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Everybody knows the power of Instagram. Great companies like coca cola, Nike, Adidas, and much more dominate this space. Companies that are established do not have a problem getting results and engagement. It is not necessary to have an enterprise-sized firm to get value from Instagram. As a matter of fact, the application gives small business owners to pose an enormous competition with its peers. If you do not know how to use Instagram marketing for your business, then you are sleeping on a gold mine of opportunities. You need to put in place the right techniques that will classify you, not like any other business but a strong competitor in the market. Below are strategies and tips that will help you become successful while marketing on Instagram.

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Be creative

You need to focus on the solutions you provide and not selling. While using Instagram, it is crucial to give your customers value attractively. You do not have to forget that the most vital asset in the social realm is content. If your business focuses on providing services, you need to showcase the processes underlying the service. Share your company’s mission, showcase the culture to the world, or you just share how-tos and tips. This platform enables you to upload videos of up to one minute in length and share photos.

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You can use the Instagram stories option because it has a live slideshow format that you can save on your device for future use. This feature competes with the snap chat option, and it gives benefits like displaying stories on top of the timeline of the follower under the logo. You can use this option to capture events that are happening behind the scenes but do not have to be of high quality. It makes it easy to experiment with other content types like videos, photos, live videos, rewound videos, and boomerang.

Create a winning profile


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As a firm, there is a high probability that you offer many solutions and do a lot of activities. You do not have to fit all things within one hundred characters. You need to put the focus on what matters most or an important USP – whether it is a product launch, promotion, or a big event. Since the clickable link is in the Bio, keep updating it on a frequent basis. Shamefully, many businesses use this link to point to their websites but nothing more. You need to think of making event registrations, purchases, and even app downloads.

You will also access paid advertising and Instagram business profiles. The profile gives access to extensive and adds a phone number to your bio that would not be accessible if you were not using a social media tool. You need to read through these tips to know how to market with Instagram so that you become successful online.

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Use hashtags to expand your reach

hashtagsHashtags will play a vital role in expanding your reach through relevant general or specific campaigns. Ensure that you set up a company hashtag, but use it sparingly while online. This will help people to locate info relating to your brand. The right practice involves the use of about five hashtags, even though you have a maximum of thirty per post. You can make use of campaign specific tags to increase discoverability of your content. Remember to be industry specific while coming up with hashtags. You need to consider how you add the post because you can place it at the end of the post, or in the comments section of the post.

@mention and collaborate others

Instagram social media marketing is among the greatest marketing channels for sharing and highlighting collaborators and customers’ stories. Even though you do not partner with a non-profit organization officially, you can do a fundraiser or give to charities severally in a year. These activities are good as long as they align with what your vision and mission. It is crucial to note that not everybody is monitoring hashtags on social media; so you need to tag an account to be sure that someone will notice you.

You can also use shout outs. A free shout out involves partnering with other brands with an almost similar number of followers as you to promote your brands to each audience. Both of you will benefit from this exposure. Paid shout outs are for people with a budget because it is an influencer campaign. It involves paying a brand that has a larger following to promote you. It is a massive way of gaining a large following, and if you create a powerful call to action, you will notice that it is the best way to use Instagram.

Offer exclusivity and build anticipation

This Instagram marketing strategy involves keeping your customers interested in your marketing campaign. It is necessary to rewards loyal customers with exclusive content. They need to know about a modest product before anybody else. You have to create teaser photos that will satisfy curiosity and build anticipation for your new stores, office openings, and new releases. This preview will make your followers to feel special and keep them returning for more information.

Analyse and build on your success

Not taking a backward step and analyzing what worked and what did not work, marketing becomes a game of guesswork. The truth remains that you can read all articles about publishing times and the best practices, but if you want to have a competitive edge, you need to find out what will work best for your customers. Instagram marketing tips for business recommend the use of social media marketing tools to schedule your campaigns in advance. You can also use social media analytics tools to measure that success of your campaign. You need to measure clicks, engagement, and follower count continues to improve and refine your strategy.


If you are still choosing where to start with Instagram marketing tips, you need to remember that clients love interesting content for your niche. Creating a dedicated following cannot happen overnight. However, the bright side of Instagram users is that they are active and ready to engage. Therefore, if you keep your ball rolling, you will start doing brand building organically. You will be successful when you learn how to market with Instagram.

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