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What Is Twitter Marketing? How To Do Twitter Marketing?

The recent popularity of Twitter marketing has a lot to do with the platform’s rise as a powerful social networking site – from popular culture to global politics, there’s virtually nothing you can’t find on Twitter! So, it was only a matter of time before businesses started wondering how to use Twitter for marketing purposes.

The best part about using Twitter from a customer’s point of view is how quickly big brands like Nike or Uber respond to queries and even complaints. This is evidence that these big brands consider Twitter as a powerful platform that can make or break the brand image of any business.

However, what most people don’t consider is the platform’s untapped potential. After all, a successful Twitter marketing strategy can go a long way in increasing customer interactions and all over engagement rate for your business. So, if you are unsure about the boons of Twitter marketing, scroll down and change your mind!

What Is Twitter Marketing?

What Is Twitter Marketing

If we told you there was a way to reach thousands of people and interact with them through a free social networking site? It does sound intriguing, and when you choose to market some great content on Twitter, you might just hit a bull’s eye and go viral!

Successful Twitter marketing strategies deal with crafting content creation and distribution plans on the platform. The purpose? Twitter marketing can help brands attract new followers or potential clients, improve conversions, boost brand awareness, and ultimately expand sales. However, you must be wondering what’s unique about this platform before using it for marketing!

Let’s find out what makes Twitter unique as a social media marketing platform!

What Makes Twitter Unique?

Twitter marketing has become so popular, thanks to the unique features of using the platform for marketing your products or services. The unique aspects of Twitter are as follows,

  • Firstly, the platform comes free of any cost for users to tweet and keep up with the world. On top of that, the platform also has an uncanny habit of expanding your reach, and that organically. 
  • Secondly, Twitter allows users to engage with and share branded content in mere seconds. This also means brands and businesses can offer quick customer support – quick responses from customer support teams always go a long way with a brand’s customers.
  • Another unique thing about using Twitter marketing is the platform acts as a search engine medium – you can do sufficient research on the competition, analyzing their content in the process. Also, potential customers can look up your business.
  • There’s no platform like Twitter for booting customer interactions and engagement rates in the process. Brands can also share the latest company news and communicate directly with their target audience.

How To Do Twitter Marketing?

How To Do Twitter Marketing

Unlike Facebook marketing or Instagram marketing, Twitter marketing depends more on how much time you spend on the platform or how often you post. For instance, posting once a day on Twitter will take you nowhere. Instead, posting relatable tweets and playing with humor works better for Twitter.

Learning how to use Twitter for marketing is not as challenging as it might sound. Once you know how the platform works, you will find yourself coming up with creative marketing strategies for going viral on Twitter! Thus, keep reading and learn how to use Twitter for business marketing!

Step 1: Customize And Brand Your Profile

Any business would want people to recognize their Twitter account. But how will people identify your business with your account if you don’t customize and brand your profile? Thus, companies need to customize their profile with their logo, brand color palettes, and similar recognizable details.

Fortunately, Twitter provides more than one space for users to customize their accounts.

  • Twitter handle
  • Header
  • Display picture
  • Bio
  • Birthday
  • Website link

Step 2: Create Twitter Lists

One of the boons of using Twitter marketing is creating Twitter lists. For those who don’t know, a Twitter list is a group of accounts organized and segregated under different categories – a great feature for brands that follow specific Twitter accounts since users will only see tweets by accounts on their lists.

You can easily segregate accounts into categories like target audience, competition, and the like. Additionally, users can view the activity of these accounts at their convenience. This feature of Twitter helps brands stay organized and keep track of their activities, especially for this business with multiple clients.

Step 3: Use Features Like Twitter Moments

For those who don’t know, Twitter moments refer to tweets about any unique event or topic – as a brand in the market, you can create your section of Twitter moments that your followers can see. Also, you can take this a notch higher and organize your moments into groups for marketing your events and business campaigns without any hassle.

Another important feature for successful Twitter marketing is simply hosting a chat to interact with your followers and developing a community for your brand. If you want to host a Twitter chat, you need to select the topic, fix the time and date, create a hashtag, and you are all set to go.

Step 4: Use Twitter For Advertising And Boost Website Traffic

Why not invest a little in paid ads when you can reach millions free of cost? The reach will be enough to drive traffic to your website and boost conversions in the process. If you invest in running paid ads, availing Twitter marketing services can prove beneficial.

Thus, for boosting website traffic, you can take the help of two types of paid content on Twitter. They are,

  • Promoted tweets (works best for running campaigns daily).
  • Twitter advertisements (works best for brands using several types of tweets for achieving one business goal).

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

1. How Is Twitter Used For Marketing?

Twitter marketing helps businesses expand their audience, market their products or services, and boost website traffic. Brands can also market their accounts for gaining followers or individual tweets to simply enhance engagement rates and visibility of any running campaigns. 

2. What Is Twitter’s Strategy?

The CFO of Twitter had announced last year that the goal of the company is to double revenues in the next two years. Looking at Twitter’s growth in the previous five years, this does not sound like an unachievable feat.

3. How Do You Promote A Product On Twitter?

There’s so much that you can do to promote a product on Twitter – upload content, post Twitter moments, encourage follower interactions – the list can go on. Social media platforms are all flexible tools to always come up with something new!

Summing Up: Tweets Of The Future?

The popularity of Twitter marketing has shown that brands will largely depend upon crafting relevant tweets to enhance their performance. So the question is, in this aggressively transitioning digital world, will tweets rule the future, or Facebook (Meta) will finally acquire the forum just like it did with both Instagram and WhatsApp!

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