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At present, day to day process of every work is carried out by means of technologies only and especially the internet. Google is holding this whole internet and offering myriad services in different domains. 

The digital world is going on in a rapid and more powerful way than ever through the integration of the internet with different devices, and Google has made a huge part of the contribution to it. The days are gone when electronic devices have to be handled only with manual controls. 

Through the agglomeration of innovative new rising technologies, organizations have the necessity to develop an application for every business aspect. Even if you are suffering issues like google my business suspended you can recover from these issues with just a few clicks. In the same way, through the integration of Artificial intelligence and device functionalities, new features have been derived from Google.

So, what is Google Assistant?

As the name indicates, it is simply an assistant (Virtual assistant), that can be functioned and operated in Google smart devices and mobiles. This Google assistant is functioning by the voice commands as inputs and delivers the necessary output result for the users in a prompt time. The smartphone market is running through the competitive path of business and every year, every brand is launching its own AI-powered features in their smartphones. In the race of Apple’s Siri and Samsung Bixby virtual assistants, Google has its own potential assistant in the competing platform.

Currently, Google’s Home has covered most of the Android smartphones, where the user can simply use their personal assistants by saying ‘ok Google’. This is one of the major technological advancements and by the year 2025, the smartphone is going to be completely equipped with voice command features. People are feeling so comfortable by incorporating Google assistant into their normal daily routine works and favorite actions.

How it arrived?

Google Assistant was first launched in 2016 as a part of Google Home smart speaker and messaging app Allo. At first Google, the assistant was unveiled in Pixel and Pixel XL smartphones and later on, they announced that they are going to allow these services in Android marshmallow and Nougat smartphones. This assistant is enabled with smart displays, speakers, wearable, and cars also, wherein any of these devices, by giving voice command; the user can discover numerous features like music, YouTube, Maps, Traffic, Phone calls, etc. By perfect understanding of commands, the results are so immersive, proactive and interactive.


Automated searches:

Worldwide smartphone users are dramatically shifting towards the virtual searches, where at present most of the people prefer to use the voice search as their primary source of Google search. With the clear directive, assistant evaluates the voice command and provides the appropriate result of the task in a very faster way. Many businesses are developing new techniques to adapt to the voice command SEO, as it is the next primary search of the world.

Screenless interface:

The digital assistant is providing a screenless interface feature through its conversational capabilities, where there is no need for a display screen to navigate the actions. Google Duplex is the new technology which is handling out daily tasks through natural conversations like a human. By these screenless operations, it is much easier and comforts to perform online tasks.

Convenient digital assistant:

In business outsourcing, phone calls play a major role and these digital assistants are able to act as the robot-callers to boost up the business in a quick way. It can optimize the website and phone number, which can take advantage of conversational rhythm to make a call to the client in the convenient time slots.

Business applications:

Chatbots are the next emerging element in the technological gateway, and from various surveys, it is derived that more than 80% of the business needs have a huge demand in chatbots by 2020. At present, there are only limited functionalities, but in the future, this digital assistant can expand its services in a wider path to provide impeccable automated vocal conversations with customers regarding sales operations. By this integration of chatbots with business, a huge amount of time and money can be saved.

Impacts on the business:

For every voice search, Google assistant tends to get the right answer from the list of sites based on their ranking. SEO is an influential factor to drive the business and the future of SEO lies in the voice searches. Business vendors should have some focus on transforming optimizing their website with first quality content that should be accessible for different types of searches.

Users open a Google Home app to search their query and at the end of the search, they are receiving a verbal answer from the assistant. Leveraging the brand website not only gives brand awareness among the audience through the answers, but also it directs the audience towards the mobile app download page, in which the website can get huge traffic. To strive in the traffic competition of WebPages, Google assistant can help a lot. For the brands, who are concerning about the quality of the customer experience, relying on Google assistant is a perfect choice. With more natural language conversation, users can understand the answer for their search more quality than ever in the story format. This leads to pushing the brands to create more engaging contents for the audience.

To stay ahead in the technological competition to grab the online presence, marketers and business vendors should consider embracing their business with Google assistant. By this effective integration only, a business can get wider leads and audiences in the future.

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