Build An Engaged Instagram Following

How To Build An Engaged Instagram Following

With so many Instagram accounts to follow, it takes time for followers to discover new content. That’s why brands should promote their posts with a call-to-action in the caption, creative, or story.

Do Instagram promotions work? Investing in paid promotions on Instagram can greatly increase brand awareness and engagement rates. Instagram users are likelier to follow an account that regularly engages with them. Responding thoughtfully to comments, DMs, and the content they tag you in will build a strong reciprocal relationship.

Use The Right Hashtags

Use The Right Hashtags

Instagram hashtags allow you to connect with a larger audience and become discoverable to potential customers. Use them wisely, however: too many generic or branded hashtags can make your content seem spammy and unoriginal.

Instagram calls to action (CTAs) are important for driving engagement. They can be included in a post caption, an Instagram story, or the free Link in Bio tool.

A well-rounded social media suite allows you to understand the nuances of each platform and its users. This includes understanding what types of posts drive engagement when to post them, and how to respond to your followers.

Be Consistent

A consistent posting schedule shows current and potential followers that you’re reliable and dependable. Plus, it allows you to test and learn what content your audience responds best to, like our study that found that Instagram carousels drive the most engagement.

Memes, videos, stories, and other content that incorporates elements of storytelling and authenticity can help you stand out from competitors and create a deeper connection with your audience. You can even use Instagram to convert your authentic followers into email subscribers by creating a clickable incentive in your posts that leads to an effective mailing list submission form. This way, you can start nurturing your new relationships.

Encourage Comments

A post’s engagement rate considers the number of likes, comments, and saves and divides it by its total follower count. This metric can help you understand the overall sentiment of your followers and identify what type of content your audience responds to best.

Memes are a fun way to drive engagement on Instagram. They’re lighthearted and entertaining, and people are likelier to comment on them than a photo of your product.

You can also encourage engagement on your Instagram Stories by using the Poll and Questions stickers to conduct quizzes and surveys. And remember to respond to comments on your posts!

Ask Questions

The Question sticker in Instagram Stories is a powerful tool for collecting customer feedback and amplifying audience engagement. You can use it from getting reviews of your current products and services to get real-time insights on the product or service you plan to launch.

Try to ask questions that elicit short, 2- to 5-word answers. This way, you can get a feel for what your audience responds to best—whether that’s asking them their favourite movie or whether they’re morning or night people.

You can also add music to your Stories with the Question or Poll stickers—adding a soundtrack will enhance the experience and increase your chances of a high response rate.

Share Other People’s Content

The content of your Instagram profile should be authentic and relatable to your audience. But sometimes, it’s important to branch out and share other people’s and brands’ content.

For example, you can find a viral meme relevant to your industry and repost it on your Instagram account with a link to the source. This shows that you’re paying attention to the community and are not just a bot.

Remember to use the Instagram Collabs feature to post collaborative content with other users. This will increase your engagement rate and build trust with followers. Lastly, monitor Instagram analytics and utilize social media tools like Brandwatch.

Stay Engaged

You can experiment with a variety of content to drive engagement on Instagram. Try single-image Instagram feed posts, carousels, IGTV videos, and stories.

To reach more people, try live sessions on Instagram or Facebook. They often receive double the engagement that pre-recorded videos do.

User-generated content can also be a great way to increase engagement. It’s a win-win for both you and your followers: they get to share content with their friends, and you gain credibility by using authentic customer feedback. You can also boost engagement by posting at peak times and through contests. Keep trying new things until you find what works best for your brand.

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