Simple Tips to Boost Social Shares of Your Small Business

Simple Tips to Boost Social Shares of Your Small Business



Creating a social media account on any social network of your choice does not mean that you have a presence on social networks or that you have good Digital Marketing strategies. For your brand to be alive, it needs to be seen, likes and have its content shared by followers. But to get your followers to share more and more of your content you need to take some measures and strategies. There are a few ways you can influence your followers to share what you produce beyond what is already known (which is quality content essential for Inbound Marketing and Content Marketing). In this article, I am going to share 7 simple tips to boost social shares of your small business.

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1. Talk to Your Audience

You know when you call a friend for that bar talk? That nice chat that makes you wants to stay there all the time? Keeping the right proportions, this is what your brand needs to get your fan to share more of your content: you need to be close to your follower. When you want to say something, talk. Know what he wants. Talk using audience language, the same way of speaking. If your audience is intelligent, use technical words. If your audience uses slang to communicate, do not hesitate to use them. Never forget their age and their tastes. In this way, your brand not only creates a bond but also trust and credibility so that it can share quality content on social networks.

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2. Get Creative

Be original and creative because when we look for good content through social networks we hope to read what is new, interesting if you post something that the reader has read before, it will not show interest in your content, so will not share it. So new content, something the reader is learning or reading for the first time, will be of greater importance and will make him share with his friends and other people.

3. Set The Example

If you are not getting shares on social networks, use the mirror technique. When you participate indirectly in the success of others, what you see is usually that they help and post your content on their page. This technique greatly helps people to believe in the truth of their work. But do not leave sharing anything: do not forget your target. Another thing to be taken into consideration is not filling the timeline of your followers with too many posts. This can affect negatively, since with a simple “deslike” they may fail to follow your brand. If you create quality and relevant content, the possibilities for sharing are much greater.

4. Fool? No Way!

Misleading your follower should never be your strategy. The lie has a short leg and this does very badly for your brand. It loses credibility. Unfortunately, many brands still find that using controversial, lying, and dubious titles is a way for people to share more content. In a way, it may even be true. However, this only happens until the follower realizes that he is being deceived and stops sharing. Or worse: fail to follow your brand. Not to mention the negative comments that may appear in each post. After so much time accustomed to online life, users are no longer simple people using the social network. So do not tease them or cheat them.

5. Be Quick

Be brief, the world of social networking is fast messaging, as many of your followers do not give much time or attention to long and tiring articles and texts, so in order to get their attention, write your content in the summary form, always with images and videos, be brief but pass your messages. This will increase your chances of being read and shared.

6. Right Time

Publish it at the right time, just write great content following the tips and guidelines are not enough to reach a wider audience. Post your articles when your fans and followers are more willing and interested to share information, for example with a younger audience, they would be more active during the nights on weekdays and in the afternoon and evening on weekends Then, if you plan to post your articles in those periods, you would bring a bigger audience to your followers, the chance of receiving more shares and tanned ones would be much bigger.

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7. Tell a Story

Have you noticed that novels never end a chapter without a hook for the next? The same happens with books, comics, novels, films that have more than a part, etc. Telling a story creates a consumer expectation. That’s what your brand needs. If your brand talks about technical things, but still needs to be shared, invent an emotive form. For when people identify with content, they automatically share it. Showing something that is good for you is the normal and ordinary of people. Try to get out of the common place. You can tell a funny story, create new characters, or even transpose real-life people into the online world. The key here is to use creativity to attract and retain your follower.


Create different posts, think outside the box and never end a post without feeding the curiosity of your readers for a next post or subject. There are several ways to get more shares on social networks. Here, we show some effective strategies for your content to be seen by more and more people. But do not stop here. Creating quality articles, videos, and viral videos requires a lot of creative work. Let your imagination fly. Do not cut your wings. Think of everything, as crazy as it may seem, and only then begin to see what is really necessary, important and must be carried forward. Always respect your follower, do not use inappropriate words, put sharing buttons on your blog, post quality photos whether on Instagram, Pinterest, Facebook or Twitter are other examples of how to get your followers to share your content.

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