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Google updates have always been a talking point whenever released in the market. But the one that happened in the immediate past in June, and which is called GoogleJune 2019 Core Update, created an upheaval in the online landscape by disarraying website traffic rankings of even popular businesses. The roll-out that took about five days to complete got all the internet moguls bewildered as to what this indicates. Earlier whenever a website lost its ranking on the search engine, it was easy to assume that it lagged in E-A-T. E-A-T is an acronym for expertise, authoritativeness, and trustworthiness.

However, the June update elicited that only E-A-T is also not adequate for having improved rankings. So, what is it that one can do? If you own a local business and wish to increase your online presence, you must have understood from this incident that attaining higher search engine rankings cannot be a cakewalk.

You cannot expect to achieve the desired results just by hiring one or two individuals, who may not have adequate knowledge and tools that your SEO campaign may require. Instead, you need to seek the help of a professional agency that has access to extensive information and methods in the SEO world. Only can they guide you better on what to do so that your brand name continues to perform well.

Here are a few things that a professional agency should be able to understand and tweak in your favor.

Focus on YMYL pages

The search engine giant attaches a lot of importance to the YMYL factor of the pages. YMYL stands for Your Money or Your Life. Although what contribution it will have in the future is still not fully known, it has been the focus for some time now. What does the YMYL page mean? In simple terms, any page and content that can potentially influence a user’s health, finance, safety, and happiness fall into the category of YMYL. For example, if you are a financial organization that recommends personal finance tips on your website, then pages that contain such content become YMYL. Similarly, it is applicable for health, fitness, and other such businesses. The YMYL pages need to provide accurate and high-quality information so that they can meet the stringent rating standards of the search engine.

A recognized SEO expert will have a higher sense of judgment regarding the quality of your pages and will be able to optimize them accordingly, keeping your online reputation intact.

Emphasis on E-A-T

As explained earlier in the passage, it is another critical SEO factor that may not be solely sufficient but is a must-have for every website, regardless of the fact it is a YMYL type or not. E-A-T weighs heavily with the Quality Rater guidelines of Google when it comes to assessing the quality of a website. You must be wondering how to achieve this. It requires you to earn the reputation of an expert in your concerned business over time. For that, you, however, need to implement a few crucial things on your end, such as:

  • Publish regular content
  • Make users aware of your certifications and licenses on the homepage

At the same time, you would also need to share the awards your business won in its field and the feedback of your customers. Essentially, there should be supporting evidence of the claims you intend to make, such as through references or reliable sources.

Sometimes, it happens that unsatisfied customers post negative reviews and ratings about the services and products they did not like. If your business has had a brush with this, then you should reconsider your practices and get in touch with them again. The moment they return to you can be the indication that you are getting on the right track. Another thing is that a business website cannot afford to have old content. The pages should feature revamped and latest information doing away with what has no relevance.

Since ensuring all this is no ordinary task, you would need the guidance of someone who is experienced in the SEO industry and can bring with him the sea of knowledge and tools to effectuate the necessary changes.

Attention on reputation

The opinions of the customers about your services and products have a direct connection with the status of your website and business. That means what users have to say about your business has got a lot to do with your credibility in the market. For this, Google takes into account authentic sources, such as review sites, where real customers share their actual experiences. However, having one or two reviews or just one-liners may not be enough for it. What you require is in-depth details in quantity.

Besides, the search engine also checks for awards, news articles, and expert recommendations for your business to ascertain how it is doing. Where references from experts are not relevant, it looks at the quality of user engagement and status of your business to determine its effectiveness.

Since a digital agency handles a lot of such cases where building reputation is a vital exercise, it can do justice to your need also. It can apply all the well thought-out digital marketing and SEO techniques to bring significant changes to your business. With the help of the professionals working there, you can trust your local company to find its due visibility in front of the target audience, generate revenue, get better returns, and establish itself as a leader in the concerned area of business.

If you need to know more about how a digital firm can be useful for you, consider visiting as Toronto SEO  once. From here, you can learn more about the techniques and processes they follow so that your business can do well. At the same time, you can also check other places on the internet to have a broader understanding of the SEO experts and why working with them can be your best bet to stay competitive in your field and to employ the most acceptable online marketing practices so that no algorithm changes can destroy or harm your business.

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