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15 Best YouTube Ad Blocker For Android, IOS & Web Browsers



YouTube is one of the best platforms to watch videos for hours, but the experience tends to get disturbed if continuous ads and notifications keep on poppin’ up. If you opt for the Youtube Premium version, then you might escape the continuous ads. 

But if you don’t wanna spend quite a fortune on premium membership for YouTube, then there is one other option that you can take, and that is YouTube ad blockers. 

If you wanna know the best YouTube ad blockers, then this is the best article for you to browse through. There are many different types of YouTube ad blockers that you might wanna go through to understand the one you want. 

Reasons For Using Ad Blockers

Reasons For Using Ad Blockers

There are a few too many reasons for using ad blockers. A few of them are the ads might contain viruses if you click on them by mistake. And the ads will disturb your viewing experience as well. 

Comparing Top Youtube Ad Blockers

There are a few YouTube ad blockers that are better than the rest, so here is a detailed comparison of the top six ad blockers that you might try out. 

AdBlockers on YouTubeBest ForAvailable ForPrice
AdLock Pop-ups, flash banners, blocking ads, and similar sorts of things.Android, Mac, Chrome, iOS, Windows, Safari 1 month – $3.5/mo, 1 year – $2.28/mo (annually)2 years + 3 months Free – $1.52/mo (every 27 months)
AdGuard AdBlockerProvides parental supportAndroid, Windows, Mac, iOS. Personal- $79.99/mo(lifetime), or $2.49/mo(annually).
Family- $169.99/mo(lifetime), or $5.49/mo(annually)
TotalAdBlockDeletes unwanted and intrusive ads and notifications.Windows, Chrome, Mac, Firefox, Opera, Edge, SafariFree available, $29/year for the premium plan.
AdBlock PlusBlocks ads for safety and filters malware, providing a great browsing experience. Internet Explorer, Edge, Opera, Safari, Chrome, Yandex, Android, iOSFree
AdBlocker For YoutubeBlocks all ads, flash banners, pop-ups, etc from YouTube.ChromeFree
AdBlockMalware filters from popular social media and browsers and blocks ads. Chrome, Edge, Firefox, iOS, Safari, AndroidFree

15 Best YouTube Ad Blockers 

So if you wanna know more about a few of these YouTube ad blockers, then here are a few of the ad blockers that you should have a certain idea about. 

These ad blockers might help you with dealing with the ads and notifications that keep on poppin up while you are watching a video on YouTube.

1. AdLock 

If you are looking for a powerful and effective YouTube ad blocker that too on Sarafi, then Ad Blocker is the one for you. Not only on Safari, but you can also use this as an extension on Chrome. Other than YouTube, AdLock works great on other sites as well. 


The features of YouTube Ad Blocker AdLock are listed down below.

  • “Filters malware, and harmful banners.”
  • “Block adsd, pop-ups, flash banners.”
  • “Hide data and personal information.”
  • “Saves battery and mobiel data.”
  • “Blocks spyware and bugs.”


  • 1 month – $3.5/mo
  • 1 year – $2.28/mo (billed yearly)
  • 2 years + 3 months Free – $1.52/mo (billed every 27 months)

2. AdGuard AdBlocker

For a robust and effective subscription-based YouTube ad blocker, you can look into AdGuard AdBlocker. It is great for ad blocking, blocking trackers, and even content control. 

This ad blocker also has a parental control feature through which you can restrict access to adult content as well. AdGuard can also be used as a VPN extension as well. 


The features of YouTube Ad Blocker AdGuard AdBlocker are listed down below.

  • “Privacy protection.”
  • “Powerful encryption.”
  • “Ad Blocking.”
  • “Security of browser.”
  • “Parental control.”


  • Personal- $2.49/mo (billed annually) or $79.99 (lifetime)
  • Family- $5.49/mo (billed annually) or $169.99 (lifetime)

3. TotalAdBlock

If you are looking for a comprehensive YouTube ad blocker then that is available on Chrome, then Total Adblock is the one for you. Only with a few clicks, you are able to remove all unwanted pop ups, notifications, ads, or any other trackers from the Chrome browser. 


The features of YouTube Ad Blocker TotalAdBlock are listed down below.

  • “No need to download it.”
  • “Blocks YouTube video ads, Facebook ads, and ads from other sites.”
  • “Customize settings.”
  • “Available for all major browsers.”
  • “Eliminates trackers.”


  • $29/year

4. AdBlock Plus

If you use YouTube on Firefox, then the ad blocker that you should use is AdBlock Plus. But other than just Firefox, AdBlock Plus is operable in all the major browsers, such as Opera, Edge, Safari, Yandex, Chrome, and Internet Explorer. 


The features of YouTube Ad Blocker AdBlock Plus are listed down below.

