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Youtube Moderator: Great Journey To Boost Your Career In 2023



YouTube is the largest platform for video-sharing networks, with billions of active users on a monthly basis. It is a platform for large corporations, small businesses, content creators, influencers, and artists as a way to be able to reach out to a large audience base for the purpose of entertainment and knowledge.

With this growing demand for YouTube, it sometimes gets impossible for one person to guarantee the safety and maintain the community guidelines of the channel. This is the reason why the demand for YouTube moderators is steadily increasing.

Now you might be asking me, what is a YouTube moderator, and how do you become a youtube moderator? So to get the answer to this question, all you need to do is scroll through the article and read along.

Youtube Moderator: What Does That Mean?

It is a fairly new area of job, so it is possible that not a lot of people are aware of what a YouTube moderator does or even why they are needed.

Well, the YouTube moderator is the person who is in charge of checking and verifying whether the content being uploaded on YouTube is abiding by the community rules and guidelines that are set up by YouTube.

They are the ones who are in charge of assessing the videos and comments and any other type of user-generated content on YouTube that they might come across.

What Are The Responsibilities Of A Youtube Moderator?

What Are The Responsibilities Of A Youtube Moderator

If you wanna become a YouTube moderator then here are a few things that you have to do. So to help you, here is a list of duties for your better understanding.

1. Content Review

“A YouTube moderator’s key responsibility is to review the content, video & shorts posted on the platform. They must ensure that every content is suitable and follows all YouTube community norms. This includes the examination & observation of videos, comments, & other types of user-created content present in the YouTube database.”

2. Enforcing Community Guidelines

“YouTube moderators are in charge of implementing the community standards established by YouTube. They must be aware of the policies of YouTube & take action against anything that breaches YouTube policies & community guidelines.”

3. Responding To User Reports

“Moderators on YouTube must also respond to user reports. Whenever a user reports an objectionable video or remark, the moderator is responsible for reviewing the material and taking necessary action, such as deleting it if it violates the community rules.”

4. Staying Up-To-Date

“YouTube moderators must keep up with the newest changes to the community standards & review procedures. They must be up to date on the newest platform trends & modifications to make educated & right judgments.”

How To Become A Youtube Moderator?

How To Become A Youtube Moderator

There are a few ways by which you can become a YouTube moderator, and these factors are listed down below. So if you wanna become a YouTube moderator, then all you need to do is scroll down below to know more.

1. Gain Experience 

“Experience is essential for becoming a YouTube moderator. You can get experience by working on content moderation alongside other platforms, volunteering, or engaging in online forums. Learn technique & tactics of content moderation.”

2. Familiarize Yourself With The Community Guidelines

“The first step to becoming a YouTube moderator is to familiarize yourself with the community guidelines of YouTube. These guidelines outline what is & is not acceptable on the platform, & it is crucial that you are familiar with them before applying to become a moderator.”

3. Apply For The Job

“You can apply for the position once you have obtained experience & are comfortable with the community rules. Job postings can be found on the YouTube Careers page or on major job search websites.”

4. Interview And Testing

“If your application is accepted by YouTube, you will be invited to participate in an interview & testing. During the interview, the applicant will be evaluated on knowledge of the community norms as well as experience with content moderation.”

What Are The Best Practices For Moderating Content On Youtube? 

What Are The Best Practices For Moderating Content On Youtube

If you are looking for good youtube content moderator jobs, then there are certain things that you need to look into since they are very important.

1. Use Automated Tools

YouTube Moderators should utilize all the automated tools and technology that they can use to access the content in hand more precisely & effectively. With the help of these tools, they can easily detect certain red flags that are avoiding the community guidelines.

Real-Time Example: “One example of a moderation tool is the video review queue, which displays a list of videos that need to be reviewed. Moderators can use this tool to efficiently review videos & take appropriate action against content that violates the community guidelines.”

2. Remain Neutral And Professional

If you wanna be a YouTube moderator, then you have to be very professional and be as objective as possible.

It is also important that the choices that you make are objective-based, and also they must abide by the community guidelines rather than depending on your personal choice or opinion.

3. Keep Detailed Records

It is a must for all the moderators must keep a detailed report of all the work they are doing for the moderation task. They must maintain and also edit the use and techniques records, along with the database change records and also any other altered changes.

