You Will Soon Be Able To “Hum” To Search For Music On YouTube

You Will Soon Be Able To “Hum” To Search For Music On YouTube!




  • YouTube is currently testing its new “Hum to Search” feature for YouTube on Android and iOS devices to present a new way of searching for music. 
  • This will be available as an option that you can toggle from the YouTube voice search option.
  • Here, you have the option to hum for at least three seconds or even play a recorded song from another device.

If you are too lazy to type the name of a song on YouTube to search for it, or you don’t remember the name of the song, you may rest easier now. YouTube has heard your wishes and is working on a new “Hum to Search” feature to make finding songs easier!

Currently being tested on YouTube for Android and iOS, you can now simply hum parts of a song to search for it. Here, you need to hum a certain part of the song (preferably the chorus) for at least three seconds.

After identifying it, YouTube will automatically take you to the results page, where all videos related to it will pop up. Here, music videos, related videos (like reaction videos), and even shorts will turn up on the results page.

In addition to humming, you can also play the recording of the song from another device or from your phone instead (through another app, of course). This feature has been noted to be similar to the app Shazam, which also lets you do the same by searching for music by playing a recording or humming parts of the song. It’s also similar to the Hum to Search feature of Google Assistant, introduced back in 2020.

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