Top Tips for Becoming a Social Media Influencer

Top Tips for Becoming a Social Media Influencer



Several people desire to have people coming to them for advice with regard to social media marketing. What they are simply trying to do is becoming social media influencers. The best way to develop your social media influencer status and share your expertise is to publish on social media. Here are some tips on how to become a social media influencer.

Identify Your Focus

You need to master a specific topic within your niche for you to become a social media influencer. It can be very hard to gain the desired level of knowledge that is required for you to be considered as an expert if you choose to cast your net too wide. You can decide to focus on one of the social media industries such as public relations or social media marketing. Plus, choose a single platform such as Instagram, Pinterest, LinkedIn, Twitter, or Facebook just to name a few. You can record more success as an influencer if you decide to focus on one platform.

A great way to optimize your efforts, reach and branding is to start working with an influencer management agency. They will be able to help you connect with leading brands and advertisers and strike negotiations and agreements on your behalf. Think of this as a vetting process that is done on your behalf by experts. This will enable you to focus your energies on the content creation process, without having to worry about taking care of the administrative or bureaucratic part of the process.

All people looking for guidance on the specific platform will turn back to your advice. You can begin in a small way as long as you are able to learn a lot in your desired niche through experimentation and research. This approach will assist you to discover all the ins and outs of your area of specialty instead of just restating the opinion of other authors. You will be able to form your personal ideas and this is what will make you grow to the influencer status.

Make Subscriptions to Platform Blogs

One of the aspects that makes social media unique is the fact that it is in constant flux. You will be able to remain on top of the latest updates on platforms such as changes in algorithms, added features, and new analytics. This will drastically change your social media platforms and the way you normally navigate through the pages.

Read Relevant Blogs on a Daily Basis

Apart from reading platform blogs, you also need to read other useful information that can help you to gain valuable insights into your niche. Study the opinions of experts and other news that are usually shared and published by the individuals you trust. Authority figures normally carry a deep breath of knowledge that you can learn from. You can use available tools to subscribe to relevant industrial blogs to benefit from helpful advice and different viewpoints.

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Set Alerts for Topics and Keywords

You can stay informed by simply reading relevant posts, news alerts, and press releases. You can only keep your followers in the know as long as you have a clear understanding of what is happening. One thing you need to understand is that it is not practical to track information from all your favorite outlets and platform blogs. However, you can use some free tools such as Social Mention and Google Alerts to remain on top of all relevant news. No one will follow and view you as an influencer unless you demonstrate that you have a full understanding of the latest news. You need to get to a level where you can be able to understand the upcoming changes and give your visitors a clue before they are even implemented.

Populate Your Blogs

You need to start by creating a blog on one of the publishing websites like WordPress.  The next step is to write highly informative and engaging blogs and publish them on a daily basis. It is advisable to write and publish two to three bogs at the minimum each week. Most influencers create their personal editorial calendar and make sure that they stick to it to the end. You could also have some partnerships with other bloggers in addition to your personal blogs. Have collaborations in running a promotion, invite then to provide contributions to your personal blog, interview some of them, and share all this information on the sites of everyone.

Publish Some Content on LinkedIn

Apart from the content you publish on your blogs, it’s advisable to create long forms of posts and publish them on LinkedIn. You could also cut and paste the previous publication you had made and add an image, keyword, and headline. Some people hold onto the belief that it is only the most influential thought leaders who make publications on LinkedIn. You need to take advantage of such thought and gain such followers. When the individuals who are on your networks and beyond view your articles on LinkedIn, they will begin to see you as an authority figure. This is a critical component to becoming an influencer in your niche. Influencers who have published on LinkedIn have gotten a prime opportunity to get recognition.

Share Highly Valuable Content

After determining your focus and implementing a system that will keep you on top of the latest information and news in your niche, it is time to start sharing highly-valuable influencer content with your followers through social. Medial platforms you find relevant. The channels you choose will depend on your industry since various people prefer different social media platforms depending on the industry. Platform-specific influencers should always use their primary platform in making their publications. However, you can use other platforms if you want to increase your visibility. People cannot consider you to be an influencer unless they view you as a resource. Your audience should find the content you share to be highly useful. The articles you post should be original and you can get clues from other sources. Organize your content in an easy manner so that you can be able to refer to your publications and respond to anyone who asks a question with a lot of ease.


Achieving the status of an influencer takes a lot of personal initiative. You can achieve this status by contributing the unique content you write to other publications and blogs. This will not only increase traffic to your personal blog but also enhance your visibility. Influencers should be seen and thus you need to spend a lot of time on useful engagements online. You can use tweets, links, and other online communities to gain authority. People will only trust you when you are publishing valuable content.

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