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How To Feature Channels On Youtube? A Step By Step Guide



Do you have a YouTube channel? And there, have you ever featured your friend’s YouTube channel? If you don’t know anything about that feature, let me tell you you can easily add a list of featured channels.

This way, you can help a lot of other YouTube channels grow, and that is how you strengthen a community. This is done without even using other platforms on social media. YouTube has a strong community among creators, where they collab with each other and also feature each other’s work for promotion.

But if you want to have a section for featured videos on your channel, then there are certain things you need to have an idea about.

You need to know,

  1. What is a featured channel on YouTube?
  2. How you can feature other videos on your on YouTube channel?
  3. Why you cannot feature other videos on your on YouTube channel?

TIP: Make sure that before you promote another YouTube channel, you have a good number of subscribers. Your first priority should be growing your channel first.

In order to further boost your channel, be a member of the YouTube Partner Program. Every single YouTuber should be a member of this program to be able to make money for their videos on YouTube.

Suppose you are adding your friend’s video to your homepage on YouTube. That means you are promoting the YouTube channel and content of your friend.  While featuring videos, you need to make sure that kind of video will be liked by your audience.

This way, you can help your friend to gain a good number of subscribers as well. If you’re thinking of featuring videos of others, they should be from someone good and aligns with your content.

This way, your channel will gain subscribers, and the other channels will also gain subscribers through you. So it’s a win-win situation for both parties.

Now that we have an understanding of what featured videos are and how they can be beneficial for both parties. Let’s find out how to feature other channels on youtube.

How To Feature Channels On Youtube

If this is your first time featuring channels on YouTube, then you might not know how to do that; it can get a little bit tricky for you. But no need to worry as I am going to give you a step by step guide.. 

Follow these steps given below,

  • Step 1

Open the YouTube Channel.

  • Step 2

Go straight to the top right corner, and click on the account icon on YouTube.

  • Step 3

Click on Customize channel on the YouTube channel page.

  • Step 4

Click on Customization on YouTube studio

  • Step 5

Here click on “add featured channels” after clicking on the channels button. 

  • Step 6

You need to assign a name to that section.

  • Step 7 

Then you have to add the featured channel’s URL to the space given. These can be the channels you are not a subscriber of.

  • Step 8

Now you can order the channels after you have given a name and the URL to the featured channel section.

In 2021, if you are searching for “how to feature channels on youtube 2021”, then you would find arrow keys to order them. But in 2022, you can simply drag the channels to keep them in order.

  • Step 9

Finally, you will see the trach button, through which you can delete the YouTube channels you don’t want from the list.

Now that you have successfully added featured videos to your YouTube profile, you can now easily edit and modify them. After you are done editing and adding the videos to your YouTube account, your audience can visit other channels through yours.

Now some of you who use your phones more often than computers might ask me how you feature videos on youtube through mobile. For them, I must tell you, the process is not at all different.

Both how to feature channels on youtube on phone and on your computer are the same. Everything you will be doing is through the YouTube app. And the app has a similar interface for both mobile and computer.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

1. Can I Feature Other Youtube Videos On My Channel? 

Yes, you can always add other YouTube videos as features on your channel if they are given the Creative common license to them.

2.  What Does Featured Means On Youtube?

Featured channel means the videos that YouTube thinks are made for their site’s algorithm, but it is not always so. A featured channel is also a channel that has a certain amount of videos that may or may not be based on YouTube’s site algorithm.

3. What Are The Benefits Of Having Your Own Channel?

There are about seven benefits of having your own YouTube, and they are,

1. Give a lot more creative content for your audience.
2. Generate more traffic for your content.
3. Another way of earning money for yourself.
4. The channel is like an outlet for your creativity.
5. Unlike other platforms, YouTube gives you more creative freedom.

4. How Do I Delete A Featured Channel From Your Youtube Mobile?

If you wanna delete a featured channel from your YouTube mobile, then just follow the steps given below,

1. Ope Studio content manager.
2. Select the Channels option from the menu on the left.
3. Now click on the box beside the channel that you  want to delete.
4. Finally, tap on unlink and then confirm.
5. There you go, you have successfully deleted a featured channel from your YouTube account.

Wrapping Up!

Now that you know how to feature channels on YouTube, you can easily do them now. Just by following these steps, you can easily make videos appear on your homepage. 

It is an effective way to promote other creators on YouTube and also build a strong community of creativity. 

But when you are featuring certain videos, you need to make sure that they align with your content and are appropriate for your audience. If your audience is primarily minors, then featuring mature videos might not be a good idea.

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