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Assets To Add To Your Blog And Boost Its Success



Every brand owner wants their website to circulate the search engine and be visible to – and visited by – numerous people.

While guest posting and agreements to refer to your site with other blogs and pages are terrific and should be a part of your expanding strategy, there are more ways to get into the limelight and improve your page in all senses.

Precisely, paying close attention to the content you post on your site, if you do it at all, should not get overlooked.

Leading a blog and providing highly readable articles related to your niche will secure a stable inflow in followers and, most importantly, customers.

Besides, generating mind-bending and exciting blog posts will guarantee other pages will link to your texts and spread the word about your website.

But you first need to improve your articles to see your content’s views, shares, and links pile up. What should you do? Below are a few assets that will make your posts eye-catching, readable, and valuable to the audience, other websites, and potential partners.

1. Infographics, Charts, Templates, And Other Visual Elements

Nothing can grab people’s attention more than visuals. Things like pictures, animations, and templates carry numerous purposes and aim to move visitors to keep reading and learning more.

For other brands, in turn, visual elements, including but not limited to images and charts, are a sign that content creators treat such tasks seriously and do substantial work before publishing posts.

Remember that it’s almost always best to visualize information and create it in infographics, as it’s simpler to digest and process. Plus, it takes significantly less space to deliver a large portion of information, making it engaging.

Visuals also allow people to spend less time learning new information. You are encouraged to use a tool by vista create to unify your visuals and create a library of formats relevant to different topics.

Internal Links

If you want to keep people on your page for as long as possible, adding internal links to your past texts is a go-to.

Not only will it retain people on your site, but it will also help readers get more familiar with who you are and what you specialize in.

After all, including internal links is as easy as walking in the park because you don’t need to return to previous articles and read them fully. Just ensure to place them naturally in the text.



Attaching quotes from experts in the field can be a game-changer in your post perception. People are inclined to read papers reviewed and backed up by credible individuals.

Other than potential customers, owners of other websites will likely link to your article, seeing it has a backlink from a widely known professional.

Fortunately, getting such quotes isn’t challenging if you approach it correctly. Here is the tip: Ask experts to fill out the survey and answer some questions. Also, don’t forget to seek their permission to include excerpts in your articles.

Social Media Links

Cross-sharing content on various networks is highly encouraged whether you run a blog on a social platform or a personal website. Aside from including easily clickable options to share your posts, remember to promote them in addition.

Doing that will exceed your expectations. Here is a simple way: whenever you roll out content, share it on your page, and ask others to read it, providing reasons for doing so. Asking for a re-share is welcomed, too.

Don’t hesitate to do this on any social media channel you use, be it Facebook, Twitter, or LinkedIn. You can even promote your blog on each platform, but ensure to make such promotions exclusive. Simply reposting content will do you no good.

5. Calls to Action

Calls to Action

Although common and broadly used in blogging, calls to action are the thing the importance of which we can’t stress enough.

Mindlessly dissolving CTAs do more bad than good, so it’s essential to think twice about where to put them so that they call people for action.

Try making a call to action button an extension of the subject you describe in the article. This way, readers will most certainly click and learn more about it.

6. Authoritative Thoughts

Authoritative Thoughts

Operating in a particular field and having intentions to become a heavy-hitter, you have to generate reliable content that poses no second thoughts about its credibility. Yes, it should be debatable, but your stance must have a place to be.

Moreover, it must be verifiable. Adding quotes from field experts is fine, but you need more. And that’s when scholarly and peer-reviewed sources come into play. Research reports and credible news will only add to your blog’s clarity and stimulate more interactions.

7. Finding The Perfect Balance

Perfect Balance

With all those elements provided above, the question regarding the balance may well arise. Do you have to add all of those to your post? You don’t, but the number depends on various factors, like the post’s size and content.

Besides, while described as beneficial, some of the mentioned elements may simply not fit your website, doing you more harm instead.

That’s why an individual analysis before inserting any asset is a must. Overall, if used correctly and in moderation, the mentioned components will elevate your blog to a new level, increasing the number of backlinks and thus letting it go viral.


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