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How to Plan Your Instagram TV Strategy

The use of Instagram TV strategy (IGTV) is a game-changer for this social platform. The new addition to this application has transformed this platform from a photo-sharing channel to a video sharing one. With these vast transitions, marketers still have a lot to learn about the Instagram TV strategy.

This article brings forward some tips to help you to reach new heights with your Instagram TV strategy. However, it is crucial to understand the meaning of the phrase Instagram TV strategy before we move forward.

What is IGTV?


Are you a seasoned marketer or avid Instagram user? If the answer is yes, then you could be familiar with the term IGTV. It is a new addition to the Instagram application that allows people to watch long types of videos. You can either do this via the stand-alone IGTV app or the main Instagram app.

You will get fantastic content that is readily accessible on the IGTV on Instagram. The challenge with this platform is that it has not taken off. An average user on Instagram spends close to 53 minutes each day on this application.

This figure is low, given the fact that 38% of the users open this application multiple times in a day. However, these statistics should not discourage you from pursuing the Instagram TV strategy. These numbers will continue to increase as the app becomes more popular.

The good news is that IGTV is not oversaturated with online marketers who are fighting for attention. Therefore, it allows marketers to make innovations on a channel they can potentially own. Are you ready for the Instagram TV strategy challenge? Here are some of the tips that will make sure you succeed.

How to Plan Your Instagram TV Strategy:

1. Know Your Audience:


Instagram is one of the social platforms that are booming in the modern world. The platform has over 500 active users every day. Eighty percent of these people use Instagram Stories daily. Both men and women equally use Instagram with the most active ages ranging from 18 to 34 and 35 to 44.

Therefore, you will be sure of having numbers when you invest your resources in Instagram. The Instagram TV strategy is one of the most innovative ways of engaging with your target audience on social media.

You will achieve your goals better when you understand the expectations of your target audience. Take time to learn the needs of your customers before you develop an effective Instagram TV strategy. It will make sure that you are using the right approach in Instagram marketing.

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2. Format Matters:

The design of IGTV is for vertical video, and you have to keep this in mind as you shoot and upload your footage. Most people will not be willing to switch the orientation of their screen when viewing your content. Therefore, shoot vertically or edit your horizontal footage to the vertical format.

The format plays a critical role in the success of your Instagram TV strategy. Most people go wrong at this point, and you should not be part of them. Be keen to use the vertical format if you want your Instagram TV efforts to succeed.

3. Keep it Short:

IGTV videos can run up to one hour without any problem. However, you still have to keep the videos as short as possible and sweet. The best footage can run between two to five minutes in length. It will make sure that viewers do not lose interest in your content.

For instance, no one will be willing to view a 10-minute video that reviews a new product. The best Instagram TV strategy uses short videos that are straight to the point. No one should overlook this tip when uploading IGTV videos.

4. Change it Up:

It will take you time to light and set up a particular location for your IGTV video shooting. However, this should not be reason enough only to use one spot. Use several sites will create videos that are visually appealing to your audience.

This tip is not just for Instagram TV content alone. You can also apply it in all your video content. Social media has a high level of competition, and you need to create fresh new visuals to engage your audience. If you continue using the same tired backdrop, there are high chances that your audience will scroll past the videos.

5. Keep the Content Relevant:

Content Relevant

The use of social media analytics will give you great insights about your target audience. Identify their origin, age group, and social media affinities. This information will help you in fueling the content creation process.

Make sure you keep diversity in front of your mind when creating your content. The best Instagram TV strategy includes spokespersons from various backgrounds, races, orientation, and genders, to name a few. You can get an audience persona template to use at this point.

6. Be a Teacher:

instagram teacher

Using a tutorial-style video will engage the audiences that you already have on Instagram and bring new ones. There are different ways you can use the “How-to” videos that are useful to your audience. There is a high demand for DIY content in the market.

Therefore, you need to find the best ways of integrating such content in your Instagram TV strategy. For instance, an FMCG brand can think of creating new and easy-to-follow recipes. Fashion brands can give their audience valuable outfit combination tips.

The possibilities are endless when it comes to the implementation of Instagram TV strategy. The secret is to find out what will work best for your brand.

7. Going Behind the Scenes:


Your brand or organization could be having some cool stuff in the works. You need to take advantage of this by showing your followers and fans what is taking place behind the scenes. It could be a conference your staff is attending or an office tour.

It is a great step towards humanizing your brand and has a high ROI. Going behind the scenes will take your IGTV efforts to the next level.

