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The Ultimate Guide to Social Media for Small Brands in 2021



What are some social media marketing tricks for brands in 2021?

Do you know the perfect way to maximize social media reach for your brand in 2021?

Are you aware of the changes in updates, algorithms, and organic reach of social media platforms?

Do you need information on which social media platforms will directly help your business?

What about social media paid promotions? How do they work? What are the ROIs?

In this article, we will help answer all the above questions and many more. We will help give you some of the best tricks of social media marketing in 2021.

This article is a response to many of our readers and fans. They asked us to write about how small brands can use social media to improve their business in 2021.

Why Social Media Marketing is Necessary for Small Brands?

Small Brands

In our opinion, no brand or business is big or small. However, since our industry has made a differentiation, for the sake of this article, let us stick to it.

If you compare the promotional budgets o big brands as compared to small brands, you will see a stark difference.

Mediums of advertising like sponsored posting, hoardings, banners, and others are restricted to big brands. Small brands just do not have the budget to use these mediums for their promotions.

Then, there is the possibility of advertising through Google’s Sponsored Ads, or Pay-Per-Clicks (PPCs). Here also, no matter what your digital agency says, it is not a great idea for a small brand.

You will never be able to outbid the bigger MNCs in terms of keywords, or search rankings. So then, what can you do about it?

Ten years before, small brands did not have any promotional medium other than word-of-mouth. With the advent of social media, the playing field has started to level.

Everyone is on social media. From your father to your friend, from your office errand boy to your CEO. Brands are no different. From a fortune 500 company to an ambitious start-up. All can use social media strategically to boost themselves.

For small brands, social media is a boon unlike any other. I have seen small brands like standalone restaurants, fashion designers, and salons go from one establishment to five. They have done this all through social media.

If you are a small brand, social media offers you the most cost-efficient way to maximize your business. You have complete autonomy over your brand, and you can monitor and see the growth first-hand.

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Benefits of Social Media for Small Brands

Benefits of Social Media

Some standard questions that we hear all the time are- Do you think my brand should be on social media? How much is it going to cost? Is there any benefit of being on social media? And so on.

In this section, we look at some of the major benefits of small brands maintaining social media presence. There are many benefits of using social media to boost your brand presence. We list the Top Five Benefits of Social Media for Small Brands-

1. Cost-Efficient Marketing

Social media is the most cost-efficient and budget-friendly form of advertising. A social media retainer from a decent creative agency can start as low as $1000 dollars.

This would include daily social media posts on three to four platforms, stories, and once a week live sessions.

If you compare this to any other form of digital marketing, you will see that social media is the most budget-friendly.

2. Independence and Autonomy

As a brand, you will be able to be in control of what is happening on your marketing front. If you are handling marketing activities on various platforms, you will never be able to control them.

Other mediums of marketing make you increasingly dependent on your digital agency and you lose control of how the spending are happening.

With social media, you can always monitor the progress, prices, and analytics of what is happening. This also helps you change the creative strategy if it is not working out.

If a brand is only maintaining its marketing on social media, it can collaborate actively with its creative agency. Better brainstorming results in better ideas, outputs, and results.

3. Reach International Audiences and Consumers

Reach International Audiences

Compared to traditional channels of advertising, which are at best local or national, social media marketing is global in nature.

Through the strategic use of hashtags and great content, you can reach global audiences and can even turn them into your consumers.

A true story was about one jewelry designer from India. Starting with Instagram, she was able to gain a massive international following. This even led her to have her own show in Amsterdam. Today she has a massive international consumer base.

Small brands should remember that social media is not restricted by geographical boundaries. There should always be an attempt to maximize this potential.

4. Get Actual Sales through Social Media

Getting sales through social media is not a controversial statement anymore. If you would ask creative agencies for sales through social media some years back, it was not possible. They would simply laugh at the absurdity of the client’s request.

However, today it is a completely different story. With Facebook’s On-Page Store and Instagram launching the checkout function soon, real sales happen through social media.

In addition, to growing your credibility, and improving your branding, you can make definite sales on social media.

This is a complete game-changer for the social media industry. We are seeing a concerted attempt to align buyers and sellers. If Facebook, Instagram, and others set their mind to evolving their pages as viable alternatives to e-commerce sites, trust us, it will happen.

2019 and 2021 are going to be big years for social media e-commerce. You can maximize this by being part of the change.