4. Take A Consistent Approach

When the question is about content moderation, it is all about being consistent with the judgment. Youtube moderators need to be consistent; it is a must-have quality in them.

It is very important that they take the same approach toward all the content and not take anything personally.

Real-Time Example: “If a user flags a video containing hate speech, the moderator should delete the video regardless of who created it or how popular it is. This uniform approach contributes to the platform’s integrity and guarantees that the community standards are implemented equitably to all users.”

5. Work As A Team

For a single YouTube moderator, it is impossible to moderate all the content on their own, so it is important for the whole team to work as a team and a unit. Working as a team is efficient and effective both in terms of time management and work efficacy.

6. Maintain Good Communication With Users

When you are a YouTube moderator, the main thing that you need to have is great communication skills. It is important that the moderator has a line of contact open with the viewers.

They must answer and react to all viewer queries and questions, and this will be done in a straightforward manner while keeping mind the community guidelines in their mind.

YouTube Moderator Job Reviews 

YouTube Moderator Job Reviews

Like any other job designation, the reviews vary from company to company and also on individuals as well. But there are some generalized reviews that are listed below.

1. Intense Attention To Details

“Moderators must pay close attention to a wide range of content and community guidelines, which can be mentally taxing over time.”

2. High Workload And Stress

“Many moderators report feeling overwhelmed by the volume of content they need to review, and the high pressure to make quick, accurate decisions about potentially sensitive or controversial material.”

3. Emotional Toll

“Reviewing potentially distressing or offensive material can take a toll on a moderator’s mental and emotional well-being, especially if they are not equipped with adequate support or resources to manage these challenges.”

4. Positive Impact On The Community 

“Many moderators feel a sense of satisfaction in helping to create a safer, more positive online community, & in being able to contribute to the company’s mission.”

5. Opportunity To Grow

“Some moderators appreciate the opportunity to learn and grow in dynamic, fast-paced environment, and develop new skills related to online content moderation and community management.”

Standard Moderator Vs Managing Moderator: What’s The Difference?  

Right now, as a YouTube live streamer, you can employ two different kinds of YouTube moderators. They can only be differentiated by what they are able to do as moderators. They are:

Standard YouTube Moderator  

A standard YouTube moderator is, well, a normal YouTube moderator. If you become a standard YouTube Moderator of a channel, here is what you can do:

  • Go To The Channel Of Chat Participants: As a standard moderator, you can directly go and check out the channel of a chat participator. This helps you learn more about them, like whether it’s a bot account or not.
  • Remove Comments: If you think the comment on the chat is inappropriate and offensive, you can delete them. This is the standard function of a YouTube Moderator.
  • Put A Commentor On Timeout: If you think someone is misbehaving on the chat, like spamming messages, you can put them on timeout. This prevents them from commenting for some time. Therefore, you can enforce timeouts from 10 seconds to even 24 hours!
  • Hide Users: Hising users allows you to pseudo-block someone from participating in the live chat. Therefore, whenever they comment, their comments will not be shown to other participants (except for you as the moderator). However, the hidden user will not notice this and keep seeing their comments on the chat.

Managing YouTube Moderator  

As the name suggests, a managing YouTube moderator can do more than what a standard moderator can do. They have more functions in addition to what a standard YouTube moderator can do.

Therefore, if you become a managing YouTube Moderator of a channel, here is what you can do:

  • Turn On Community Default: The community default is a set guideline of what comments and words will be considered inappropriate or offensive. As a managing moderator, you can create this and turn it on or off when the live stream starts.
  • Turn On/Off Live Chat: If the live streamer does not want live chats while the live stream is on, you can turn the live chat off anytime they want.
  • Change Participation Modes: You can implement gateways on the live stream comment section. Therefore, you can only allow certain users to comment – like “subscriber-only” or “member-only” modes.
  • Delay Comments: You can delay the time between each comment a user posts. Therefore, this is a great tool to counter live chat trolls and spammers.

Turn On Blocked Words: We often see comments that have curse words or slang where the spelling is abbreviated or is purposely spelled wrong in order to bypass the Community Default guidelines. However, you can counter this by turning on blocked words.

Wrapping Up!

Well, there you go; now you know how you can become a YouTube moderator and what skills you might need to become one.

To know that you know everything about this career option, and if you feel you are satisfied with this explanation, then leave a like and comment down below at the same time.

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