8. Innovative Promotional Videos:

Innovative Promotional Videos

Most Instagram marketers use simple, promotional videos to showcase their new products. It is better to take a new approach and get a charismatic member of your team show off the features of your products and services that most people often overlook.

It is an excellent way of showing your existing clients different content. It will also impress your potential customers and new audiences.

9. Conducting a Games Show:

Games Show

So many people all over the world know and love game shows. You should try to replicate the same format in a way that can promote your brand. It may sound hard to do this, but there are several angles of doing it.

For instance, a perfume brand can allow two people to guess the most popular scent of the fragrance. These people can write them down on whiteboards and display them to the camera.

This suggestion is just one of the ideas. The good thing with the game show format is that it invests viewers on your content. There are high chances that they will stick around to the end as they want to witness the winner.

10. Sharing Knowledge:

You are the only one who understands your business most. You can use the Instagram TV strategy to share visual information in a fun way. It is easy to carry out this step as you won’t be doing any research.

You only need to pick a topic that you are passionate about. The subject that you choose should also relate to your brand. Apart from building brand awareness, it will promote your workers as authority figures in your niche.

11. Conducting an Interview:


Instagram is an excellent strategy for discovering and striking collaborations with industry influencers. You can use Instagram TV to host valuable interviews with influencers in your industry. Using these resources is easy, and they allow you to tap in the audience of the influencer.

12. Subtitles:

Instagram TV allows users to add subtitles to their video content. This feature comes with several benefits to your Instagram TV strategy. First, you could be having hard-to hear or deaf follower and viewers on Instagram.

Subtitles will make sure that your media is as accessible as possible to everyone. The second reason is that close to 85% of the population watch Instagram and Facebook videos without sound. Given that several people consume video content on mute, you can miss out on so many views.

We also have so many people who consume content on the go. Therefore, you have to make sure that your Instagram TV content is user-friendly.

13. Use Pop-Up Text:

Pop-Up Text

Apart from the subtitles, the pop-up text is another way of passing across your message. It is one of the best ways to make your video content more engaging. Unlike subtitles, pop-ups allow you to put animated text in your content.

It is one of the best additions to your Instagram TV strategy. You can experiment on this and overlook the traditional rule of thirds. You can use pop-ups to reiterate the main point with the on-screen text throughout the Instagram video.

14. Using Hashtags:

Hashtags are not just for traditional Instagram posts. You can also include them in the description and caption of your IGTV post. Shy away from the hashtags that are overused like #follow, #business, and #food, among others.

You should strike a balance between the uses of brand-specific hashtags. However, don’t be too specific as this will make it impossible for people to find your content online. Hashtags are an excellent addition to your Instagram TV strategy.

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15. Pay Close Attention to Your Cover Photos:

The good thing about Instagram IGTV is that it allows users to choose cover images for their video. The picture that you choose appears on your Instagram Feed once you publish the video. It helps your audience to determine whether they will click on your video or just scroll past it.

Do your research well to get an engaging photo but the Instagram algorithm can help you to choose one. The challenge is that what the platform chooses randomly may not be what the video is about.

16. Promote Across Social Networks:

Your video can get so many views in the first 24 hours after publication. Promoting the video across several social media networks will give is the highest possible number of views. Let your followers know that they can get exciting and new content from your brand.

17. Tease Your Instagram TV Episodes:

You can also promote your video on the Instagram platform itself. For instance, before the IGTV segment goes live, create an Instagram story to test the new video. Publish a post in the feed and go live to discuss the fresh content.

You can do this a day of a few hours before going live. It can be hard to predict the algorithm. The best Instagram strategy is taking it in your hands and promoting your content where possible.

18. Be On-Brand:


Even though the Instagram TV strategy is a new format, the content that you create should follow the guidelines of your brand. As you brainstorm your Instagram TV segments, include branded marketing items that promote the logos and colors of your brand.

You may also go for a more creative approach and encourage people that your video features to put on a branded outfit.

19. Measure Your Results:

You will know how your Instagram TV strategy is performing by measuring your results. Instagram has in-app analytics that measures the demographics and views of people who consume your content. Most of the other social media networks don’t have this feature.

Keep tabs on your video content and check to see whether there are significant changes over time. Play around with the posting times, topics, and promotion techniques to get what will work best for your brand.


Using Instagram TV strategy is a creative and fun way to engage with your audience. It is a less competitive format because the invention is still new. Some planning and long term strategy will guarantee you success on IGTV. Contact [email protected] to get help in developing the best Instagram TV strategy for your brand.

Are you still hungry for more content on Instagram TV strategy? Share your feelings here for further discussions.

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