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Top 7 Backward Text Generation Tools for Social Media Profiles



Social media platforms are famous because of their marketing potential.

In a 2021 survey, Facebook was ranked #1 in social media investment; highest quality leads, and returns on investment (ROI) for paid ads.

But, to be noticeable on such platforms, you need exceptional content. Today, we’ll explore that and talk about the 7 backward text generators that can help you notice on social media.

Let’s discover it. 

1. Text Reverse

Text reverse is a toolkit that provides many tools for changing text fonts, mirror text, and reverse Text. This tool is efficient and accurate in generating backward text. With a (yellow) color interface, this tool doesn’t make a hassle about its UI design.

Text Reverse1

Looking one sight to the tool interface, you will know that this tool is too much easy to use.

Below the input text box, you can see the 4 commands. All those commands perform a different function, such as:

  • Reverse Text—use to reverse the text from upside down.
Text Reverse2
  • Reverse Wording—designed to reverse only words, not sentences.
Text Reverse3
  • Flip Text—flip the text upside down, and include sentences.
Text Reverse4
  • Reverse Word’s lettering—work to reverse the letters, not the pattern.

This tool is free to use and requires no registration and no word limit per search, which is good for social media users or influencers who want to generate reverse text of their lengthy content.

2. Reverse Text by Prepostseo

Prepostseo is a toolkit that provides 95+ tools for everyone, especially for SEO experts, content writers, webmasters, and students. But in this topic, we will explore its backward text generator and see how much this tool does its work properly.


With its interface and color grading, this tool doesn’t have any fuss in its user interface design.

Everyone can use this tool, especially social media users, to create unique content posts. You just have to copy/paste the text and put it in the given field. Below the input box, you can see it provides 4 commands which are:

  • Reverse Text—reverse the text upside down
  • Reverse Wording—reverse only words, the sentence remains the same
  • Reverse Each Word’s Lettering—only reverse the letters, and the pattern remains the same
  • Select—use to select the backward generated text and copy it.

This tool is available free on the internet, and everyone can use this tool to generate unique and attractive text.

3. Exotic Fonts

In our list of backward text generators, Exotic fonts are third. This is also a platform that provides different tools to generate altered texts.

Exotic Fonts

Its reverse text also generates upside-down text that you can use in social media profiles; it can be about us, post, profile bio, etc.

Exotic Fonts

After pasting the text in the input field and clicking on the “Generate” button, in results it will generate the text in 3 formats; reverse text, reverse words, and flip the text.

You can copy any generated text by clicking the “Copy” button.

4. Font Bots

In our top list, Font Bots is third because of its advanced features for generating text. It provides different tools, but as we are concerned with backward text generators, here we will explore its backward text generator.

Font Bots

As you can see, instead of reverse text or backward text generator, this tool is named a mirror text generator with an eye-catching color grading. With this tool, we can easily get the reverse text by copying/pasting or writing the text in the input field.

Font Bots

This tool is also free to use, and you can generate backward text with no word limits.

5. Max Ext

MaxExt is an online tool that works to generate reverse text for its users, which they can use to create unique and creative posts. This tool is very easy to use and generates text with no word limits.

This tool differs from others, as it can mention the character, word, and lines count.

After generating the reverse text, you can download it in .txt format by clicking on the download icon.

Max Ext

You can use this tool to generate the backward text, and it is free with no word count limit.

6. DoliTools

DoliTools is a text toolkit that provides many tools that change fonts, direction, and others. This tool also offers a reverse text generator that is free of cost.


This tool has a great and nice-looking interface with perfect color grading. The interface of this tool is easy and you can simply use it without needing any navigation or help.

To generate the backward text, you must write or copy/paste the text in the input box. After that, you can see 3 color buttons: Reverse Text, Mirror Text, and Copy below the input box.

Simply click on “Reverse Text,” and it will generate the backward text for you.

Reverse Text

After generating the text, click on the “Copy” button, and the text will be copied. You can use the copied reverse text in your social media profiles.

7. ThumbTube

ThumbTube is a toolkit that provides several tools, but it is mainly known for reverse text generators. You can easily get the text from this tool and don’t have to brainstorm.


The use of ThumbTube is quite easy. You just have to copy and paste the text into the input box.

Then select the option “Reverse Text,” which will generate the backward text.


You can copy the reverse text by clicking on the “Copy Flipped Text” button. This tool is free with no word limits; anyone can use it without registration.

Why Use Reverse Text for Social Media Profiles?

Reverse text is one of the most engaging types on social media. People use it for many purposes to make their content or presence unique. Using reverse text in a bio or name can make your profile look attractive.

Now imagine if a social media account did this; it would stand out and improve its chances of being seen by its target audience.

Importance of Unique Social Media Profiles

Social media is a powerful tool for reaching your audience. However, having a unique social media presence is important to stand out from the crowd.

Still, it is more important to have a unique social media profile as it helps in attracting more followers and also helps to interact with the audience. The benefits of having an exclusive social media profile are:

1. It helps to create an online existence
2. Help increase the number of subscribers
3. Help interact with the public

Furthermore, a unique social media profile isn’t just about your profile and its position relative to your competitors. It is also about the type of content you post. This is why it is important to create content as unique as possible.

So, in this topic, we will show you the 07 best backward text generation tools to help you create unique content.


Above mentioned tools are very easy to use and require no registration process before using them. Along with these, they all are free, and all their premium features are available for free.

All these significant tools can help you to generate backward text, which you can use for various purposes like creating unique social media profiles posting content on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Pinterest, etc. These tools can help you with that.

Comment down your favorite backward text generation tool.


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