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8 Reasons Your Business Needs An Address Validation Tool



An address validation tool collects, cleans, and ensures that addresses are standardized, accurate, and current. Address validation works by checking an address against an authoritative database where these addresses are registered. A valid email will match with the registered one in the database. In contrast, an invalid email indicates it’s not registered or doesn’t exist.

Due to the essence of address validation, a business must get the proper tool to help in this process. The tools are readily available, and any business willing to pay for them will get the services. To compare tools and prices, you can visit and other sites to choose what best suits your business and clients.

Why You Need Address Validation

Address validation is essential in any business. However, before heading out to get any of the tools, you’ll first need to familiarize yourself with how your business will benefit. Other than providing a great customer experience, which is very important, here are the other reasons for getting a validation tool:

1. Reduce Mail Bounce

Reduce Mail BounceIf you don’t have the correct client address, there are chances that the mail you sent will be returned. This could lead to a significant loss in the company with regard to the delivery fees charged by courier services. It also affects the business’s overall marketing strategy as it means the targeted number of people isn’t reached.

However, there’s a chance that you can reduce and even eliminate the risk of bounced emails. When you get an address validation tool, thus fixing an address list, you’ll be sure that you’re sending the package to the right client. By reducing mail bounce, a business meets its lead targets.

2. Faster Delivery

Delivery time is an essential metric in improving customer experience. However, the delivery time can be significantly affected by typos in addresses or just getting the wrong address. When this happens, products will take more time than one mentioned by the company and affect the business’ overall rating.

With validation tools, a business can avoid these unnecessary inconveniences and ensure that products are delivered within the stipulated time. In addition, the validation tool helps remove typos and non-existent addresses from your database, making the delivery process a smooth one for any business.

3. Higher Customer Satisfaction

When customers order a product, they’d want the right products delivered on time. However, a significant concern for eCommerce and other online shopping is wrong delivery. There are cases where customers receive the wrong package, receive a package very late, or never receive the package at all.

A small typo and a wrong email can cause the shipment to go to the wrong location, causing havoc on your customer experience. Once your business acquires an address validation tool, such errors will be unheard of. Customers can get what they ordered and in the delivery time stated. A satisfied customer means more success to your business.

4. Better Marketing Results

It’s a common trend that businesses are now opting for mail as a marketing strategy to help generate leads and improve conversions. Mails help a company to reach a specified target audience with personalized newsletters. This will work if the proper letter goes to the right clients; otherwise, it’ll be a waste of resources.

A proper validation tool will help your business get the correct contact of your potential clients. You can then personalize the marketing messages and send them to them, knowing very well they will get to the right person. When clients feel connected to a business, they’re more likely to be part of it.

5. Saves Time

In cases when typos and wrong addresses cause undelivered mails, your team will lose most of its valuable time trying to identify the error and correcting it. This will even take more time if the correction is being done manually.

However, with a validation tool, you’re not only able to correct the errors in a faster way, but you can also avoid these mistakes before they happen. This helps save more time for your team to work on more productive areas of the business.

6. Correct Typos in Real-Time

There are cases when clients are required to fill in their addresses through online forms. Typos may occur, and without the tools, the form will still be submitted without the correction being done. A mistake that may seem so insignificant at the beginning could amount to a very costly one in the later stages.

Therefore, a business should use a proper validation tool to flag the errors as they’re being typed on the form. This feature enables clients to identify and correct the typos while avoiding the accumulation of these errors later.

7. Keep Updated Mail List

An updated mail list is essential in ensuring that you deliver on the promises you’ve made to your clients. Manual updating has worked for many businesses, but it’s usually time-consuming. In addition, it doesn’t guarantee that you’ll eliminate all the invalid errors.

A validation tool helps you to simplify these procedures and eliminate errors. You can run it regularly as much as you’d love without incurring extra expenses or wasting valuable time.

8. Save On Operational Costs

One of the most important goals of the business is maximizing profit. This happens when you cut expenses and maximize revenue.

However, with wrong addresses, you may incur more costs paying penalties, resending the packages, and hiring more staff to identify and correct the errors. These small costs usually add up and affect the balance sheet of a business.

However, validation tools help reduce these errors and the costs that accompany them. A business can also maximize return on investment by maximizing the conversion per mail. In cases when a business does delivery, a more precise shipment process will save fuel costs.


A business that aims at improving its market strength should, among other things, invest in an address validation tool. When you acquire a validation tool, you’ll invest in something that will cut costs, save you time, and improve your marketing strategy, among other benefits.

Mail validation is an integral part of any organization. The tool offers many benefits to a business and its clients, improving the relationship between them. So, shop around for the right tool and see your business soar.

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