  • “Filters malware.”
  • “Customizable settings.”
  • “Available for all the major browsers.”
  • “Free and open-source.”
  • “Safe and secure.”


  • Free

5. AdBlocker For Youtube

One of the most reliable Youtube ad Blocker that you can get on Chrome is AdBlocker. It is already available in the Chrome store you can just install it and use it as an extension for your browser. This extension is going to improve the page loading speed as well as the browser speed. 


The features of YouTube Ad Blocker, AdBlocker for Youtube are listed down below.

  • “No configuration needed.”
  • “Lightweight.”
  • “Improves browser and page loading speed.”
  • “Blocks all pre-roll YouTube ads.”
  • “Blocks banner and text ads.”


  • Free

6. AdBlock

It is among the most popular YouTueb ad blockers that you can get on Safari and most other important browsers such as Firefox, Opera, and Chrome. The filter list that AdBlock has makes it much easier to block ads. 


The features of YouTube Ad Blocker AdBlock are listed down below.

  • “Protects privacy.”
  • “Removes ads, pop-ups, video ads, banners, etc.”
  • “Decreases page loading time.”
  • “Allows acceptable ads.”
  • “Allows you to customize the blocklist and whitelist.”


  • Free

7. AdBlock Stick

“AdBlock Stick is the USB ad blocker that supports Windows7 and above. It looks like a USB but is not meant for storage. Instead, it is designed as hardware that blocks ads, viruses, and malware. The hardware also boosts your connection speed by 40% by removing ads and malware.”


The features of YouTube Ad Blocker AdBlocker Stick are listed down below.

  • “Plug and Paly hardware.”
  • “Blocks all types of ads, pop-ups, banners.”
  • “Removes malware amd viruses.”
  • “Supports multiple devices.”
  • “Protects from phishing attacks and optimizing pages.”


  • 1 year Home – $59.95
  • 2x Adblock Stick – $99.99
  • 3x Adblock Stick – $109.99
  • 4x Adblocker Stick – $119.99

8. AdBlocker Ultimate

“AdBlocker Ultimate is one of the best YouTube adblockers on the iPhone. You can also use it on Windows and Android devices or use them as browser extensions. It can block all pop-ups, display ads, video commercials, etc.”


The features of YouTube Ad Blocker AdBlocker Ultimate are listed down below.

  • “Allows you to customize your list.”
  • “Blocks all kinds of ads.”
  • “Avoids online threats.”
  • “Allows you to customize your list.”
  • “Protects your privacy.”


  • Personal Security – $2.49/mo (billed annually)
  • Family Security – $4.99/mo (billed annually)

9. Ad Muncher

“Ad Muncher was first launched in 1999, thus becoming one of the oldest and most elite members of the ad-blocking club.” 

“You can download it and start using it instantly for blocking ads, pop-ups, and malware on almost all websites and browsers. It gives you plenty of customization options to make sure the app works just the way you want it to.”


The features of YouTube Ad Blocker AdMuncher are listed down below.

  • “Easy to customize.”
  • “Works on all major browsers.”
  • “Fast and safe browsing.”
  • “Constant updates.”
  • “Blocks ads across all popular websites.”


  • Free (Before $29.95 + $19.95/ year the next year.)

10. Ghostery

One of the most powerful ad blocker in Firefox, Ghostery is great at removing ads from Youtube and other websites as well. It also clears all the clutter from all your web pages, which results in reduced loading time of the website. 

Other than that, the website also clears malware, unwanted ads, and harmful elements. And at the same time, it provides a more immersive, fulfilling, and enriching experience for browsing. 


The features of YouTube Ad Blocker Ghostery are listed down below.

  • “Enhanced security and protection.”
  • “Customizable settings for ad blocking.”
  • “Anti-tracking fro enhanced privacy.”
  • “AI-powered filtering and intelligent blocking.”
  • “Constant updates.”


  • Free

11. uBlock Origin

“uBlock Origin is not just a Firefox YouTube ad-blocker. It is but a lightweight but efficient content blocker of a wide spectrum. This open-source Firefox extension comes with an out-of-the-box approach with a few certain lists that are pre-loaded and enforced.”


The features of YouTube Ad Blocker uBlock Origin are listed down below.

  • “Free and open source.”
  • “Blocks ads, malware, tracking.”
  • “Point-and-click for blocking content asnd Java scripts.”
  • “Lightweight.”
  • “Pre-curated and enforced list.”


  • Free

12. Fair AdBlocker

“Fair AdBlocker from Stands is a Chrome plugin for fast and light ad-blocking. It not only blocks ads and pop-ups but also disables tracking.”

“You can control and specify the ads you want to block, including video ads, YouTube ads, expanding ads, flash banners, Facebook ads, and so on. You can also create your whitelist to allow certain ads.”


The features of YouTube Ad Blocker Fair AdBlocker are listed down below.

