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Retail Software Development Services: The Basics to Know



Contactless shopping and online retail have taken off in a big way, which is why custom retail software development solutions are a key priority for big retailers.

Finding a company that can deliver retail software development services quickly and easily can be challenging, but we’ll guide you through the process.

What Custom Retail Software Development Solutions Are in High Demand Right Now?

Some of the solutions your retail software development company can offer you will improve operations, while others are focused on the ecommerce side of retail.

A good retail solutions development company, such as Capsifi (who you can visit this page to learn more about, should you wish) can help you automate retail store operations, enhance your inventory management, streamline payments and payment tracking, or improve customer communication and service for the business.

Software solutions on offer may include:

Point of Sale or POS Software

If you are managing a physical store, you need to ensure that all of the transactions between you and your customers are smooth and seamless.

This means completing transactions without friction, accepting loyalty cards and coupons, and a host of other services, which is why many people use solutions like those at POSaBIT ACH to have all of this through one piece of software.

POS sales are growing dramatically every year as retailers try to improve customer service.

Coupons and loyalty cards are a great way of improving customer engagement through rewards, which is why you need a POS System as well as tools from somewhere like this company that sells barcode scanners that can do a lot more than just process payments these days.

Inventory Management Software

Retailers have to deal with complex and highly varied fast-moving inventory, especially retailers that operate in the consumer goods space.

Tracking, managing, and organizing product sales, stock levels, materials purchases, and other functionality is required.

Inventory management software can be deployed within the warehouse and/or physical stores. This may include Bluetooth tracking and controls.

Of course, you may decide to look at Software development companies in phoenix or wherever you are and opt for custom software for your business; particularly if you have complex needs or a unique niche. 

Retail ERP Systems

Large retailers have to use ERP or Enterprise Resource Planning systems to control all stages of the business. ERP allows you to manage shops.

They are fully customizable and support integration with third-party systems to suit your needs. There are many retail software solutions development companies that focus specifically on ERP.

Payment Processing

Payment processing is different from the Point-of-Sale software we mentioned earlier. This usually refers to the security program that is used to connect your eCommerce offering to your payment partner via a virtual terminal.

This enables customers to use their card and bank details online and gain approval from their banks for the transaction.


Retailers are vulnerable to cyber-attacks because their systems contain valuable information about their customers, their shopping behaviors, their credit cards and even addresses.

Your retail and ecommerce software development team can help you secure your site by staying abreast of the latest cybersecurity protocols and standards.

What Type of Developers Will You Need?

The type of developer you will need will depend on the functionality you would like to implement or improve.

C language or C++ is the best programming language for POS services, for example. Other languages you may need includes:

  • Java is a neutral, dynamic language used with cloud solutions. It’s also simple to code and can be used for both desktop and mobile experiences.
  • PHP is used on web services. It’s great for ERP development.
  • SQL is required for automated backup and restoration.
  • Python is a goal-orientated, interpreted language that is easy to read and use. It’s often deployed when you want to create a large application.
  • Python and Ruby are often used for CRM. Ruby is used as the Web back end.
  • JavaScript is a flexible business programming language that makes it suitable for web applications.

Where To Find The Best Developers?

If you don’t want to hire your own developers, the easiest and cheapest way to build your own custom retail software development solutions is by using an offshore retail development company.

The retail software developers are cheaper but equally (if not more) qualified than developers that can be found locally.

With the right team, your retail company will go from strength to strength in no time.

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