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The power of link building is immense for SEO despite the often-heard hue and cry about any of it being spammy and dead. For effective SEO performance, link building remains as potent as before and a pillar of your SEO strategy that contributes to its performance. Links are directly responsible for increasing organic searches, and this is why it is still central to any SEO strategy.

To maximize the long-term benefits for your website, you must practice each link building practice strategically instead of considering it as some static tactic aimed at manipulating search engines. Link building is an effective tool for building relationships and giving value to users, and you must look upon it as a long-term investment for better SEO performance.

The importance of link building

Search engines have become more sophisticated and keep updating its algorithms to provide the best user experience by presenting the most appropriate answer to search queries.  However, to identify what content would be useful for users, search engines still rely on third parties and users. To bridge the gap effectively, links play a crucial part.  Links serve a citation in research, enhance the value of web pages, helps in indexing isolated pages, provides referral traffic and builds relationships within the niche of your business. The functionality of websites enhances considerably due to effective link building. To receive professional assistance and guidance in link building and other SEO strategies, log on to

Authoritative and relevant backlinks matter most

All links are not alike, and you must create the right balance between the quality and quantity of links by gathering insights about the links that you target and even those that you already have in inventory. By using some tools like Majestic and Ahrefs, you can see through the links pointing to your website to understand its quality.  Link quality depends largely on the kind of authority demonstrated by the website or the domain from where it originates and how much relevant it is for users.

Keeping the above in mind, you must explore some advanced link building techniques discussed here that can provide the maximum returns.

 Link reclamation

The links that you acquire do not remain intact throughout because when websites change URLs or remove pages, it results in broken links. It is very frustrating if you suddenly find some links that you had earned with lots of effort, disappear suddenly. Link losses can happen if the page that you linked with does not exist anymore and shows 404 error, redirects to another page with 301 or Google does not index the page, or the website owner/ author removes the page.

Link reclamation is the process of regaining links that you have lost by creating a list of links with old URLs and anchor text as well as new URLs and the location of broken links and then by understanding what caused the disruption to take action for reclaiming it.

Broken link building

link building

The process is similar to link reclamation and involves almost similar strategies with an exclusive focus on leveraging broken links only from every nook and corner of the web. By using the Google Chrome extension, you can find any broken links that exist on your page when you conduct research. However, to find out the entire inventory of broken links, it is advisable to use Ahrefs or SEMrush for doing some topic research. Another way to have a list of broken links is to scrape blogs and educational resources in your niche by using a tool like ScreamingFrog.

With the list in hand, you can recreate or improve upon the page by approaching publishers to request them for replacing broken links with some high-quality content that you can provide.

Resource link building

Resource link building is the process of getting your website included or mentioned on the page of a website that lists various resources. In the process, your website gains authority as a reliable resource and many other websites would be eager to link with you thereby enhancing the possibilities of acquiring new links. It becomes easy to connect to some awesome content on other websites because resource pages are created exclusively for the purpose. Although the process of resource link building entails manual outreach with a low success rate, the gains are quite significant because it generates quality traffic and builds the authority of your website.

Skyscraper technique

To overcome the challenge of creating high-quality content that attracts links, it is easier to adapt the skyscraper technique that consists of gathering popular content that earns lots of links and use it as inspiration for creating even better content that naturally attracts more backlinks and helps to build relationships with the right people. The technique does away with the hard work of indigenously creating high-quality content as you reconstruct content that has already become popular and use your creativity to make it even more popular.  You start with an advantage and sure of gaining from it without taking any chances.  You must use some tools to analyze high-ranking content and find content that enjoys high sharing and once you find it, revamp it and see how backlinks start flowing in.

Gain thought leadership

Positioning yourself as a thought leader in your niche is one of the effective ways to build links and earn recognition. It consists of contributing your thoughts on topics to demonstrate your expertise wisdom and show how much you care about it.  To become a thought leader, you must have a finger on the pulse of the industry to which you belong and have a desire to inspire and educate readers related to your industry.  Once people recognize your importance, they would naturally like to link with you to derive value from their interactions with you and in the process, you gain valuable links. The process ensures that you receive only high-quality links because people who are seeking value would only be interested in linking with you.

Link building when done rightly provides high returns and remains as important as before to both marketers and search engines.

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