Snapchat with some extra information.

The Bottom Line

Snapchat is a very funny and creative app. And it acts as an assistant because it notes down all your activities and informs you about them. 

It has cool picture filters to play with. 

It is very different from any other social media app, created by Apple, and Apple is good at maintaining its reputation. It has its own essence, why won’t it?

This article is mainly about What Does The Red Heart Mean On Snapchat. But it also has additional information, for you to get the total idea of all the emojis Snapchat has. 

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