  • “Lightweight.”
  • “Blocks all kinds of ads.”
  • “Fast, secure and private browsing.”
  • “No need to download.”
  • “Control and customization of blocklist and whitelist.”


  • Free

13. Clario

If the thing that you are looking for is to regain a certain amount of control over your online experience, then the ad blocker that you need is Clario. 

It is a one-stop solution for security, safety, and ad-free browsing. Clario is also very effective in blocking tracking and harmful websites. After installing Clario, you can watch videos on YouTube without any ads or pop-ups.  


The features of YouTube Ad Blocker Clario are listed down below.

  • “Easy to use.”
  • “Available as a browser extension for Chrome and Safari.”
  • “Increase page loading speed.”
  • “Security form malware and harmful content.”
  • “Blocks ads and harmful websites.”


  • 1 month (3 devices) – $12/mo, 12 months (6 devices) – $5.75/mo.

14. Luna

“Luna is a powerful YouTube ad blocker for mobile devices, both Android and iOS. It blocks intrusive ads and boosts your web surfing experience by consuming lesser data. You can use this app for blocking ads on many other apps like Instagram, Snapchat, and more.”


The features of YouTube Ad Blocker Luna are listed down below.

  • “Compatible with major browsers and apps.”
  • “Blocks ads on various other apps.”
  • “Works on cellular data and Wi-Fi both.”
  • “Blocks YouTube ads on Mobile.”
  • “Easy to use.”


  • Free

15. Video AdBlocker Plus

“Video Ad Blocker Plus is a Chrome extension for blocking disruptive video ads on YouTube. You can now enjoy your video without annoying ads and avoid adult video content throughout the web with this tool.”


The features of Video Ad Blocker Plus are listed down below.

  • “Free to use.”
  • “No need to download.”
  • “Works in background.”
  • “Blocks al ads in YouTube videos.”
  • “Warning for adult video contents.”


  • Free

The YouTube Ad Blocker Crackdown  

From October 2023 onwards, YouTube has started to crack down on users who are using YouTube Adblockers.

Many YouTube users started seeing messages on their screens when they decided to use YouTube with adblockers on. If you use a YouTube ad blocker, you might see a message like “Ad blockers violate YouTube’s Terms of Service.”

Since Ads are the primary source of income for YouTube, they (and the advertisers) are not happy that people are using adblockers. Not only does it not display ads whenever you play a video, but it also prevents brands from getting the impression and conversion they need from ads.

Therefore, this poses a serious challenge for YouTube in terms of generating revenue. If ads don’t get displayed to users, advertisers might have to flock to another digital platform to show their ads.

Therefore, YouTube has started to crack down on users using a YouTube ad blocker – by preventing them from watching videos. Therefore, if you use a YouTube ad blocker, you might see the message above. In addition, you get the option to choose the “official” way to bypass YouTube ads – subscribe to YouTube Premium.

This is what YouTube spokesperson Christopher Lawton has to say regarding this crackdown:

“The use of ad blockers violates YouTube’s Terms of Service. Therefore, we’ve launched a global effort to urge viewers with ad blockers enabled to allow ads on YouTube or try YouTube Premium for an ad-free experience. Ads support a diverse  ecosystem of creators globally and allow billions to access their favorite content on YouTube.”

How Have Users Reacted So Far?  

It seems that YouTube users are not happy with this change. Well, free YouTube users, that is. In addition, even YouTube Ad Blocker app developers are not happy as well!

AdBlock Plus is a popular YouTube ad blocker. Now that they see their app literally becoming obsolete due to this change (at least for YouTube ads), they have this to say:

“We suggest adding YouTube to your Allow List so the ad-blocking wall isn’t keeping you from the content you want to watch. While this does mean allowing YouTube ads, Adblock Plus will continue to block pop-ups and other annoying ads everywhere else for you.”

Ad Blocker AdGuard recently saw that their app and browser extension have record uninstallations. According to their reports, they typically see around 6,000 uninstallations of their Chrome Extension per day.

However, ever since this crackdown started, they are now seeing a record 11,000 uninstallations per day. In one week, from October 9 to October 18, they saw a total of 52,000 uninstallations.So does this signal the end of YouTube Ad blockers, or does this signal something else? Only time will tell.

Wrapping Up!

Well, there you go, these were a few of my favorite YouTube ad blockers that you can use, for Windows, Android, iOS, and any other web browsers. The constant interruptions and disturbances are really gonna affect your productivity while working on your computer. 

The ad blockers are great if you are watching videos on YouTube, then the constant interruptions due to the ads and disruptions would ruin your whole experiment. 

So now that you have understood the reason why ad blockers are used, which YouTube ad blockers are best for you to use and on which web browser as well? 

Now if you think that this article was equally informational and useful then give this article a like and also comment down below.

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