5. Connect with your real audience

real audience

No other medium of marketing gives you as much targeting option as social media does. You can connect with your target audience to the T.

Everyone views a hoarding. Irrespective of gender, age, occupation, and other variations. (Not to mention physical hoardings are expensive). With social media, you can reach your exact target audiences through your spending. Yes, this is possible.

It is possible for you to now advertise yourself in front of consumers who you know are already interested in your product niche or industry.

For example, a B2B Medical Apparatus Company can directly target doctors, hospitals, and medical students directly. Imagine the chances of converting someone who is already a doctor to test out your innovation.

How Social Media Marketing has changed in 2021

Social Media is a highly dynamic and ever-evolving medium. What used to work before does not work now. What performs well now will not do so in the future. In lieu of this, we have prepared a list of some of the changes in social media marketing that you can adapt to stay ahead of the game.

In the following section, we list three main elements that are going to help you change the success narrative of social media.

1. Keep Informed and Be Aware

The key to acing the social media game is to keep yourself updated with the changes in best practices.

There are updates, changes, inputs, and many more elements that will help you and your brand to stay on top.

It is also essential that your creative agency and digital marketing agency are aware of what is happening in the world of social media.

You might be thinking that it is their job to be aware and updated, right. Wrong, you would be surprised to know how many creative agencies and social media agencies keep themselves updated.

Next time you talk to your creative agency, ask them about whether they are familiar with the following pages or not-

These pages contain the best updates about the various social media platforms. They publish articles on their platform’s best practices.

Your creative or digital marketing agency and the people on your account should be aware of what is published on these sites at all times.

2. Live Streaming: Next Big Thing in 2021

Live Streaming

The biggest change in social media has been moving away from images to videos to live to stream.

Yes, live streaming is the next big thing on social. Facebook and Instagram both promote the organic reach of the live stream. Through live streaming, you will be able to reach extended audiences and grow your fan following tremendously.

Gone are those days when static imagery used to work wonders on social media. Even image albums do not have the same organic reach as they did before.

Videos are dominant now, and they will continue to do so in the near future. However, if you truly want to maximize your social media have a two-pronged strategy-

Videos and Live Streaming!

It is essential that you also remember the execution of live streaming on your page. A good idea would be to do it professionally. By using a tripod, proper lighting, and other art direction, you can help create a professional live streaming session.

Think of all the times when you were viewing a live stream and the phone kept shaking, twirling, moving about. As a brand, you need to avoid posting this quality on your page.

Facebook Live, YouTube and Instagram Live is the best way to connect with your audiences and make them feel a part of something special.

3. Social Media E-Commerce

Social Media E-Commerce

We saved the best for the last. If you look at the history of technology, some companies and innovations have acted as huge disruptors.

With Facebook and Instagram seriously working to develop a full-fledged e-commerce operation, brands should sit up and notice.

Instagram has already rolled out a beta version and is testing it with brands like Adidas, Burberry, MAC Cosmetics, and others. In some time, you can also be on the platform.

An E-commerce on social media is going to have unlimited potential for your brand and its revenues. If you are a small producer, you should definitely start reading up or asking your creative agency about it.

However, it is very important to develop your profile, credibility, and fans in the meanwhile. Better followers translate into more consumers; it is that simple. For the same, you need to post regularly.

If you are posting regularly, and mixing up the content (images, image albums, videos, gifs, live) you will be surprised by the progress.

If you are a small brand, you should post regularly and thoughtfully. Regular posting is key to increase likes, followers, and start engagements.

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Social Media for Small Brands: The Final Word

Social media has been a boon for millions of small brand owners all over the world. They have effectively navigated and maximized their brand’s potential on social media.

If you are a small brand, waiting to tread into social media, this is the right time for you. All you need to do is select the right social media agency that you would want to collaborate with. It is always a good idea to go with an agency, rather than doing it all yourself.

This is not to say that social media does not have its flaws. In fact, one of the major flaws of social media is its dwindling organic reach.

However, even in spite of this, social media is still a very powerful tool. If you play your cards right, you would be earning thousands through your social media profiles. This is in addition to earning fans, followers, and even possible recruits for your brand.

A little insider information before you leave– A little birdie flying in and out of Silicon Valley says that Google, Microsoft, Facebook, Instagram, and others are going back to organic reach. It also says that in a couple of years, organic reach is making a strong comeback.

Prepare well for the future social media peeps!

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