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Key to Brand Building: Create an Emotional Bond with the Customer



According to a study, Branding is termed as the marketing practice of establishing a name, symbol, or a specific design that differentiates a product from the rest of the products. Additionally, 75% of customers who feel a strong connection to a brand are likely to spend thrice as much as those who don’t. Brands help in creating majestic levels of customer advocacy by connecting emotionally with their target audiences.

So what is this emotional branding?

A reputed Brand is very much relatable to creating an emotional bond with your customers. This includes a journey of emotions that you put in your branding strategies from the brand development, artwork, logo designing, slogans, advertising forums, social media engagements, etc. all this adds to how a customer feels about your business? Do they feel engaged or valued? And many such relevant questions.

Emotions work both in the B2B and B2C environments. But why create an emotional connection? It helps to create profitability, productivity, and uniqueness for the business.

In this blog, we’ll be highlighting some of our pointers that will help you in gaining better insights on how you might use emotional connections to drive loyalty and success for your brand.

1. Brand Loyalty is Driven By Building Customer Trust and Connections

Gaining the trust of customers is a challenging task but challenges are opportunities. There are various rational considerations like cost, promotions, deliverables, quality, etc. by which a company loses its customers.

According to Deloitte, when a positive and emotional connection is built with a brand, 95% of the customers stay loyal with it, 85% spend more on it, and 92% advocate the brand on behalf of it. So to increase your value, you must create a wide range of effective branding strategies that deliver exciting offers and experiences at the right time. By understanding what your audience wants from you, what they value, and delivering them their expectation with transparency will surely build trust and long term relationships.

2. Ways to Create Successful Emotional Connection and Trust with your Customers

Always remember “Right Message at Right Time”, this helps in connecting with your targeting audience more emotionally. It represents your sense of understanding your customers. If you are a brick and mortar store, you should still pursue building a brand and attracting local customers in various ways. One of the good old ways are business signs and companies like Landmark custom signs are there to help elevate your brand.

A robust and reliable CRM platform will help you gain better and deeper customer insights as it captures real-time customer data from various channels and convert it into a single, unified 360-degree view of the target audience. This information helps in gathering predictive analysis that might help in delivering accurate and actionable insights for better customer engagement. Based on such analysis, it is easy for you to create strategic branding for scaling your business procedures and functions that will best serve your audience just the way they want it.

3. Delivering Best User Experiences

Customers are impatient and sometimes repulsive so it is important to deliver the best user experience to keep them engaged. According to a study, it is believed the customer rate your brand based on their emotional connectivity to it instead of the facts and information given. For delivering the best user experience, know your customers, and create solutions accordingly.

4. Optimize the User Experience with Usability Testing and Research

No matter how to advance your products are, or what technology you are using, User Experience is the main brand differentiator in the digital-driven world. Exceptional UX is the top priority and can be achieved by delivering the exact demands of the customers.

Business often confuses user experience with usability. UX is how the person is feeling while interacting with the product whereas usability is a part of UI and describes the ease of access, learn, and usage of the product. Usability testing provides insights about usability problems, product design, data about the user’s performance, and user satisfaction with the product. It is done so that the changes can be implemented based on the insights and users can leverage the benefits of a flawless product.

5. Constant Reliable Branding and Understand Your Customer’s Concerns

Strong trust is built when people know what to expect from other people. This same thing works in favor of building brand loyalty. When the customers know what to expect from their brand and receive consistent fulfillment of the expectations, they remain loyal and happy Delight your customers with reliable and great services to make your brand their top choice. It is very essential to give importance to your customer’s voice at every stage of branding.


A customer always looks for more in a brand than just a transaction. Brands should foster an emotional bonding with the customers so that they can stick on them. Understand your customers, deliver according to the demands, and keep your customers happy. The emotional bond with your customers can create a considerable amount of increase in business revenue and loyalty over time.

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