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7 Streaming Apps for Your Smartphone



If you have used the internet some hours or minutes or just some seconds ago, there is a very good likelihood that you have streamed something, which could have been a video or audio, news, or any other internet-based content. This alone shows how streaming is increasingly taking over the internet daily.

Over the years, statistics revealed how streaming had connected brands to their users via reaching out and engaging them with their services.

It has also created a space for friends and families to interact – from the latest TV shows and movies to live sports, games, news, and more, with streaming apps bringing that through their smartphones.

Before we check out the streaming apps we have out there, how about we have a quick look at what streaming actually means.

What is streaming?

What is streaming

We can refer to streaming as a technology with an immediate (quickest) and continuous mode of accessing content from the internet. What does this mean?

Streaming is a real-time and more efficient way of coming in contact with internet-based content or media files like music and videos.

Unlike downloading, you can have access and as well deliver content to mobile devices or computers over the internet by streaming without having to download it. 

Since it is an immediate action (you can use the content before the entire file downloads), it doesn’t require storage space.

So, yes, when you opt to stream your internet-based content, there is no need for a large hard drive to hold your content for you. 

For instance, you can play a song on Spotify or Apple Music and start listening almost immediately without having to wait for it to get downloaded first before the music starts.

This proves to you that streaming can deliver data to you as you need it. Here is just one of the numerous benefits of streaming which will be later discussed in the article. 

Live Streaming

Some people still get confused with the terms – ‘streaming’ and ‘live streaming. But, here is the thing about them.

Live streaming is the same as streaming, only that we use the term “live streaming” specifically for internet content that is delivered in real-time as it happens.

In most cases, live streaming is popular with live gaming broadcasts, television shows, and sports or special one-time events.

Benefits Of Streaming:

1. Real-time engagement

Audience interaction is one of the top reasons streaming is making heads over other technology. Live streaming offers real-time user/audience engagement (which could be face to face) and joining direct conversations.

As a brand, you can easily and efficiently share your brand story with your audience (users). Also, for businesses engaging in any internet-based events, you can create room for your viewer from home to participate; via live streaming.

2. Generates more audience

This works in correlation with the ‘real-time engagement of the audience and users. Since streaming content and events live can lead to easy accessibility globally, attendance to your content can definitely exceed the capacity limitations of what a physical event would have.

3. Mobility


Since we have streaming apps available on mobile devices like smartphones and tablets, easy mobility is ascertained, and users can stream to any viewers who join the broadcast.

4. Cost-effectiveness

Many assumed streaming is expensive, but the truth is that it is incredibly cheap. As a matter of fact, it is completely free because it does not necessitate you to have any special equipment, hardware, or software.

All it demands is a smartphone or tablet, or laptop. On the other hand, traditional marketing or blogging and content production can get pricey. There are times it would require properly configured software programs (for instance, platform or hosting).

5. Instant Playback

With streaming, internet-based content can be served in a way that permits media files to play almost immediately after they start to stream. It can also allow viewers to jump forward and backward.

6. Streaming apps – what are they?

A streaming app is practically a broadcasting software application used to stream, capture, record, and share streaming content. These apps have different setups.

7 streaming apps for your smartphone:

There are tons of streaming apps available today, and not all of them offer the same content. Some are better suited for individual users, while others are for businesses. Every streaming app has its specialty.

To help you find the best firestick apps for your needs, we have compiled a list of 7 streaming apps for smartphones.

1. Netflix


Netflix app is indisputably the biggest and best streaming app globally. This platform has over 200 million subscribers globally.

It offers a large collection of movies and TV shows from all around the world and supports up to four simultaneous streams.

Netflix is on a wide range of devices, including smartphones, TVs (smart TVs), tablets, and game consoles.


HBO Max is another great streaming app you can use on the firestick to stream high-quality TV shows and movies.

This app offers an on-demand video streaming app, and being an Android TV app, it allows access to all its programs instantly.

In fact, did you know that you can watch the latest premiers as soon as they are launched on HBO? It also offers HD quality comedies, documentaries, movies, TV serials, etc., from anywhere and anytime


If you are looking to cut the cord, trust us, YouTube TV is the amazing app you need. This app has unlimited storage space, and you can get all your favorite channels even without contracts from traditional cable providers.

YouTube TV already offers cable-free access to over 85 channels which include live news, sports, and entertainment options.


NBC News is yet another world-class app option perfect for streaming international, national, or local news. 

This streaming app is the perfect fit if you are in the United States of America. Although, you can also enjoy it irrespective of your location with a VPN on your firestick.



TikTok is an application (social media platform) that allows its users to share short videos (skits, clips, or Reels) and as well explore different categories like Dance, Music, or Comedy.

Just like every social media platform, this app can allow you to even follow other users to see what they are up to.


With firestick apps like Spotify, you are free to enjoy all genres of music and podcasts. It can even permit you to go ad-free and also give you the option to get a Spotify Premium package for unlimited songs.


Nat Geo TV is designed for people who desire to watch National Geographic and learn more about the universe. This app offers a ton of documentaries, educational programs, and TV shows that you can watch.


With streaming apps, the definition of entertainment in this century has completely changed. Whether free or paid, the streaming app has made it available for everyone to enjoy their favorite television series, movies, TV shows, videos, and on-demand internet-based content right from their smartphone without having to sit in front of the TV all day long.

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