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Techniques of earning quality backlinks for building a healthy backlink profile



Gone are the days when gathering a huge number of links promised SEO success. Today, the quality of links that you acquire matters most because Google considers it most important to gauge the quality of websites. Believing in the adage’ birds of a feather flock together’ Google judge websites by looking at the links it attracts because only when a website is good and carries quality content that conveys the value that other good quality websites would come forward to link with it. Thus, backlinks are like votes for websites that convey positive signals to Google about its quality. Therefore, connecting with authoritative and popular websites should be your goal because it improves ranking and assures better SEO performance. Backlinks are so powerful that it can make or break SEO campaigns. Aim for only the best websites that you want to connect with for obtaining backlinks because you cannot compromise on link quality.

You must first understand what makes backlinks valuable to know which type of links you should target. Before you link with any website, you must consider the extent of authority it wields on the internet and quality by judging the value you can derive from it.  The experts at a New Jersey SEO Company has a piece of advice for its clients and say that the last aspect is very important because unless you derive some value from the link, no matter how good its quality might be, it would not be of any use to you. After ascertaining the quality of the link and its authority, you must ensure that it is a ‘do follow’ link that conveys good SEO value and even consider the way the link is positioned within the content of the contributing website.

Among various kinds of backlinks that you will come across, you must know which ones would be most useful for you and the ones to keep away from. Ongoing through this article, you will know about different types of backlinks that should help to build a healthy inventory of backlinks.

Editorial backlinks



If your website content draws the attention of other quality websites, it might happen that such websites cite your website link within the content as a reference by considering its authority and authenticity. In the process, you earn some high-quality backlinks.  These backlinks, known as editorial backlinks, are quite valuable. The link may point to some article or infographic or contain a quote from some company insider and even include your website in a link roundup in relation to some topic.

Positioning your website as an authority in the industry niche is the first requirement to gain attention and earn editorial backlinks. You must protect your identity as a thought leader in the field, capable of creating reliable and evergreen content that carries authentic information so that you become a go-to source for people. People would flock your website in search of authentic information that adds value to their website or content. Create content that can go viral and optimize it well for SEO to gain high visibility and outreach.

Badge backlinks

By appreciating the goodness of other brands and even acknowledging it through public demonstration is an intelligent approach in acquiring quality backlinks. When you appreciate and highlight the achievement of some other brands, you can record it by awarding a badge that demonstrates your good intention. It paves the way for building a relationship, which makes it easier to earn backlinks. As the website that receives the badge would display it, the exposure that your website receives could make links flow to it from other websites.

Use the bait of free tool

Knowing how to use the quality of your website for garnering attention and acquiring backlinks is very important because unless you can acquire links, your efforts would go waste. To draw the attention of people to your website, you must create high-quality content, but most importantly know how to arouse their interest in connecting with your website. An easy way is to use some bait like providing some free tool that your audience finds useful, and as soon as they connect with you, it opens the gate for acquiring links. With a view on earning links, you must promote the tool across websites that share a similar audience profile with you. For example, if your website is about personal finance and loans, your audience would be keen to work out various options of borrowing. Providing them with a free EMI calculator will go a long way in keeping them engaged to your website and encourage other websites to link with you.

Webinars are sources for backlinks

An easy way to identify and access good quality websites is to follow the numerous webinars announced on the site, and it makes it easy to gather backlinks from the association developed with the websites. Webinars remain embedded within the websites that organize it, and it can contain a link to your website while specifically mentioning the brand. To connect with the websites, you can take up the time tested tactic of guest blogging that still works very well to make new friends and spread your message far and wide while earning backlinks in the process. Approach other websites to gain the rights of publishing your blogs on their website and even include your webinars as they consider your entity as a valuable resource.

Place links in directory profiles

When you create your business profile in some well-known industry directories like Google Plus or Angie’s List or some social media platform and review sites, place a link of your website within the listed profile. It creates new opportunities for earning links as traffic flows from the link whenever someone clicks on it. You gain from the reputation of the directories and websites that carry the profile because search engines consider your website worthy enough to stay in good company.

Place your website link across various platforms and media to gain wide attention and doing it with some well thought out strategy will surely pay dividends by earning backlinks for you.

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