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How To Get BlueSky Invite Code And Join This New Social Media Platform?



Social media platforms have expanded dramatically to become the best place to communicate with others globally. Apart from its status as a communication platform, it has become an essential digital marketing platform as well for all types of businesses. However, a new platform has emerged, and everyone seems to be asking for the BlueSky Invite Code to get into it. 

Having a use similar to Twitter, BlueSky aims to be bigger than its rivals by introducing new protocols to enhance online communication. With Bluesky being a new platform that’s still in closed beta, you cannot use it unless you have an invite code sent by them.

But how do you get this coveted BlueSky invite code? Are there any necessary requirements and qualifications for getting this code? 

If you wish to know the answer to this question, then you are in the right place. Read this post till the end to learn how to get an invite code for joining the BlueSky closed beta.

What Is BlueSky?

What Is BlueSky

Right now, Bluesky is the brainchild of Jack Dorsey, the ex-CEO and co-founder of Twitter. 

After quitting Twitter before it became a boiling pot of mess called X (smart move), he decided to hire ex-Twitter engineer Jay Graber as the CEO of BlueSky. Together, they started the BlueSky invite-only beta to create a decentralized social network.

BlueSky is exactly like Twitter, minus the toxicity (so far). Primarily a microblogging platform, you can also share images and videos as well. If you know what Twitter is (sorry, X), you know what BlueSky is. If you have never used X, start using Threads now!

How To Get A BlueSky Invite Code In 2023?

How To Get A BlueSky Invite Code In 2023

Getting a BlueSky invite code free is as tough as stopping Elon Musk from running X to the ground. While you cannot control Mr. Musk at all, it’s easier to get this invite code to some extent.

Want to get into BlueSky and check out all its features? You can do so with a BlueSky invite code since the platform is still in closed beta. It has not been officially launched yet.

But how do you get this code? It’s simple! All you need to do is read this section here! I have explained in detail the exact process that I used to get into BlueSky.

Currently, there are two ways to get this code. Therefore, it’s recommended to use both these processes to get an invite to use BlueSky:

1. Join The Waitlist

Join The Waitlist

The official method of getting a BlueSky invite code is to join its ever-expanding list of waiting members. By using this method, you have to enter the BlueSky waitlist in order to get an invitation code.

However, one of the biggest drawbacks of this method is that it’s pretty uncertain. Along with the fact that it might take a long time to get the invite, code, you might not get it as well. It’s not like the Facebook Code Generator

As of now, there are no official requirements or qualifications to get the code. Users are selected at random from the waitlist. Therefore, even if you sign up for the waitlist now, people signing up later might get them first. It’s all a game of luck here.

In addition, many users have reported that they got their invite codes after waiting for months.

With that being said, if you want to join BlueSky waitlist, follow the steps explained below:

  1. First, head over to the official BlueSky website (just click here).
  2. As you open this web Page, you will see two options – “Create a new account” and “Sign In.” Click on the first option.
  3. Next, you have to select your hosting provider. It’s recommended that you select the “BlueSky (Default)” hosting provider here.
  4. On the next page, you will see an input box where you must enter your invitation code. Since you don’t have it yet, click on the “Join the waitlist” option.
  5. As you click on the option, you will be requested to provide your email address. Enter it here and then click on “Join Waitlist.”

That’s it! Now, all you have to do is simply wait and have your fingers crossed. You can also learn how to use Pinterest for blogging while you wait.

2. Ask Other BlueSky Users

Ask Other BlueSky Users

To make it slightly easier for people to get the BlueSky invite code, users can send codes to others.

Every week, existing BlueSky users get one BlueSky invite code, which they can share with others. Therefore, if you have a friend or acquaintance who is a BlueSky user, ask them for the invite code. They literally act as a BlueSky invite code generator on a weekly basis!

So what are you waiting for? Ask your friends to see if any of them have gotten into BlueSky or not. If they have, don’t forget to ask for the BlueSky invite code!

However, your BlueSky friend can only send this code to only one person. Sometimes, people end up sharing the code with a few friends, with the earliest bird among them getting the worm. This is why many see the “Bluesky Invite Code not accepted” pop-up. Ask your friend why.

Features Of BlueSky Social

The BlueSky Social app is currently available only for Android and iOS users. Therefore, after you get the BlueSky Social Invite code, download the app from the Google Play Store (Android) or from the Apple App Store (iPhone/iPad).

After you download it, all you need to do is enter the BlueSky invite code you have received. This will give you access to all of its features, such as:

AT Protocol

AT Protocol

The biggest feature of BlueSky Social is the innovative use of the AT Protocol. 

This protocol is a new system of social media decentralization. In simple terms, it allows you to port your social media account from one platform to another. 

As an example, let’s say you have an account on Instagram. Now, you can take your account – your username, all the posts you have shared, and even your DMs – directly over to another platform (like Twitter). 

This basically allows you to start building your social media presence on multiple platforms using the same account. No starting over from scratch when you join a new platform (and create a new account). 

Meta has somewhat implemented this, creating a portable network across all their major platforms – Facebook, Instagram, and Threads.

So far, only a few new apps have started to incorporate this feature. Here, the most notable ones are the two best Twitter clones – BlueSky and Mastodon. 

Skeeting & Hellthreading

Skeeting & Hellthreading

Skeeting in BlueSky refers to simply posting. Just like how Twitter has Tweets, BlueSky users unofficially call these posts Skeets (a portmanteau of Sky and Tweet). 

However, BlueSky creator Jack Dorsey hates the word skeet (because it’s slang for…ahem…male ejaculation). Users will have many features that make it as useful as the TikTok Creative Center, but I haven’t tried them all out. 

Hellthreading remains the same as it is on Twitter – a Tweet so toxic that a million people got involved. Sometimes, you see Tweets that have millions of comments and hundreds of sub-threads – creating a notification hell upon involvement. It became such a mess that no one gets to find the original comment that started it all!


Now that you know how to get BlueSky invite code, it’s time to start! You can either join their waitlist or ask any of your lucky friends who already received invite codes. I expect BlueSky to be what Twitter tried to be (but X is far from it now). 

Therefore, I see a rivalry between BlueSky, Mastodon, and Threads piling up slowly. Let’s see who gets the crowd in the end! If you need any other help, comment your questions down below!

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